CFB Week 7 10/12 - 10/14


CTG Psychiatrist - Dr. Tim
Sides and Totals 33-16-2, +20.5 units
ML 8-2, +10.26 units
Overall +30.76 units

Played a few games so far this week.

MD -4 -111 2.22/2 - Ended up playing this at 4 after missing the 2.5 early only to see it go back from 5.5 to 3. Anyway lot of discussion on this one earlier but I think MD should be able to get this one. Va. just hasn't been able to run the ball with any consistency (2.9 ypr) and therefore can't take any pressure off their young QB. I've been disappointed with MD so far this year, but liked their effort against GT which came up short when they couldn't get in from the 7 with 1st and goal at the end of the game. Terps have killed themselves with TO's (-7 differential) and had trouble finishing drives and making the big play but are better offensively than VA and should be able to run the football on Saturday. ECU put up 31 on VA last week (third straight road game for the Cav's) without their top RB and WR. Granted VA does play better at home than on the road and MD hasn't won at VA since 1990. This has been a home dominated series but I think MD is clearly better here and should prevail in this one.

LSU 1H -14 -105 3.15/3 - LSU killed themselves with TO's in the Florida game last weekend and should be ready to atone for that poor performance at home vs. KY. Kentucky missing Little at RB which will hurt their balance on offense and are also very beat up at DT which will not bode well against the LSU rushing attack. I look for a fast start out of LSU and will play the 1H line here.

Hawaii -4 +101 2/2.02 - Fresno not getting much production out of their passing game and absolutely hit the bottom in last week's game vs UTSU. I just don't think they have enough offense to hang with the Bows in this one. Hawaii getting great performance out of their passing game and are much improved defensively this year.

Tulsa -2 -107 2.14/2 - Tulsa gets a scheduling advantage here with with more time to prepare for this game having 11 days since So. Miss. game on Oct 3. ECU off a big win vs. Va. where they ran the ball extremely well despite missing Chris Johnson. Johnson looks like he may play but ECU will be without their best WR A. Allison for this game. I like this spot for Tulsa as I think they are very well coached and will be focused. Smith has done a very nice job at QB and the option offense is working well. I was very impressed that they ran the ball so well vs. So. Miss. Tulsa defense not getting as many sacks this year but still have been very solid. Tulsa has a winning pedigree right now and ECU is still trying to develop that consistency.
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I'm on two out of 4 with you and you can have the other two as well, dude!
Hey thanks fellas appreciate it. Mags I like AF too but missed the early number and now I missed the 6. Hate to think tease in college but I am trying to come up with something.

Sorry, took UNDER in the BC/VT game and like AF as well.


Nice day Timmy! Keep it up! Had a good day, MD and FL stopped it from being a great one!!!

See around 2morrow bro!