Why the Kings will win tomorrow night.....


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Yes I am from Sacramento and I am a Kings fan. The first problem I have with this game is the line. Their just messing with us right??? The Warriors -3, thats a joke. Just in case any of you forgot the Warriors were a 5 point favorite in the first meeting and won 117-105. The Warriors jumped out to a quick 12 pt lead in that one and every other quarter was played dead even. The Warriors shot almost 58% in that game while the Kings shot only 43%, yet this game was only decided by 12 points. This game looks way too easy with the Kings 2-6 on the road and losers of 5 of 6 overall. The Warriors on the other hand are 9-5 at home but also have lost 5 of 6 overall. The Kings offense looked really good last game as the ball movement is back and the key to the offense looks to be getting his stroke back, that guy would be Brad Miller and he had 19 points on 7-9 shooting last game. This guy needs more shots and hopefully he gets them in this one. Either way the Warriors started this season out hot but guess what, its still the damn Warriors. You guys want to know what we call Golden State when we have a road game there, its called Sacramento East and its for a reason. This is a home game for us and as long as Baron Davis does not score 50 kings win outright. I will wait for this line to go up to at least 4 as it will, and possibly wait it out for 4.5. Take the Kings to the house and possibly ML if you have the balls.................
I like the spirit. Hopefully you don't wake up to half your team heading to Philadelphia in an A.I. trade. Not sure I could play this game with a possible trade in the works to either one of these teams.
if i thinka dog is going to win outright i always take the ML in the long run you will win
Yeah I like it ML although my style is just to take the points.

Ray: Thanks man I appreciate it I do put a lot of hard work into these games. The problem over there is people tail blindly and then get pissed when the night they tail you just so happens to be one of the few losing nights. Tonight I had a bad night as I was -5.27 units and 2-4 overall. My best bet was on the over of the Clippers game and have no doubt if the game would have been even semi competitive it would have hit easily. It lost by three points which actually was only 2 for me as I got the line at 186. Only needed that bucket at end to push, oh well tomorrow is another day. Already see some sleeping giants tomorrow.
sacjosh i took warriors ML vs seattle if i took the +3.5 i woulda got lucky at the end so sometimes its good to take the pts but IMO ML better is the long run
thanks renew orleans ......I also just posted my NBA card for tomorrow if you want to check it out. Would love any insights or thoughts on the games whether or not we are on the same side. Discussing the games will only benefit us all in the long run..........Good luck to all tomorrow...
Will look for line movement first... don't have the balls to play the kings away. Martin doesn't play well when not in ARCO. BOL whatever you decide. :)
dude, ballsy ballsy play. i like your analysis and i might as well be taking on the kings ML too. the kings can absolutely win this SU.