NBA ML dogs 12.12


Pretty much a regular
ML dogs:33-53, 38.37%, +7.635units
spreads:35-25-3, 55.56%, +21.074 units

You know, I fully expected Houston to be a dog...does this compel me to take the Kobes on the ML...? What do the 3 of you think?

I am considering the Kings, but I will probably not play em. They've not looked good at all recently - especially away.

Like most everyone else, I have

Nuggets -6.5 (+115) 2 units
I tend to sell a point or so.

I lose occasionally because of it, but the juice I make otherwise has more than made up for it the last few years.

I could have gotten -4.5 at -123 last night, but I didn't like that at all.

GL today, guys.
oh, and as for what I think...I think this line probably should be more like 8 or 9, and I think Denver will win by DD. If I think Denver is going to win by 7, I don't make this bet.

imo Todays card Generally blows.

i Threw some money At The supersonics And The rockets And now i Am working on Tomorrows big card.

Good luck with denver hombre!!

driver, I'm lovin the avatar! I can just hear the caption


eames, GL to you, buddy. as for what I think...yeah...

.........I forgot to add:

or I could be completely wrong.

abcs, well I guess it's HIGH time that Altitude beat them fuggers...even with that raucus atlanta crowd of 342 on a tuesday night. that's about 90% capacity for them, right?

Rolling with Denver too tonight bro.

Got it at -5.5 (-114), risking one unit.

Wish I had your positive juice for the game but I put it in this morning when the juice at 4.5 was ridiculous. Should be a blowout with Joe Johnson out.

way to go me. Fuck yao, his companions, and their inability to hit big shots at the necessary point. They were within 2 with a couple minutes left and just couldn't hit a damned thing (including a FT).

1-1 tonight. +.3 units. Life goes on.

ML dogs:33-53, 38.37%, +7.635units
spreads:36-26-3, 55.38%, +21.374 units
Bearde.. besting against the mamba!! Anyway that was a crazy second half in that game.. nice hit on the nuggs
Hey a profit is a profit redbearde. I almost took the Rockets too, it was a solid play that just didn't come through. We'll see about tomorrow. I know there will be at least a couple ML dogs for us to take. I'll take a closer look tomorrow.

Wow, tomorrow's card is really interesting. There are 9 teams that are 6 point or higher underdogs. That's got to be the most this year that are such big dogs in one day. At least a couple of those are going to win at 3 to 1 or better. It's just a question of picking which ones. LOL