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Pretty much a regular
OK, per request, will try to update the bOSU (Thats Okie ST, NOT tOSU).
Will do O-line, then skill positions, d-Line, d-Backs, S-Teams, Coaching, schedule, & misc thoughts as time permits. ( I have to quit my day job because it sure is interfering with my work & fun).
As most of you have Steeles, Athlons, College Football News write ups, which are much better written than I could do, these will be updates on some things and more my thoughts or inside info from some contacts in Stillwater.
I plan to attend the last scrimmage Aug 19th, they have 1st this Sat that I'll miss.
Disclaimer: Of course, if you read these things, you agree to put up with my wittiness, because I am such a cynical witty old fart, which comes with having a head full of gray hair.

Pretty much set with C David Washington 6-4 295 So who started last yr., RT Corey Hilliard 6-5 310 Sr, who has started 3 yrs and is a projected 2nd round choice, RG Noah Franklin 6-4 3-5 RFr, LT David Koenig 6-4 290 Jr who started at LG last yr and moves to Tackle this yr., LG Steve Denning 6-4 285 So a backup last yr. Backups of G Andrew Lawrence 6-4 305 Rfr, C/G Kurt Seifried 6-4 300 Sr, T Marshall Testworth 6-5 275 Sr. Seifried is pushing for time in camp at LG.

What do I think?
Guard and depth are a problem. There is a good drop off after the starters. With the early season heat (games @ 100 deg), could be a problem, but the beginning schedule is easy enough and these guys will get much needed experience. Rob Glass is the strength/conditioning coach, from FL. What has he done? Everyone raves how much better all the lineman look, dropping weight, adding muscle, maybe a little quickness, why the girls are just goo-goo-gaa-gaa over these guys. They look Great. But you know what? They still can't pass block. My Gawd, can you imagine? 3rd and 12 at your 36?. TX, OU, NEB, A&M, TECH, K-ST. Oh, please, go get a beer, for if your really into death and destruction, go watch NASCAR. QB Reid has a better chance of winning the lottery than surviving this scenerio, and believe me, he has no chance at the lottery. The line is faster this yr. Yep it is. Like improving from a snail to a turtle in a league of jackrabbits. So the short of it? Capable of making holes for RBs, (small), but no speed, no athletes, and too young.
Pat Jones was on the Sports Animal today, Jimmy, after attending the OSU practice yesterday. He said he has a lot of concern about team speed overall. Gundy has been putting a positive spin on things so far, but Jones was not impressed. He said that other than Dujuan Woods, the team looked very rusty. Of course, you'd expect a little of that this early into camp.
Missed the Animal today, but Pat would know. He was still a good coach.
Hope the above is what you were looking for.
OSU Offense -
WR - Adarius Bowman, Jr from No Carol who had some off field problems (drugs), but hey, the Cowboys are so desparate they take anybody who can speell zee feetballs. Very Talented, a threat, big, and fast. Having a good camp after sitting out last yr.
WR - D'Juan Woods, Sr. Another of the Woods boys, bro WR Rashaun just cut by San Fran, and bro Donovan plays FS. Legitimate threat. Good hands, makes great plays. Only person last year to make any kind of impression on this team.
WR others - Ricky Price. So, Tommy Devereaux, Jr Jermy Broadway, So, Tevin Williams, Sr. All are having really good camps and pushing for time.
TE -Brandon Pettigrew, So. Adaquate.
RB - Mike Hamilton, So,. A potential top back. Ask Tx. Surprised everyone when pressed into service last yr due to the starter transfering and if it carries over to this yr, OSU may have one of the better backs in the nation. Speed and power running. Lacking pass catching ability, but trying to improve on in camp.
RB - Julius Crosslin, Jr, Short yardage back. Hamilton between the 10s, Crosslin inside.
RB - Dantrell Savage, Jr. Juco transfer this yr. Speed to burn. 4.3. Learning sytem and is having a good camp from all signs.
QB - Bobby Reid, So. Donovan Woods started QB in 2004 then switched to Def. Al Pena started QB in 2005 but was benched after 4 games. QB Reid started the rest of the yr. QB Pena will actually fall to 3rd, as Rfr QB Zac Robinson will likely be #2.

