Ncaa Cfb Week Three


NCAA CFB 2002-2003
Sides 118-88 +$7,028

NCAA CFB 2003-2004
Sides 124-103 +$7,542
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays 1-6 +$1,000
Total 125-109 +$8,542

NCAA CFB 2004-2005
Sides 111-109 –$1,818
Player Props - 62-44 +$9,010
Teasers/Pleasers/Parlays - 7-9 +$460
Total 173-153 +$7,652

NCAA CFB 2005-2006
Sides 60-50 +$3,526
Player Props 40-17 +$7,937
Total 100-67 +$11,463

NCAA CFB 2006-2007
Sides 20-16 +$1,665
Player Props 19-11 +$2,350
Total 39-27 +$4,015

Rough weekend for me which is typical for me in week 2. My Horns lose, my Cowboys lose, I go .500 as I’m a big fave player and well the dogs were barking this weekend. Simms looked like shit, VY throws a pick in his first series, and I get blindsided by some freakin Aggie Saturday night.

Things have got to be better this weekend?

Thursday Play

Maryland +17.5 (-116) @ West Virginia ($300)

Took a glance at this game but was busy pounding others when lines were released and notice this baby was moving up quickly. Would’ve probably made WVU a small play if under 14 but no way I’m going to not jump on Maryland at 17.5. Maryland has been a great road team over the year going 10-4 ATS on the road. This is a huge rivalry game and Friedgen has his most experienced team in 3 years, which was the last time Maryland had a winning season going 9-3. Many are pointing to Maryland’s lackluster approach last week vs Middle TN St. but looking at Maryland schedule opening with William & Mary, then MTNST, WVU and then followed by Florida Int and a bye week well lets just say I’m pretty sure this game has been circled for the first 5 weeks of the season. With it being a short week for this game it was reported that Maryland had been working on WVU last week somewhat.

17.5 is a ton of points in a rivalry game and WVU needs to show me something more then just whipping Georgia for a half to get this many point vs a quality team.

Friday Play

Kansas @ Toledo –5 ($400)

Both teams looked great in week one with Kansas whipping a Div 2 team and Toledo going to OT vs a pretty good ISU squad. The following week not so good.

Kansas is 6-11 ATS in non-conference road games their last 17. They squeaked out a 2-pt win vs lowly La. Monroe last week and face their toughest test of the year in Toledo. Versus Monroe Kansas who only returned 3 starters from last years defense gave up 377 passing yards to Monroe and QB Kinsmon Lancaster who is known more for his running ability then arm. On offense Kansas went 3 and out 7 different times.

Toledo was shocked by WMU losing 31-10 last week. Which QB will show up for Toledo? I look for Cochran to have a similar type game he had vs ISU because Kansas plays mostly zone coverage like ISU and that falls right into the hands of Toledo short intermediate passing game.

Nationally televised game for the Toledo fans should fill up the Glass Bowl and give Kansas all they can handle.

Saturday Plays

Arizona St. –7 (-120) @ Colorado ($500)

Wow first line I hit when they were released Sunday. Colorado’s offense is in shambles right now trying to learn Hawkins system. Bernard Jackson gets the start again according to Hawkins. Last week Jackson was a surprise starter when he trotted on to the field and probably shocked CSU as well since he marched them down the field for an opening score TD. After that though CSU adjusted and were able to contain CU and hold them to only 146 yards of total offense.

They face an ASU team that has one of the most high powered offenses in the country led by QB Rudy Carpenter who went 17-26 in putting up 52 points vs a decent Nevada team. This game won’t be close and has to be the best play on the board for week two.

Oklahoma @ Oregon –1 (For the line police around here go look at my “hit these now!” thread from 8/2) ($400)

Hit this line as soon as I heard Bomar was a goner. Was going to play this game regardless as I still felt OU was a little overrated going into this season. OU has looked suspect in first two home openers vs Washington and UAB. Now they must travel to Autzen Stadium one of the toughest venues in all of college football to play in. Thompson and a young OL’s first time on the road in a hostile environment could hamper the OU offense somewhat. OU coaches have Thompson practicing with ear plugs in his ear so he can know what it feels like to not be able to hear while on the field. Oregon gets back RB Jonathan Stewert back to give the offense a big punch in the running attack while Dixon has looked much more comfortable at QB leading the team to a win vs a damn good Fresno St. squad.

