NBA Monday Night Ball


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NBA Monday Night Ball, 2H Play Added

Alright... been kind of cold lately... trying to get back on track. Liking a few plays tonight. Record below is accurate but was about 10 units higher a few nights ago. Guess those 8-0 nights are long gone.

UNDER UTAH/TOR 213 2 UNITS:wacka wacka:
SUNS -3 2 UNITS ***PUSH***
ROCKETS -1.5 1Q 2 UNITS:hairout:
Grizzlies +3.5 -115 4 UNITS:wacka wacka:
UTAH -6 2H 2 UNITS:wacka wacka:
PHO -1.5 1Q 2 UNITS:hairout:
PHO -5 -115 2H 2 UNITS:wacka wacka:

See BAR's posts for #1, #2 is simple... the Suns aren't going to fold much longer.. a rested Nash should teach these Warriors what run and gun is ALL about. Warriors have been getting some clutch shooting from 3 and you cannot bank on that forever. Without Baron (?able)... no one can really get inside over and over and expose this pathetic Suns defense IMO.

I am looking into UTAH 1Q against Craptors. Raptors been getting off to some SLOW ass starts and right now are just not putting up enough FG% to hang in games early...
Let's add Rockets -1.5 1Q 2 Units

I think the Knicks can cover but Houston's starting lineup really has dominated the Knicks... Knicks play with a ton of heart but their starters seem to have none (Starbury, Francis, Curry to note a few).... by the time Nasty Nate, Lee, and other workhorses get in the game to battle guys like Mutumbo and Head.. it might be too late in the first. I bet these plays with my gut and think there's value in them when taking an angry road team laying a small amount of chalk to an inferior squad... Houston got off to a slow start against DET I don't expect the same tonight. Yao dominates Curry more so than anyone... I've seen it countless times being a Bulls fan and living in NY... like this one.
Upon looking some more stuff over... and I don't know why I am going to be betting a team with 1 win... there has to be some value seen in Grizz +3.5 now.

This team dominates Orlando.. always has and perhaps always will. In their last meeting in Memphis they mustered up only 69 points. You say well that was Paul Gasol? Gasol played less than 30 minutes and went 2 for 2 from the field... everyone on Orlando was held in check for horrible %'s and overall production.

Memphis has to be VERY hungry for this one... and I think they've played better than their record indicates.. especially at home. They were with the Rockets stride for stride and played Dallas tough for 3Q's like they always do and have...

Plus this Grizzlies team will put up alot more fight than CHA or DEN did on the defensive end of things... if you can slow down ORL and play them tough on D.. they will struggle to win.. and Orlando's best victory on the road was against Minnesota... which is a tough place to play.. but the team isn't that talented.. similar to this situation but a much more impressive defensive club here.

Basically a simple fade of Orlando's streak vs. a Grizzlies team with some hunger for a W returning home.
Guess medium size play for me. Little on the ML as well...

Basically I agree with your comments. Grizz won 7 of 8 in the series. Gasol OUT but still four 6'9 forwards to deal with . Orl scored 92 or less in 3 of four away and are 2-2 SU with a 3 pt win @ Boston...Grizz were +4.5 and +5 to Hou and Dallas teams much better on the road then Orl...good ole fashion value play...

I guess if you want some sort of fade idea I would suggest laying -6 with SA tonite. To much being made out of the situation. Spurs only laying -6? Think about what the line would be w/o the situtaion ...maybe -9 IMO. So I guess thefact Pop rested his starters last nite all 32 minutes or less means he cares about this least thats my take. Blazers off 4 game in 5 nite East Coast trip & randolph from the floor last year vs SA was


thats 25 of 76....Portland probably lost more then it gained as well..Miles , Patterson , and so on..Thinking 92 -81
I saw that... at first I just fig'd Spurs B2B.. but Portland's circumstances aren't exactly like they've been resting at home waiting for this game for 3 nights now... both teams are tired and the Spurs would have to give up to not win this game...

Looking into that game now.. and never have any problems betting the champs IMO
Everywhere I turn its a value play on Port...

As I said to BAR IMO situational capping in the NBA right now is being exploited. The books know the public is going be thinking a certain way and is adjusting the lines...have been on the wrong side enough so far to think I wised up...Spurs are clearly by biggest play of the day with Sea and Mem coming in second...GL tonite
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Lost Rockets by .5 points... careless TO under a minute left gave the Knicks an easy bucket.

Adding 2 Units on Grizz +3
Now do I know my shit our what....

What did I say the SA line should be ? Was it -8.5 or -9 ? I think a SA 9 pt win is very nice! If you could only see my grin after NJ ,Memphis and SA winning tonite.....
NJ? They got whipped 4Q and lost SU and ATS

and yeah nice cover with SAS.. but that game was too close to call after all IMO..

I'll take 4-2-1 up over 5 units any night... just wish PHO won 2H SU.

Lost both quarters by .5 and 1.5.. ah well... 0-3 on taking roaddies 1Q and only lost 1 home one... need 2 stick to that.
I have repeatedly typed NJ but if you read around I never liked them. I played Seattle. Absolutely agree that SA was nearly to close to call but its simple anytime the betting public(whether sharp or square) or betting market fails to realize they are backing a bad line it generally seems to lose...Had the line behind -8.5 like I felt it should have been then it was a no play. Thats my idea of value play a bad line...I am just happy not boasting...I would also has also told it was likely SA didnt cover the -3.5 in the 1st H but not that they would be down 8.. even I had to limit myself laying the -6.5 2nd Half...

I made some crummy calls as well but they were minor game I regret not posting was Dal 2nd ...

Good Luck tonite...I always only playing Griz ML for 1 unit and such....