NBA Discussion Thread for Saturday 12/2


To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
I'll be in and outta here tonight, studying for finals and I'm supposed to have this broad over later tonight. But I'll try to chime in. I will now make this thread every night. Pretty decent-sized card tomorrow so let's hear some early thoughts.
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Clippers and/or under is something Im looking at....rematches often go under (like your nyk/chi total)...lakers coming off 130+ and clips with revenge not to mention everyone on kobe's jock after the 50+. Last time I saw the are they contenders hype for lakers on all the talk shows was after the bynum minny game...and lakers lost at portland next game. Lakers overhyped right now (and i was on them small last night) and clippers are basically out of sight out of mind. unpopular fave of course.

memphis on the radar not looking for a miami bounceback after the pistons loss...and it was an ats win so its not like the miami fade train has been perfect
Early thoughts were nothing jumps out.

ABCS mentioned the line swing at Staples. Even though its nuetral both ways again. Just kind of funny. I expect the Clippers to win this game.

I'll be all over Toronto +3 if NY can deliever the SU tonight.

Memphis laying 3 to the Should be kind of an ugly tug of war game. Miami is just gonan have to fight every game right now. Wade sits down and they get torched. I seriously wonder how he is going to make it with his style through this regular season.

Back with more in a few
Lean toward unders in both Memphis and Houston. Warrriors catch another team in a bad scheduling spot. May lay the big number with the Jazz.
We gonna get it poppin' in here boys? Who's home and a loser on a Saturday night like me?
don't see anything im too fond of... searching for unders after the way 2nites overs dominated the board
Overs are CRAZY tonight. 60-point plus quarters left and right, not sure I've seen a night with this much scoring.
Spurs with 2 days rest coming off 2 losses. Ginobli a ? but off a 70s score over and Spurs are a consideration for me.
I really, really hate this card.

Maybe something good will pop up on the unreleased lines.
wow the grizz are favored over the heat? What in the world is goin on here.. must be one of those sucker lines that i love to bet on the sucker team!! :)
BossUp said:
don't see anything im too fond of... searching for unders after the way 2nites overs dominated the board

I think the overs could continue. If using this thought process, we should focus on the dogs for tomorrow. Both favorites won SU on Thursday and the chalk is ruling the board again tonight with only Denver as a slight dog cashing the ticket for the other side. Officially 7-1 with Orlando and Seattle as the remaining two chalks.
Interested in but now being cautious early unless I unload ...(always seem to wind up with plays I dont want at tip)

and riding Seattle 2nd Half big now..

Sixers +5.5 - NJ really didnt do much with a last minute win at Boston...they are still thin and over rely on teher headed monster. Do they ever get days off...last 3 weeks are ridiculous for these guys...

Over 205.5 NYK looks like it will fall...scared somewhat with how badly NY plays @ MSG. However just look at both teams numbers in back to backs..Toronto allows 117 scores scores 103.5 only two events but they did give up 177 exactly both times...NY in 5 back to backs this season... allow 107 score 100...combined the Over is 6-1 for these two...

Spurs -8 -105 look solid.....kings just proved tonite they still arent much on the road...SA is just as strong maybe stroger at home then Dallas...

Cavs +6 - Lebron and Co dont play well in back to backs but they were only +5.5 in SA and won....

If the Pacers somehow won then Den -6 would look real attractive and it still might be...even an over...maybe Nugget team over.....

If Seattle is fat enough possiblly take them....revenge matchup as Sonics lost at home as a fav.... +8 ios golden just I saw it really like this play.....

The LA under seems to make sense especially since it was only 192 1st time around but want to see 200

Would think GS sets upnice cause Milw is thin and off a rough game in Phoenix...

Holla back boyz...
I'd have to think, with so few home wins, that this is one game NYK can take, and will definitely be looking to take. Wouldnt play Under since NYK losing at home so often is responsible for any Under bias there, shouldn't be an issue in this one. The issue with the total is TOR falling flat, quite possible in a NYK ATS win.

I also like, on principle, the Staples game to go Under. Clips hit Under in reg. at around 72% of their home wins last season (they're doing just the same this season), and went 3-1 to Under in all games vs the Lakers. LAK coming off a 230/100-100 game (remember Lakers were off a 154 game total when they met the Clips first time, here its 234), I think this one gonna be scrappy. I hit Over their first game at 191.5, this opened at 196 and has already climbed a point. This hits 200 (which admittedly would be a crazy climb from open) its gonna be a no-brainer decision.
Cavs/Rockets Over 178.5

thats just too low. I was expecting this game to be at 185 at least
Phily +5 @ New Jersey
Im all for Philadelphia in this one, just because this games in New Jersey doesn't mean you should award the sixers 5 points. I have not been to impressed with the nets game play lately, they have not been doing much right. I don't know maybe a win over Boston may have boosted the convidence a little, but Phily has a pretty solid team with players capable of doing many things on the court. A strong perimiter team, the ability to run the offense at several tempos. Their d may allow some points but I'm not too confident in the Nets keeping up if the Sixers get into rythm. I like the game spread here, worst case scenario Phily loses by four.
Toront +3 @ New York
I think New York is a joke they have such an unbalanced team, so many people who want the job to handle the ball they all sort of bump heads. In time I think the Knicks will be a successful team but the Raptors are playing good basketball and have the capability to out do the Knicks here. I feel like I sort of knocked on the Knicks a little to much here but they definetely have something to prove in order for me to have some more faith in them. The talent is there it's just not working together.
Miami +2.5 @ Memphis
Until the Grizzlies get Gasol back they are going to be in bad condition and are going to lose alot of games. They don't have anybody to really go to or count on. I'm not to sure of Miami's injuries I know there is a few ppl who were out, but I think most of them are back. Anyways they still have many experienced players and Wade could easily control this game with the help of the other veteran players he has on his team. Go Miami.

Other games I think San Antonio could take care of Sacramento.

Cleveland at Houston, not sure of the spread but if McGrady is feeling fine again I think Houston should be able to hang on to this one. I haven't been to impressed with Cleveland they are playing good but just seem to have some bad nights. Houston on the other hand is playing pretty well when healthy.

Indiana Pacers at Denver, again not sure of the spread but I'm just leaning towards Denver, their playing so well right now and are probably still full of energy to keep these wins rolling in. Both teams played last night Indiana had a long close game losing 103-105. Probably took a little bit out of them and didn't make them feel any better about continuing on with their away games onto Denver. Denver Beat Minnesota 106-92 in Minnesota I bet their feeling pretty good about themselves coming to play home in Denver.

That just about sums up my current thoughts of Saturays NBA.
The rockets game tempo has really slowed down, they barely put up any points in there game against Minnesota in Houston. But 178.5 does seem to low, these teams are very capable of 88-93 game. No line released from Bodog such f/gs I'm not to happy with the times they release their lines.