Other than Opening night, I can't find one reason to back my avs tonight



Dallas is a dog, are u f'n serious???? I know its opening night and all at the pepsi center, but it's not like they are raising a cup banner or retiring a jersey or anything. Dallas is a quality team that I am sure will be out for revenge from last years playoffs (no?). Deeper and better team all around right now, starting with a defense lead by Sergei Zubov. Avs are younger than most minor league teams, their 2nd line consists of two rookies and a 2nd year guy (wolski, stastny, svatos)

Give me Dallas +102, and give it to me big!!

HUGE wager for me especially being first game of season.

Good Luck guys, glad NHL is back.

Good Luck! :cheers:

This is probably the only side I would play today, and I am actually still debating it, considering how solid Dallas normally is during the season with Turco and how bad I expect the Avs to be...:cheers:
thanks charvik.

Power ratings for the games tonight show

Carolina -125
Ottawa -123
Dallas -135 lol

obviously, the dallas game the power rating is the farthest from the actual line. I'm still trying to figure out why this line is shaded, but carolina no? They are raising a cup banner so is something fishy there too?? I was expecting carolina -160 or so.
I think that Carolina line reflects all the love for the Sabres for the cup this year. Should normally indicate that most of the public likes the Sabres, and that we should seriously consider Carolina... hmmm... I think I'll just let this game play and watch as a preparation for the rest of the season...

Real glad I got on the Sabres futures early because what I have read in season predictions sure did bring that price down to where it doesnt really have much value in it.

Lots of emotions in Carolina withe the banner being raised vs the team who was a period away from beating them.

Like the Stars to win tonight too. MIght play it along with the under

Both fading the home teams tonight :drink:
Avalanche have to catch a flight right after the game to play at Minny tommorow night, thats kind of a funky way to start a season. Dallas plays this game then has 2 full days off, this has to be a positive for Dallas.

Santa, at these prices I think we are on the right track fading our teams as the opponents are clearly better.
I like the reasoning Nick, I might have a bite at my Dallas Stars tonight as well. Good luck this season :shake:
Dallas just landed Mike Ribiero a few days ago from Montreal, I can't believe they got him for Ninnima who was a spare part for them. The center matchup in this game is a joke (Modano, Lindros, Ribiero vs Sakic, but then Arnason, Turgeon, and McLean lol)
a mismatch at it's best :D, but the question remains how Lindros will be playing this season, a big name but we'll see if he can hold on for the season. No one happier than me if he could, as a Stars fan that is.
NickFazekas said:
Dallas just landed Mike Ribiero a few days ago from Montreal, I can't believe they got him for Ninnima who was a spare part for them. The center matchup in this game is a joke (Modano, Lindros, Ribiero vs Sakic, but then Arnason, Turgeon, and McLean lol)

Ribeiro hasnt cleared customs and probably won't until tomorrow. He wont be playing tonight from what I have read :shake:
LMAO, thanks for the heads up santa. You'd think theyd have the whole customs deal down by now but I guess not. Remember that guy for the Rangers who was supposed to start vs the jays but forgot his birth certificate lol!!!

I am forgetting someone, Dallas has like 5 quality centers I thought so It shouldnt be a problem.

The way I see it, unless Theodore puts out a prolific performance Dallas will win.
stu barnes thats who im thinking of lol, hes gonna screw the avs tonight.
Jeff Halpern is a center too, this team is so much deeper -135 on the power rating even on the road is right.
yeah, remember that game, Rheinecker from Texas. Too funny. Best is when I think it was Probert couldnt come up for drug violations etc...violin

Dallas is a deep team all around. Tough blue line:cheers:
looks like its going to go to +105 or higher, what a deal!!
Think there might be people solely looking at how Colorado has faired in openers thus far...

way different team
LOL i moved the line at the Hilton from +105 to +103. Lets go boys!!
sorry betcrimes, I was watching pinnacle too and the bastards yanked the game way to early. We'll see, it's tough early in the season sometimes but I have this as gift #1 from the hockey/gambling gods for this year. Avs wouldnt even win this game if aliens landed and abducted everybody.
Avs looking good?

up 2-0 in the 1st period....far from over so good luck
common trend rears it's head again. Avs get a few goals then try to sit on a lead and it blows up in their face. I lost atleast 2 bets last year where the avs were up 3-0 then pulled this same shit and lost so I am glad to finally be on the other side of it.:cheers:
thanks charvik

Hey, they got a point atleast lol. Perfect outcome for me:cheers:

Minny -1.5 anyone????