NBA Wednesday



Last night 2-0 (+$700)
Season 51-38-1 (+8050)

Phoenix -5 (1100 to win 1000)

This line is seriously off IMO...This is a terrible spot for Houston. They are on the second day of a back to back off a hard fought win @ home NOW traveling to Phoenix for a one game road trip. Phoenix this season and last are better ATS with every additional day of rest they recieve and they've had the last two days off! Phoenix is on a serious tear right now and have solid numbers against the Rockets in 06 soo far. Yao played 35 minutes tonight which is about his max, and Tmac and Battier played 40+ each. I have no idea how this team is gonna run with the Suns all night and Stoudamire/marion should provide a good challange on the boards for Yao & co tommorow. I've noticed that in the past week, a lot of the "last 5" numbers index (my personal index that i do on season numbers, i've shortened it to "last 5") have been just about dead on for the opening lines. What I've also noticed is that the way the trend is pointing from season totals, in this case Phoenix has a much higher index in the last 5 and Houston actually has a slightly lower one, than the team with the positive trend is covering at an alarming rate. Right now, Phoenix is a (+7) up from (+2) and Houston is a (+2) down from a (+4)...season long home/away numbers almost coincide within a half of a single point...Numbers support a strong play on Phoenix, my take on the game supports a strong play on Phoenix...This is a max unit bet for me, BOL
Looks great Billivy, I would've pounded that one as well but not sure if I will even play it now at 7.5
i would matt, if i never saw it till now...i would play it at 7.5

Dont really agree though. Suns are on a tear ....why ? Cause they scored on Portland? They hit a buzzer beater at GS and had better then indicated wins at home but still only 6 and 9 pts versus NJ and NO. Why would a back to back be an issue whne they had played just once in the previous game made them that tired? Would definetly disagree with that...I had this pegged at closer to -3.5 but agree Suns strength / value is rising and Houston was overvalued...

Guess I have opposite views but wish you GL on a big play...
Also I dont think its much of a concern if TMac doesnt play but Barbosa is battling a bad ankle as well(missed past 2 ). Then the whole FLU situation... ( just a heads up)

Stoudemire, Bell may miss game with flu
By newswire
Wed, Nov 29, 2006

Phoenix Suns players Amare Stoudemire and Raja Bell are both game-time decisions for tonight’s game versus the Houston Rockets because of the flu. Both players said they expect to play today but neither player participated in practice Tuesday and Bell actually went to the hospital to receive intravenous fluids, reports the Arizona Republic.
i would matt, if i never saw it till now...i would play it at 7.5

This helped convince me to make a play in this game.:shake:

Suns had me worried because they were repeating their last game by scoring big in the 1st and then sucking the rest of the game. Except tonight they turned it back on in the 4th.