NBA ML dogs 12.03


Pretty much a regular
ML dogs: 28-40, 41.18%, +8.275 units
Spreads: 20-15-3, 52.63%, +7.774 units

Mac likes Charlotte today. Felton played 31 minutes on Friday, but he was questionable coming into it and had 4pts and 1 assist.

I'm actually thinking Atlanta might be a better spot.......but geez, the injuries might keep them from getting a win off of even the Blazers. Detroit's been on a tear, they had yesterday off (but not more than that), and yeah.......I can't put my finger on it, but I don't like Charlotte. At least on the interior, Charlotte should be at LEAST competitive, but if they get into a shooting match, I'm not sure I want to go with knight, felton(?), and Morrison against Rip, Prince, and Chauncey...not to mention Sheed.

Anyway...I'm looking, but for now I've got nuthin.
Im liking portland. I think that this is actually a game that they can win. Especially being at home.
Nice night last night with the Heat winning at the buzzer and Denver covering. Yep red just one play for me tonight.

Charlotte +164

Good luck everyone
Magic +104

Clips need more than luck. Without Kamen, it's like a seive through the middle. If Orlando on the road can match the clippers outside shooting at home, then I see no reason not to take the Magic. Dwight Howard is going to have a huge double-double tonight. I'm going to enjoy watching that one, I think...

I'm going to follow my nose with Charlotte and lay off, so you're even more likely to win that one, mac. GOOD LUCK.

MUCK finny. I don't bet on them, and I certainly won't when it's Korver and Shavlik on the injury report.....and Webber is back to help manhandle Garnett. I would expect the 76ers to bounce back after the loss to the lowly nets the other night...this is a bad place for the Twolves to be rolling into...

looking over Atlanta a bit more in depth now. +133 seems like it's worth a shot against the not exactly vaunted Portland...
Looks to me like at least Speedy's going to be back......Josh Smith is a gametime decision. Obviously, if Joe Johnson was out, that would be a no-brainer...but even assuming Josh Smith is out, I still think the Hawks should be able to stay in it....we'll see.

Hawks +133
Charlotte wins it, I'm feeling lucky so I'm going to roll with you redbearde on the last two games tonight.

Atlanta +136
Orlando +119

Good luck to us.
heh, hope you don't lose now that you did that. HOW THE FUCK DID I MISS THAT KAMEN PLAYED LAST NIGHT?

sure looks that way. Alas. Hey, it is a 4 quarter game...let's see if they can manage to lose by 30!
Just from a logical standpoint I see LAC as basically the same team as Orlando. Brand v Howard and so on...

I was thinking how lucky ORL was to win at Portland and how everything tends to balance itself out. WHile LAC stinks right now they are still better then Portland ....They fact LA played a shit game last nite and gets the opp to get right back on teh court tonite is a major plus IMO.....the line was good at about 3 but seeing get bet down took away the value.....

I would say I am 99.9 certain that ORL is was a real bad spot for them here but I jumped in last nite before I thought.... though I did get out of most of it playing the LAC ML still have small play ...
well, 1-1 tonight....unless orlando manages a herculean comeback in the last 5 minutes.....

overall: 29-41, 41.43%, +8.605 units