****Soccer is the Greatest Sport on Earth In-Game****

lolz they set the total beers consumed tomorrow at 1.2 million

I'd love to see how that plays out
You love to see it. Mmm Bop blew it. French fans crying. I don’t watch a lot of soccer but when I do France is losing and it’s great.

Spain is so nice to watch. Everything else I’ve seen in this and COPA is a hard watch.
Seriously we have devolved to a point where a mainstream ESPN show is debating Ymal vs Messi. I don't think either of the clowns even knew who Ymal is but they needed a show.
Also something I posted on the FB and anyone who knows me for more than 10 minutes know I have no clue about baking or whatever

But I learned that putting extra virgin olive oil on a skin tag (been there for a year) actually destroys it. 3 days and gone. There are a lot of things that could go wrong down the line but three days and see ya! Pretty awesome. I will forever own olive oil.
He is the best player in European football and it isn't close

Others get the glory, simply look at his win percentage. And after that, wonder why he isn't paid more.
Fun stat:

The last 7 Copa finals have had the full-time result reflect the half-time result. 2001 was the last time this failed to happen. The result back then?

Draw at half-time, Colombia at full-time