So What Do I Think?
OSU has the potential to have one of the better WR corps in the country in Woods and Bowman. Woods had no help on the opposite side last yr and with legimate threat Bowman, this will stop the constant double teams. Bowman is having a fanstatic camp, they say he is a monster to catch and bring down. 3rd WR and backups will be more than adequate.
OSU has the potential to have one of the top running backs in the nation in Hamilton. Everthing in camp is pointing to a monster yr.
So, what's the big deal? OSU should be great, right? Well, hmmm, potential, potential, lets see here, we seem to have forgot a piece. Oh yeah, the QB. Ah, theres the rube. OSU has the definite potential to have one of the worst QBs in the crountry. WR potential? RB potential? Forget that crap. Ya ain't got nothin if ya can't gettum the ball. 35 turnovers last yr. 13 int by Pena. 4 int by Reid vs. 2 TDs. Fumble after fumble by Reid. Reid has great speed that people rave about. But you know what, he runs around like a jackass because he has no clue as to what's going on. Ok, Ok, give the kid a break, I mean it was his 1st yr after doing a redshirt. Right? Ok. Then what excuse do we have this yr by showing nothing in camp except a 2-1 Int-to-TD ratio, still no concept as to where to run or what to do when a play breaks down, and a total lack of over all ability?
Gentleman, this offense will struggle for 2 reasons. A bad QB situation and a line that won't be able to protect him (see above). His blind side is protected by Hamilton, but when the rush is on up the middle and from the LCB, the Guards and R side of the line will break down. And a hassled QB Reid is an ugly scene to behold. And unpressured, why he is just as liable to throw a pick as a completion. So that negates the WRs, and the line has yet to prove they can consistantly open holes for the backs, so the RBs are negated. See what I mean? Trouble. Well bench him you say? Remember, this is the guy that was put in when Pena was benched, and he was worse. And yes, I think before the yr is out, QB Zac Robinson will be running this team, just give him some practice time.
more good info. jimmy...I just think Hamilton lacks the breakaway speed to be a top back...a good big 12 back for sure though...
Hamilton, Crosslin, Savage and Toston are all vying for time.

STILLWATER -- Tailback Mike Hamilton joked at the notion that suggested there might not be enough footballs to go around for Oklahoma State's tailback collection this season.
"Oh, I'm sure we have enough in the equipment room," Hamilton said.
On game days, though, only one ball is used. Hamilton wants to carry that football. So does Julius Crosslin. So does Dantrell Savage. So does Keith Toston.
The Cowboys face a dilemma in trying to divide the workload among the bevy of tailbacks.
"You really never make it through a season with just one back," offensive coordinator Larry Fedora said. "I haven't yet."
Unlike past years, OSU cannot saddle up one tailback and ride that player over an entire 12-game season. Many programs across the country do not have that luxury, either.
Of the top 100 leading rushers in Division I last year, only eight averaged 25 carries a game. The number 25 is significant. Last year, OSU coach Mike Gundy said, "You know if you have a Big 12-caliber running back if he can handle 20-25 carries over three or four ballgames."
Hamilton was OSU's primary ball carrier in 2005. He set the OSU freshman rushing record with 961 yards, yet he only surpassed 20 carries in four of the 11 games.
Hamilton enters the 2006 season as OSU's starter at tailback. That does not guarantee the sophomore will get the vast majority of work on game days.
The program known as "Tailback U" might be described as "Tailback by Committee" in 2006.
Gundy offered the scenario before preseason practice that Hamilton could see about 15 carries a game, while Savage could get 12-14 carries and 8-10 for Crosslin.
"It's hard to say. If a back gets into a game and gets hot, then you leave him in the game," Gundy said. "We'll have a plan, but it's hard to exactly say how many snaps each will get. That's just a breakdown we came up with."
Spreading out the carries among a group of backs is just one of the options Gundy and Fedora have at their disposal this year.
Despite nearly gaining 1,000 yards last year, Hamilton is more of a grinder who can churn out the 4- and 5-yard gains. Crosslin led OSU with 12 touchdowns in 2005, but was primarily used in short-yardage and goal-line situations.
The defsive line is the strength of the defense and probably the entire team. Sr. DE Victor Degrate is defense's best player and is a pass-rushing force. Sr. Darnell Smith won the right DE pos. over Jr. Nathan Peterson. Sr. Ryan McBean & Sr. Larry Brown anchor the DT spots inside with experienced Sr Xavier Lawson-Kenndy as backup. This group is experienced and should be better than last yr. and have good depth.

1 returning starter in Jr Rodick Johnson at MLB, 3rd in tackles ly. Fr. Chris Collins could be a real force at SLB, but he is green. So. Alex Odari will handle WLB. Backups are thin and a drop off in talent.

Jr. FS Donovan Woods, the QB before Reid, and perhaps the most talented and athletic on the team has adjusted to this position and become a leader and force for the Def. rFR SS Andre Sexton had a great spring and fall camp after coming back from a broken wrist last yr. So Jacob Lacy & Jr. Matel Van Zant won the CB battles over a compent crew of 6 players. The other 4 will backup. Overall, the DBs will be a strength, talented, and deep.

Special Teams.
Nothing special here. Adequate best decribes. OK Kickers/Punters but punting needs to improve from the 40yds per last yr. and return men will be new.

