NBA Friday


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61-39-5 +31.43 units

Not to happy with another Nets collapse the other night. After this play tonight they wqill have officially entered the Minnesota Timberwolves classification for me. Teams I will rarely touch either way(lol).

Not going to bore you with my thoughts. I logged in today and saw Tucks thoughts here and he basically summed up what I was thinking only better...

click link for thoughts

Phoenix -6 -110 2 units.

GL tonight. I have one play for Saturday as well. I will post a write-up later this evening.:cheers:
Nets had a horrible ATS record on the road against Western teams last season, and so far nothing is different this season. GL BAR
Yeah fuck those Nets BAR. I tailed you on that one and thought of firing back on the other side at HT and wish I had.
Im watchin this hawks game and the lineup of calderon, jones, garbarosa and baragani is really impressive zzzzzzzzzzzz
LOL abcs...thats ugly no doubt

Tim-I wasn't home till just after halftime or I may have done same thing. What a bitch team.

Killa-you would be 70 percent this season sans

renew-I will hit you up on AIM in next few days...kinda hectic weekend here

Alright fellas....lets see if we cash this one!

GL..thank you for the well-wishes
Big man did you know that anthony parker for the raptors was candance parkers brother..

Also sheldon williams dates her. Kind of odd.. especially since sheldon is butt ugly .. candace has the potential to be the best girl player of all time
I on it Big Al....(my guy gave me -6.5 though, hope it dosen't matter like it did in the Twolves/Lakers game a few weeks back) I look at this way, I was going to tail you on the Nets Wednesday night and I didn't so if this play loses, it will be like I tailed on the Nets on Wednesday.

GL to us man!!! and thanks for the Miami play yesterday....saved a shitty day for me....
I Sware To God Im Done If The Suns Blow This

Marion Cant Even Hit A Fucking Free Throw!!!!!!!!!

See, it does pay off to buy half a point, I hate pushes! Got lucky this time

I was mad that they didn't cover for you BigAl, but a tie is better than nothing!

When dude chucked up that last 3 my heart stopped, just ask Fondy :an_roll_laugh:
What a fucking spit out that was in the 4th qtr. I went to bed thinking it was in good shape and wake up with a push. Get em tomorrow BAR.