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Pretty much a regular
As a note, I will more than likely take every double digit dog in a bowl game. I also tend to weigh in strength of schedule. All of my bowl plays will stay in this thread.

Northern Illinois +12.5 (-107) $53.50 to win $50.00
Been feeling :down: the past week or so every since I came back home. Just got back from the Dr. and soon to be all drugged up- (hence no write-up), as if a bottle of Nyquil wasn't enough....quite possibily the worst Christmas ever with our fam hosting the big one this year.......Close ugly game here, give me the

My Plays

Florida St +3 (+104) $50.00 to win $52.00
Florida St ML +140 $50.00 to win $70.00

Let's Go 'Noles!
This NyQuil is some good shit......Give me another

Added Play

Florida St +3.5 (-109) $109 to win $100

College Bowl Record

1-1 ATS +98.50
1-0 ML +70.00

I'm going to be on all three dogs today, just waiting for the best time to jump.

Oklahoma St vs. Alabama
Going to side with the better overall defense in this one vs. a team who has played no one out of conference on the road. I see this coaching situation not as big of a deal as others might as I think the kids from 'Bama come out here and play for themselves and I think that pride will translate to a pumped up Tide and possible turnovers. I'm going to buy the hook here just in case.

My Play

Alabama +3 (-119) $119 to win $100

I will be on Kansas State and Texas A&M later once the price gets better.
I heard Bama is making a come back....that's cool, I don't want to jinx it so I'm not gonna watch it since I turned it off when they were down 14.

My Plays

Kansas St. +10 (-121) $242.00 to win $200.00

Texas A&M +3 (+105) $100.00 to win $105.00

Here's to a dog day :cheers:

Woof Woof!
What an ugly ass night....back to the drawing board

Kentucky +10.5 vs. Clemson
I think the home team comes out fighting, while Clemson goes through the motions.

Oregon St. -3 vs. Mizzou
If last night was any evidence of the Big 12 this year, this game could get just as ugly as last night's two stinkers. Plus, with all the medical issues I think fatigue will set in with Mizzou as well.

Going against Clemson and Mizzou who have lost 3 of their last 4 games backing their way into a lesser bowl.

My Plays

Kentucky +10.5 (-104) $208.00 to win $200.00

Oregon St -3 (-119) $238.00 to win $200.00

Here's to the Wildcats and Beavers:cheers:
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I was more confident in UK yesterday, but ended up playing them for the same price. So far, bowl season hasn't been all that nice to me, but I'm still thinking positive and I'm ready to turn this beast around today. I will be on Navy and Iowa today, but will wait on Iowa to get a better line.

Navy is scoring 32.7 points per game compliments of 349 rushing yards per game (5.7 ypc), 23 first downs and a time of possession advantage (32:39). While I am not sure they will reach their average when it comes to scoring, I do see Navy controlling the tempo of this game and grinding it out against a BC team that might look confused and disinterested much like Clemson yesterday. I also think that this line is inflated due to the fact of BC's past success in bowl games.

My Plays

Navy +7.5 (-105) $315 to win $300

Here's to Navy:cheers:
I wish I could've given a write up for this one, but I can't due to time, which is also why I'm putting this in now. If you want a solid write up on this game check out SHSU's thread or "oskeim" over at ( I hope this didn't break a rule here, if it did I apologize, I just want people to find good info on why I'm laying this type of wager )

Added Play

Iowa +10(-111) $555.00 to win $500.00
Hit the big two so far and I finally have things going in the right direction.

I don't see this as a close game, just putting a little on it though as I'm still a little groggy (sp?) Another good sized play will be at 12. Couldn't handle dealing with the hook this early either so I bought it.

My Play

Tennessee -3 (-127) $63.50 to win $50.00

Let's go Vols :cheers:
Damn it's gonna be a great day....Just finished the 3 "S's" ate some Wheaties and feel like a champ.

I think the Wisconsin vs. Arkansas game sets up nicely for Arkansas. Besides the strength of schedule (Arky 41 to Wisky's 84 per Sagarin) that everyone has already talked about I think Arkansas is the fresher team playing in the SEC Championship game. Wisconsin has at least 14 days more rest than Arkansas. I think that a combination of these two factors specifically will spell victory for Arkansas today.

My Play

Arkansas -2 (-108) $324.00 to win $300.00

Go Hogs:cheers:
One turnover cost Tenn, while Arkansas didn't cash on the opprotunities when given in the 3rd quarter with the great field position they had. Oh well, onto a new day

I wasn't going to play tonight's game as I'm a big Notre Dame fan, but after hearing all the talk of a LSU blowout it put me in a neutral state of mind. Today I am taking Notre Dame at +10. I think Weis' preparation time should factor in rather large in this matchup. While the ND defense is suspect, I think the coaching matchup alone in this one should keep it within two scores. I think Weis will be able to use LSU's aggressiveness on defense against them with several screen plays as well as play action. Even though this game is in LSU's backyard, I think that if ND can survive the first 5 minutes of each half, all should be ok.

My Play

Notre Dame +10 (-118) $236.00 to win $200.00

Here's to the Irish:cheers:
:smiley_acbe:Although its a lonely position I am totally with you. I have been parleying N.D. +10 from the beginning of bowl week and now figure to do O K if they can cover. I believe the disrespected Irish will rise to the occasion, be in the game, and have a chance to win S.U! Heres hoping the long rest did them some good.