nubya 11-29-06


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65-43-6 +30.69 units

Huge win on the Bobcats last night. That was sweet. Please check Betcrimes thread stickied at top of forum for 3-4 of those situations that may arise again this season. I posted them in their last night. Pacers Under was just the wrong call. I'll take a winning night though and feel good about that Charlotte pick

New day---New Dollar

(all games played last night at Pinnacle..lines have varied slightly)

Boston -2.5 -106
Seattle/Orlando Over 194.5 +102

Refer to yesterday's thread detailing how this is one long continuous trip for Nets. The only reason I didn't play this 2 or 3 units is the sense of urgency Nets must have right now. Still think its the correct side.

So last meeting between Orl and Sea was 88-87...Hmmm. Going with a few factors here..
-Seattle more uptempo at home
-The Over/Under theory...Renew Orleans has some good thoughts about it he sent me
-Seattle scored 21-26-20-20 last time out in each qtr at Orlando. I expect them to avearge 26 at least per qtr at home
-Orlando Unders are red hot.

GL tonight. Any questions or thoughts I'll be around for a bit and back later.
With you on the Celtics tonight, and although I don't play very many totals that one looks quite nice.

GL tonight boss.
GL with the plays. looks like you grabbed a good # on the over. Keeping track of that is really some hard work though lol, might take the effort of a few people to do so.
I agree with your thoughts in Seattle tonight. I played the 'over' in their meeting in Orlando. One thing that kept coming to mind when I made my number on the total, was Orlando's difference in scoring on the road vs home. Although it is much lower, I agree that if Seattle wants to run, well Orlando certaintly has the horses. Also, the two straight road 'unders' is probably helping your cause.

The Nets are desperate team, and clearly have more talent than Boston. I think +130 on the ML is decent value....

Good luck!
I'm glad we are on the same page for the magik/sonics over. The main reasoning I'm on this one is very similar to yours. Seattle runs like hell at home and they have the talent to put up well over 100pts/game. In addition to that, Magic doesn't have a very stifling defense. They have been hitting unders like crazy and I believe its about time vegas adjusts for this. I see seattle hitting at least 95+ and the magik should be right there with them considering seattle doesnt play defense. This an easy play for me. GL with the Celtics as well. I believe thats the right side even though I won't touch it. Let's cash this ticket!
Thanks fellas..

smh...this is mostly based on the fact that this is like game 7 of a 7 stop trip for New Jersey. Last night was basically a road game with home fans as it was a quick stop off WC trip before going back on road. Now, desperation is a huge factor too and celtics suck so I just made it a one unit play
I know you said you don't want to bet on pistons for a few weeks but what you think about the home town boys 2maro.... think the long break between games will help or hurt
I would pick them man. I honestly would. I may still.
I already played LAL in return to Thursday better be triumphant