Nba Tuesday


Master of the Pickle Tickle
Plain and simple. My ass hurts from last night in both the NFL and NBA. Rebound time.

0-1-0 (-3.0 units) YTD

Today's Play:

New Orleans -6 (2 units)

May add a play later.

Thanks dude. Hopefully the ATL/CLEV game doesn't go into OT or my under is :down:I think NO pulls away in the 2nd half. Fatigue should set in for GS. Hopefully.
Well two nights in a row I get crapped on. Tonight it's my under in the Clev game. Going into OT. Thank you Clev for choking in the last few seconds you cocksucking mother fuckers. :spank::spank::spank::spank::spank:
It will turn around quick man.

Really felt like you coulda been 3-0 tonight. Shit happens.