HC Mike Gundy, 2nd yr., 4-7. OSU Alum. Brother Cale Gundy is RB coach for OU, and holder of most QB records at OSU. Had a tough 1st yr with lots of turmoil. Kicked the best 6 players off the team from Les Miles last yr., which needed to be done, as they were all thugs and criminals, and a last place B12 finish was the result. This yr. will be a better telling of his abilities. OC Larry Fedora & DC Vance Bedford are OK, but not a threat to leave as noone is knocking on their doors.

Missouri St, @ Ark-LR, FAU, @Houston, @ K-ST, KS, Tx A&M, Nebr, @ TX, Baylor, @ Tx Tech, OU.
jimmyd thoughts:

Last yr I recommended a complete fade of this team. It wasn't until late in the season that the books caught up with how bad the Cowboys really were. They covered the 2nd game @FAU as 13pt favs 23-3 after winning the 1st game vs. a 1-AA team, Mont. St 15-10. You could tell this team was pitiful by putting up 38 pts vs. basicly 2 1-AA teams. They then proceeded to go 0-5 ATS, with a SU win over Ark St and SU losses in the other 4. They ended the yr 2-2 ATS and 1-3 SU, with the win an upset of Tx Tech at home as a 23pt dog, but a loss to lowly Baylor on the road, for the Bears 1st B12 win ever.

This yr I expect the books to have caught on and adjust the spreads. At this point, they may still be a little over valued. We will see after the 1st wk, as OSU plays 1-AA Mo. St (the old So West Mo St) in wk 1, and a wk 2 line vs. Ark St will tell us what the books think of OSU. This is still a FADE team on your list, but our spots may have to be better chosen this yr., esp when they play the big guns of NEBR, TX, OU. My personal thought is they win the 1st 3 SU, lose at Hou, @ K-ST, probably @ Ks in a close one, then all the rest. 3-9 SU. They may get an upset @ KS or maybe vs. Baylor at home, but expect this to be highly unlikely. Good spots to fade this team may be @HOU, vs Baylor, & vs. TX A&M, as some seem think the aggies may be down this yr. We'll see how the books respond to Baylor this yr., as they beat OSU & and took OU to 3 OTs before losing in Norman.

Well, that's it guys, let me know of any additional questions you may have, will try to get them answered.
Okie State must be expecting a 9-3 season -- they raised ticket prices!
SoonerBS said:
Okie State must be expecting a 9-3 season -- they raised ticket prices!

Which is one of the biggest pieces of BS I never mentioned. This after 'T Boone' has given 165 mil to upgrade the stadium and complexes. Hell, he paid for it, now why should we? He gets the "owners" suite, I get the 20 yd line. He gets the half time recognition and plaque, I get to go outside to get a beer. The offcial reason for the increase? We now have better facilities, and we should pay accordingly. A 60% increase? And AD Holder has given all his salary, 350K, back to OSU athletics, basically working for free. Why? Best friends with T Boone, who I'm sure is taking care of all his needs. Sooo, who runs OSU?? Wonder where they get their cars in Stillwater??
jimmyd said:
Which is one of the biggest pieces of BS I never mentioned. This after 'T Boone' has given 165 mil to upgrade the stadium and complexes. Hell, he paid for it, now why should we? He gets the "owners" suite, I get the 20 yd line. He gets the half time recognition and plaque, I get to go outside to get a beer. The offcial reason for the increase? We now have better facilities, and we should pay accordingly. A 60% increase? And AD Holder has given all his salary, 350K, back to OSU athletics, basically working for free. Why? Best friends with T Boone, who I'm sure is taking care of all his needs. Sooo, who runs OSU?? Wonder where they get their cars in Stillwater??

OSU has it all backwards -- T. Boone should be setting up businesses and hiring ball players and paying for good players to come to OSU. Seems like that's the most successful pattern these days . . . . . . . . . . . . . . until you get caught.
(from todays local Tulsa World.)

In http://cappingthegame.com/forum/ place, for now: Oklahoma State has its starting offensive line set for next week's season opener against Missouri State. However, the Cowboys' primary area of concern position-wise entering preseason camp still remains this particular unit.
"I'll find out where they stand after the game," head coach Mike Gundy said. "I feel pretty good about them. But they still have to go out there and play. We think these guys will be prepared to handle most anything we see.
"But for me to stand here and say these five guys are as solid as it gets, I'm not going to do that."
Neither is offensive line coach Joe Wickline.
"This thing isn't over yet," Wickline said.
Wickline and Gundy both agree the line is immature in a couple of spots. Redshirt freshman Brady Bond will be making his first start at left tackle, while fifth-year senior Kurt Seifried will make his starting debut as OSU's right guard.
"Anytime you try to set five guys out on the field, you look for five guys who won't bust assignments, that have a lot of concern for blocking their guy and do it as hard as they can do it," Wickline said. "It's a concern. When you have a hole in the dike and you have some questions unanswered, someone has to step up and it doesn't matter who does. Those two (Bond and Seifried) have (made) very good strides of late."

jimmyd: Knew this was going to be a problem. Not soved yet.