Week 3 CFB w/writeups....


Brian Windhorst
2005 Season

69-42-2 (62%)

2006 Season

24-16-1 (60%)

Ohio State OVER 10 wins (2-0)

What is up everyone? Man it is great to be back into football season.... Here are just some lines that I think jump out right away. I will have longer write-ups with each of these games as the week goes on. Just wanted to get some games down to do more research on...These plays are just early thoughts and leans....Thoughts and constructive criticism are welcomed:

Texas A&M -27 Once again this seems more as a Army play than a TAMU play. Let us all take a look at Army so far this year. They lost a close hard fought game to start the season. Yeah so at least they were in the game right? Oh yeah I forgot to mention that it was against D2 school Arkansas State. This past week they won a game in OT against Kent State. Did anyone see this game? The crowd rushed the field and the players celebrated like they just beat Ohio State. That was Kent's 12 consecutive loss! Against these 2 juggernauts Army has racked up a total of 23 points in 8 quarters +. TAMU has crushed 2 Army worthy teams in their first 2 games. I expect this game to get real ugly- real quick. I also think this line will soar by gametime....

Luisville/Miami UNDER 53 At first look this total looks about a TD to high IMO. I expect this game to be a tight battle that is decided at the end of the game. You have a good offense vs. a good defense and a below average offense vs. an average defense. Please continue to read if that did not just confuse the shit out of you. I see this game being tough sledding for both offenses. I think both teams will have some success moving the ball BUT I do not see any long TD drives....

NIU - 23 I think this team is a lot better than they showed last week. I think they are seriously being undervalued here against Buffolo. Buffolo scored 40 points last week in a loss to BG. The week before that they could only muster up 9 points against Temple....

Zona State - 9 ASU is a decent team that is not getting any respect with this line. Colorado is simply a joke and have only been able to muster up 10 points in each of their first two games. ASU is a lot better than either of their first two opponents and should be able to handle Colorado. Arizona State played a decent Nevada team last week and beat em up pretty bad.

WEll I am tired and these are just some that jumped out at me:cheers:
I circled NIU as a game I wanted to play this week but I just want to look more into last game first. That being said, I agree with your comments wholeheartedly.

GL this week..keep it going strong.
I like 'em all, YesSir! Good reasoning behind them all as well!

ATM (-27) : Fran needs to win by 40 to next two weeks to keep his job. Great play.

under 53 : look for this one to end 17 - 21 ish, not coming close to 53. I'm thinking the line will move by sat so eat it up while you can.

ASU (-9) : liked it better at -7 but still the pick of the week (anythign against CU is the pick of the week)

NIU (-23) : I tend to agree but I'm still not sold on NIU yet.

good picks :cheers:

Dominia- THanks bro...I locked everything in at those numbers- they just arent official plays yet. Good luck to you :cheers:

Maryland + 18
OVER 49.5
Maryland + 24 OVER 43

I think Maryland will be able to control the ball against this defense. They are stramungous up front (a lot of 300+ guys and 2 big TE). With that being said, I think that when WV gets the ball they will be able to move it and move it in a hurry.

WV 35
Maryland 24
2-1 start (pretty close on that final score...


TOLEDO - 3.5 (by the half)

Toledo shocked the me by playing evenly with Toledo before losing in OT. Clint Cochran threw for almost 400 yards and 3TDs. The next week they got their asses handed to an under-rated Wester Michigan squad. Cochran did not look at good but still had 218 yards passing. Kansas played 2 weak opponents- they blew out one and then struggled to beat Louisiana-Monroe. This Kansas team gave up 377 yards through the air last week. I can see Cochran putting on an air show this week and putting up a lot of points. Also looking at the OVER here...

Toledo 35 Kanas 17
Maryland + 18 LOSS

Maryland OVER 49.5 WIN

Maryland + 24 OVER 43TOL/KANS OVER 48.5 WIN

Toledo + 3 OVER 42


TOLEDO - 3.5 (buy the half) WIN

Hawaii/UNLV OVER 57.5 (Hawaiiguy tail)

TAMU -27


NIU -23 (hook)

ASU - 9

MSU + 3.5 (hook)

Oklahoma + 5

The Nati + 30

BGSU -5.5


Iowa/Iowa St OVER 48.5

Marshall + 10.5 (hook)