Wednesday Shit


To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'05/'06 NBA Record ATS: 122-95 (56%)
'06/'07 NBA Record ATS: 27-15 (64%)

Houston/Minny OVER 175 (-109 @ Pinnacle)
Number went up slightly, but it shouldn't matter. When I play a side, I can explain it because it involves situational betting and all that shit. For my totals, it's all about my number differing than the posted one. Too much rested offensive talent in this game for a total this low. This is not a few years ago, this is a scoring league now with an emphasis on offense. Totals like this should be reserved for extreme situations, and while those situations do exist and I'm not afraid to bet unders in the 170s, this is not one of them. We also have a likely close game, which means the usual dose of free throws and shit at the end. These teams are 7-3 O/U the last 10 meetings and this number is quite low. One big quarter and we should be home. The value comes due to the under streaks of both teams, as well as the last meeting a few weeks ago. James and Alston are two guys that can make offenses move, and I expect it in this game. Should clear 180.

Maybe more to come.........
I went with Indiana, Washington and Philly.
What you think of them sides BDK?
I like your Twolves play by the way. Tmac is questionnable.
xgod- Iffy on all 3 of those to be honest. Like Indy the best probably.


Minnesota PK (-110 @ Pinnacle)
what scares me about the washington game is besides the fact that they are shit on the road, is that they are the public play. Also weird line movement on that one. But I think that revenge, confidence and improved play will push them for the W.
Philly I played small. I f I'd have known that Tmac was questionnable for Houston like 3 hours ago when my local book was still open I would've have played that too. Goodluk son.
Good picks, just unlucky the pace slowed so dramatically those last 4 minutes, only if minny couldve hit one of the open 3s they had