San Jose St vs Washington



In my opinion there are several reasons to look at San Jose st here. This game took a while to sink in for me, but clearly this will be one of the most overlooked values on the board opening week. Dick Tomey is a hell of a coach and they brought in 9 new starters on their defense, they can only be better than they were. A coach like Tomey recruiting in California (with his pac 10 roots from Arizona) can still have their pick from all league players (thats how a team like Nevada was able to get good, theres just so much talent in california) I would expect this being his second year for them to have a surprising/sleeper year. Maybe even somewhat close to nevada did last year in chris ault's 2nd year? You know the Spartans have a great coach and nobody is talking about them.

My best friend goes to Washington and that team is just brutal. They have won what 9 games the last 3 years? They had all those sanctions from recruiting and havent been able to do shit but get their ass kicked by the Pac 10. They should not be treated as a Pac 10 team until they prove themselves. They came within a whisker of losing to Idaho last year in the opener!!!

There is no intimidation factor going into Husky stadium any more, believe me fellas.

San Jose St + whatever it goes to by gameday
San Jose St also returns Adam Trafralis at QB he looked like a keeper.
SJSU does have a pretty legit RB, but I have no feel for this game at this point...
I'm going to look into this game more... all a team needs to slow down Washington is some speed and the ability to keep the QB in the pocket. Their defense was pathetic last year... and I think SJS can score. My initital lean was Washington but this team is an insult to the PAC10. It's going to be awhile before Ty gets his boys in there... similar situation to Illinois.
SJS is a long way from Desert Swarm but should be able to keep this within 3 td's. Huskies have a road trip to Oklahoma after this one & still have some line issues.
Looks like DL Gunheim is out for SJS & CB Goldson is limping from a HA sprain..........not good news for the Dawgs. Now a bit weaker on the DL,they remain thin on the OL as well.
Thanks mugg,

Yep, if you are betting San Jose St you will no doubt get the best like 1 minute before kickoff. Hopefully it goes to 20.
I always have made money in WAC and Mountain West conferences, so I just stick with what I know.
oddsmakers are kinda like this board. About 5% or less of their time is spent outside the big conferences so you get some CRAZZZZY lines!
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I'm not sure I'd agree that there are crazy lines for WAC non-conference games, but there are definitely those that present value...
Last I saw @ Pinny was still 18 although it was +118 for SJS.

Latest news..............SJS lost DT McCutcheon for a few weeks. Tomey says the qb spot between Trafalis & Flynn is still too close to call.

For the UW, Wallace, Goldson, & Gunnheim are all expected to play. LB Scott White was promoted back to starting WLB. Projected starting OL Nate Flowers is gone from the program, which means the Huskies are still very thin on both lines & I would imagine they will be rotating guys in & out all day, although one would think the starting OL will play together as much as possible.

I still maintain that the Huskies had to have been planning ahead some for Oklahoma next week & that making it through this game healthy has to be a goal. Yet with so many new faces & lack of depth, one has to wonder how they can possibly guard against that & still field a team. They may look at this game for what it should be............a tune-up for a better opponent........& try to build some confidence (& continuity) by playing the starters a lot & running up a score. Problem is, I don't know that they're capable of it. They've been talking big. They have depth @ the skills but no real standouts.

I've already made an avg play on SJS. With TW keeping practices 90% closed its been hard to get a real read on the Dawgs. Although SJS is young, I still give them the coaching edge.
Thanks, Mugg. I think the line is about right but don't see UDub covering more than 3 TDs. It's just not them and they have alot of injuries at RB. Not a good sign.

I'll keep watching and see where the line heads.
UDUB is lost right now i like the +19 or whatever it is, UW is a team that i see as a few years away, but i think willingham will have them back at some point