NBA ML dogs 10.31


Pretty much a regular
Lakers +165

Last year I often played 5 of these per night. ....sometimes 3. sometimes 4.

Going to try to cut it down some this year.

Don't expect much in the way of writeups from me on these....though sometimes I get into it. Sufficed to say that I think the value outweighs the risk.

Considering for 11.1

Clippers +195
Bobcats +116
Hornets +174
Knicks +183
T'blazers +310

in that order. LOVE the Clips at almost 2:1

feel free to tell me how stupid I am about any 1 of these, but if you do, I would like to know why...

MACDAMN, get your ass in here and let's get it rolling again...

If Kobe doesn't go, I wouldn't play the LA/PHX game. Kobe is their offense. If he is out, PHX will win big.
On the other side of this pick.

However, love the look of the Knicks and the Clippers at first glance.
BAR, be sure to tell pinny that. hehehe.

GL bro. I know you'll do well this season.

ghost, matt, thanks for your thoughts. D'you have concerns about Phoenix's injuries too? .....last I heard Kobe was playing. Izzat not so?
I'm on the Clippers already. If Kobe ends up going, I'll probably be on Los Angeles on opening day.

I don't like, though, the Bobcats or Blazers plays. The Blazers are very young and have fairly little to work with. I'm not sure what makes the Bobcats think they have any right to win on opening night...think Adam Morrison, if he gets the minutes, could hurt them pretty bad as he adjusts to the big boy league...
thanks guys. I just played the hornets, knicks, and clips, and I think I'll let charlotte pussies and Tblazers see how they fit in before I go speculating.'s tough to lay off better than 3:1 on opening day, tho.
Redbearde, time for the NBA again buddy.

For opening night:

Chicago Bulls +225

This is mostly a fade of the Heat. As everyone knows this is a very old team. After winning the title last year, they are not only old, but they're fat, out of shape and content. Walker claimed he spent the entire week drunk after they won it. Gary Payton has admitted that everyone came into camp out of shape, with the exception of Wade who has bulked up considerably. I think the Heat are going to have a slow start the first month or so. The Bulls have played the Heat tough in recent memory and have the added motivation of having been knocked out by Miami last year.

Also played Under 193 (-111) for this game. I'll be looking to play a lot of unders early in the season with the new ball.

Good luck everyone.
andresh99 said:
kobe will play tomorrow...and i shall be at staples! :D

Thanks. GL to you this season and US today!

Macdamn, fading the defending champs. BALLSY! GL, bro! I hope you're right....if you are, it'll be a few games before the books catch up with that...

redbearde, I actually don't consider it that ballsy. One angle I like to look at is fading older teams early in the season since it usually takes them longer to get into midseason form. This Heat team is just way up there in age.

I may end up joining you on the Lakers tonight, but I'm going to wait and see if I can get better odds. It just moved down to +164 at Pinny. I think it may go back up.

Looking ahead for tomorrow, these are the ones I've already played for a unit each:

LA Clippers +195
New Orleans +174
Atlanta +255
Sacramento +183
Washington +183

Don't think I can join you on the Knicks. I want to see how they do. But I'm pretty skeptical that anything has changed from last year, when they were they league's biggest underachievers. I think it's going to be a long year for Isiah Thomas.

eames said:
i like The CHARLOTTE And NEW YORK choices.

Good luck This season comrade.

thanks bro. GL to you too. talk me into charlotte.....cus I'm thinkin points would be a smarter place for this bunch this year....

fondy....hah. Thing is, with my style, it's more than possible that you hit 60%, I hit 40%, and we both GOOD LUCK to you (and me), bro.


macdamn, you make a good case, but these guys are awfully confident...perhaps i'll join you tomorrow.

alright guys...GO TEAMS.

let's have a successful season!
Redbearde, I decided to play the Lakers along with you.

LA Lakers +176

Good luck to us. Let's the season started right.:drink:
Great night for the ML dogs.

GJ to Macdamn for hitting them both. I went to hit the Bulls just before gametime, and 50 cents was off the line that mac got, so I didn't. Whoops.

MAN the Heat are slow as fuck.

Why didn't I remember they got Van Gundy canned last year?

silly redbearde...

still, 1-0 was a good start, and congrats to Mac for his 2-0 start.
There it is..

Great job by both you guys. This never has really got enough attention on forums. I think you guys will really get things noticed around here Red.
redbearde said:
good lord, what book do you use?

It was at Pinnacle after Kobe was announced out the line sky rocketed.

Also at halftime when down 5 the line was -5 +405 :smiley_acbe:
I kinda figured one would...hoped for both.

hurray. It was a good first series.

today: 3-1
overall: 4-1 +6.87 units. Percentage is pretty dumb to keep track of right now...especially since I'm at twice what my goal is (40%).


I lean toward the Spurs tomorrow, but what I play depends on the number.

If you're interested, had I played spreads at -110, it would be 4-1, +2.9 units

Hope you guys won some tonight.
Andresh, congrats to you. Nice userpic, too...LOL.

Fondy, you think the Clips will be tired after this one? I thought they played alright, just not quite enough quick defense....and the Suns(nash) kept hitting key shots. How does Denver look this year?

As far as the Spurs, well, I'm all over that like stink on shit......I just hope I can get a good number.
I just got the Spurs +175 at Pinnacle. Looks like they're down to +173 now.
I think I'm going to stay off Denver, I think the Clips will bounce back tonight.
Good luck redbearde.