NFL Week #12


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YTD: 40-31-3 +10.62 units

CHIEFS -1.5, -110

I made the Chiefs -1, but missed the open of Den -3. It's obvious from the line movement that the SMART MONEY is on KC and I agree. Denver hasn't shown me much, except that they can't move the ball, nor can they win close games. The Chiefs are one of the few teams in the NFL that I actually assign more than the standard "3" to for home field advantage. Add in that it's a night game, and I think there is prolly value with KC up to -2.5.

EAGLES +9, -110

Typical overreaction by the public to an injury. Couple the loss of Don with the fact that the Eagles looked like complete dog shit on Sunday, and voila, you have value. Garcia is a capable backup and the Eagles still believe they can make the playoffs. This will be a highly motivated team on Sunday, and I like'em to keep this one inside the number.

Will also be playing OAKLAND, but waitng for a "14". Will add more plays of on Sunday.

Happy Thanksgiving.
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Didn't know there was such a big chagne on that KC game smh....prolly gonna play it now.

GL..have a great holiday
good lookin card man, u know i like tha chiefs also. great chance i will be on philly also. have a great thanksgivin dog, when u get tha chance jump on aim
Happy Thanksgiving all.


Prolly won't get a chance to hit up aim. Happy I finally had a good night in hoops last night....fades came in with some ML winners.
yeah dog i was on both them ML winners. havent had tha balls to hit any of tha ML plays yet jus focusin on gettin tha cover, but most tha dogs ive hit when they covered they have won outright also. u hittin tha U tonight in cfb?
Sunday Card

Already have the EAGLES +9, -110 per the first post.

OAKLAND +14, -105
Fade Play. Been betting the Raiders weekly and it's been paying off.

BROWNS +3.5, -105
See above!

RAVENS -3, +113
Smoke and mirrors....that's the Steelers on their recent win streak. Let's be honest, they shoulda lost last week in Cleveland. This week they face another rival in what promises to be another physical game. The Steelers have turned the ball over 27 times this season. When they can't run they can't win. Why should things change this week? What makes anyone think they can run the ball this week? They can't and they won't and the Ravens will prevail. Call it 24-17.

BILLS +160

I made Jax -1, so I see some value in the Bills today. Jax off a short week, now go on the road to face an improving Bills team. I don't expect the Losman to throw for 300 yards, but I do expect a competative effort from Buffalo.

PATRIOTS -4, -109

Asking the Bears to play three straight road games against three physical teams is asking alot. Rex Grossman is mediocre at best and he will be exposed today. This comes down to a horrible spot for Chicago, and I like the Pats to pull away late.

Good Luck!
I went with Clevelend, since it looked like the biggest fade lol. Good luck bro lets get this:cheers:
Great day for ya buddy....thanks for the Pats call.

Hope this doesnt come down to Garcia throwing the rock!