NBA ML Dogs 11.27


Pretty much a regular
season: 21-33, 38.89%, +3.965 units

So, I've looked, and the only one I like is Golden State.

I expect the mavs to win, but I don't like laying 10 or thereabouts to much of anyone. It's just too much chalk...I mean, I've done it, but I usually choke on it. Besides, I just don't bet on Twolves games.

Utah is still undefeated at home. They will likely break that soon, but I think it's much more likely to be Wednesday than Monday. I'm hoping the Spurs come into Utah as a any rate, Orlando sucks donkey nuts on the road, and they can't shoot FTs worth those sucked donkey nuts, AND Utah has been damned good at no Magic doggy. A play on the Jazz might be warranted.

The spurs are also undefeated on the Road while GSW is 7-1 at home. They've been extremely impressive in their recent homestand, and they topped it off with a win vs Utah the day after the drubbing they took at the hands of the Nuggets. How did they hold Utah to 78points?

DEFENSE. The Warriors have apparently learned a little bit about it.

Spurs are B2B. this ain't as great as we like to make out. Interesting thing, in November, they've had 4 B2Bs...the 2 at home, they lost the second game while the 2 on the road they won. why? Who the fuck knows.

This trend does not bode well for the Warriors.

However, off a Blazer busting and on B2B, 3rd in 4, 4th in 6, and 6th in 9, perhaps they're tired. I want 1.5:1, though.

I think the Spurs should be favored, but I also think the Warriors have a shot. I certainly want more than GSW +3 is going to give me, so I'm waiting for tomorrow. Hell, a spurs loss tomorrow might set up a play on the Spurs on Wednesday.

Jazz pick is a rosy Covers-fade. Article boasting about how their "D" is going to stop the Jazz... lol... Jazz won't lose again this soon... especially at home.. AK should be less rusty too... I like it.
oh man....Spurs are at -4, and the juice is also with them. I may wind up with 2:1 on this one.

Alright, it just came out at 173, and that looks good to me. I'm going to wait and let it go up some, though. I honestly do think it'll go up.
Heat -4 (+117)

looks like I was wrong about 178 continuing to go up. 165 last I looked. I still think 175 is possible, but if I miss out while driving I guess I may just lay off the dog tonight.

Good luck redbearde:shake:

No plays more for me tonight. I am tempted to take the Heat but I'll pass tonight. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
thanks guys. good start with the heat, but the Jazz are down at the half. they could stand to wake the fuck up.
ML dogs tonight, 1-0. Thank you GunShotWound.

season: 22-33, 40%, +5.595 units

1-1 +.2125 units

I like winning.