KJ Wild Card Weekend


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First 4 games of the weekend are public dogs? Wow. I really don't put much into it once playoffs come around, we pretty much know what we're working with and the narratives which anyone can swing whichever direction they want to. For me, Houston is that team everyone wants to see progress, a ton of up and coming stories there, great stories, but I'm gonna trust possibly the best version of Flacco we've seen in over a decade (including the SB victory). As for the narrative in KC, there's a reason MIA are pub dogs in the face of this weather...the overwhelming sentiment is that the Chiefs simply aren't that good. It's not a weather narrative at all. KC defense should be far and away the best unit on the field, the weather should only enhance that tenfold.

Browns/Chiefs ML parlay +151 3*
Dolphins tt u19.5 -130 2*
Chiefs/Lions ML parlay +112 3*

Cle ML will be played alone live if warranted, no feel on total in that game. No play in Buffalo til Sun morning. Cow team total like the rest of the world, at current number no rush.

Buccs +3 -112 2.5*
Buccs ML +130

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I’m starting to get the feeling TB wins this game. Philly has been a mess for a while now
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I’m starting to get the feeling TB wins this game. Philly has been a mess for a while now
AJ disgruntled and hurt. Hurts middle finger throwing hand hurt...man it's not good for them. Kudos if they can overcome that, hard to just do a 180 in attitude after disaster for a few weeks.

Dead serious we might get Heisman v Heisman which will suck for Philly. Evans will be the best offensive player on the field most likely.
Live HT Browns +6.5 -105 3*
Live HT Browns ML +270 .5*
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David Montgomery o57.5 rush yds -120 3*
Jahmyr Gibbs o82.5 rush/rec yds -115 2*
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Keeping it pretty simple in Orchard Park

Bills D/ST anytime TD +390 2*
Steelers D/ST anytime TD +700 1.5*

Might add Allen anytime TD live if/when it gets to + money
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Live 2Q Bills -4.5 -105

Hope they don't score too quickly right now
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Going to have some fun with the best player on the field, I don't think Slay can stop him

Mike Evans o67.5 rec yds -125 4*
Mike Evans o79.5 rec yds +130 2*
Mike Evans o89.5 rec yds +195
Mike Evans o99.5 rec yds +275 .5*
Mike Evans anytime TD +110 2*

Mike Evans 2+ TDs +700 .5*
Baker o9.5 rush yds -115
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