NCAA Week 13

J Galt

Everyone's got a price.....
YTD 70-73 +.91 units

Finally tallied up the record as it needed to be done to see just how bad I've been this year. It was tough to go back and look at all the bad plays I made the last 3 weeks, I really don't know what I was thinking on some of those. Luckily enough I've hit just about every big play I've made this year, as that is what is keeping me barely afloat.

NMSU -6.5 (-106) - 2 units - I blame Wahoo for this one if it loses
In all seriousness, I was thinking very hard about this play as I really like this team and how they've fought, even in the games they've lost this year. Love their QB and love how they air the ball out, I think they really want to get this conference win and I expect them to fight like hell to get it.

Back in a bit with more, good luck to you guys this weekend
GL, On this play as well.. May add to it as long as weather holds up. I really like NMST to light the scoreboard up!
seems to be a popular play...might have to look into it further and jgalt.
dmac and everything, GL to you guys this weekend

Hunt, this is one of those times where I see a game I like, see a poster I trust who likes it as well (Wahoo on Covers), and I go ahead and pull the trigger seeing a little support. NMSU has been scrappy as hell this year against good teams but has been overmatched in pretty much every game athletically and gotten scored on. I think they're finally playing a team on level playing ground with them in terms of personnel and I think they will get out and get after it for their first win in over 2 months. We'll see, I really hate being on a side that is this popular, but hopefully it'll all work out.
Miami/BC Under 38 - 1 unit - I just have a strange feeling that this is going to be a low-scoring, ugly game all around. Can't bring myself to play BC, which I should probably do, but I think these two Ds and weak Os can keep this number low.
Thanks Yanks

EMU +8 - 1 unit - A little action on a team that has had some bad slip-ups this year but has some fight in them. Hopefully they can put up a few points and keep this game low-scoring and compete.

Good luck everybody
What do you think about the Hoos and the Cock Gobblers today? See they are betting Virginia, which means you may like VT?
They're going to run it up the Hoos' ass all goddamn day long. After watching them the past few weeks, I think the Chokies are back on track. This should be a bloodletting.

With that being said, Fuck VPI, Go Hoos!!! :wacka wacka:

PS I'm all over your boys tonight :cheers:
I am excited for that one and have loaded up appropriately. I'll be drunk and disorderly win or Enjoy the day!

Homo Lite +6 - 1 unit for a total of 3 units
Nevada +2.5 (-105) - 2 units
Nevada +120 - 1 unit
Maryland -1 (-109) - 1 unit

Passing ECU and ND so I can secure a profit for the week in CFB for once. GL to everyone tonight.