I just don’t see OU winning in this environment with such a young OL and QB with no experience.

Texas Tech –2 @ TCU ($500)

Yes this is a home game for TCU but there will be plenty of Tech fans there as most of the TT alum who graduate end up migrating over to the DFW area after graduation. I know many of us were on TT last week and if it weren’t for some questionable calls and dropped passes they would’ve covered that game. Robert Johnson had 2 TDs called back. TCU’s biggest weakness is its secondary and that’s not a good sign vs the best passing attack of the last 5 years in Tech. Against UC Davis last week the secondary didn’t look good at all as UC Davis did have a couple of big plays and should’ve had more if the WRs hadn’t dropped passes or the QB would’ve put the ball on the money. If they play like this vs Tech it will be a very long day.

Texas –28 @ Rice ($300)

Mack has always come out blasting after a loss. This game is suppose to be a home game for Rice but the game is being played at Reliant stadium and Houston is home to a ton of Texas Exes that will be attending the game (like myself). Rice has looked good this year and played UCLA to a close game last week but one stat that sticks out in that game is UCLA with losing Maurice Drew to the NFL racked up close to 350 rushing yards vs Rice. Charles and Young should have a field day running behind that line.

Fresno St. –3.5 @ Washington ($400)

Not sold on Washington just yet even though they hung tough with OU for about a half. The pass defense has been pretty bad as they have given up 300 yards a game and have let QBs hit 70% of their passes. OU exploited the OL last week that only returns 1 starter and the starting 5 has played every snap meaning there is no depth. To make matters worse both top Tes are hurt and they have no TE that fills the blocking TE position

If it wasn’t for two botched special teams plays by Fresno St. they may have pulled the upset and beaten Oregon. Brandstater should be able to pass and you know Dwayne Wright will get his yards on the ground since he sits 3rd in the country with 156 ypg.

FSU should win this game by a TD or more.

4 more plays to post fellas and my card is done.
Glad to see you on four of my plays Horn (FSU, Texas, Tech, and ASU). Like the others tood.

Good luck this week.
Thanks rj. I saw you had a helluva a week last week so its very good were on 4 of the same plays for me.
The best thing one will learn from this thread was the heads-up approach on that Oregon game. Gotta love that number for this one. I think it cashes at present number but great work anyway.

A lot of you guys on that ASU and I am more intrigued right now. That offense should just dominate.

I was suprised at the closeness of the UCLA-Rice game with all those rushing yards as well.

GL Horn, keep the good start going.

I've been following you for a very very long time, from covers to oragneblood to here, your picks are pretty close to dead on and provide great insight w/ good write ups.

Toledo (-5): agree in so many ways. :cheers:

ASU (-7) : again like toledo, is the clear choice. colorodo is what texas tech used to be a year ago, gimmie games..... just opposite.

Fresno St. (3.5) : not sold on FS yet, washington was ok stopping the run last week and it does not take much to stop Brandstater. Your probably right, but I'm still shying away from taht game atm.

Texas (-28) : Now here is my beef with ya =( 2 reasons really.

Now I know what your thinking, oh no not another fareweather - call in to B&E blitz asking for Brown's / G.Davis / the entire secondary's head on a stick - fan letting his emotions over last weeks game over come his judgment thinking the season is already over. To this all i can say is just hear me out as i predict texas to win the rest of their games and tOSU to lose 1 - 2 on the road this year now that texas exsposed their rushing def.

My point is 1) the good Major Applewhite is OC for Rice this year and is making week to week progress on a very bad offense . The first week rice's offense looked much like texas 50/50 pass run actaully. This past week Applewhite went back to the basics of Rice football incorperating more option. He's trying to transform the face of rice football slowly and surely. I'm not saying they'll score 21 on us, but expect somthing better then last year.. 7 -10 range, while also expect Brown to call off the dogs early 3rd when they get around 30-35.

2) With the rule change (games being shorter) and both teams being very rushing oriented, the game will be very very quick. With SY and JC splitting time in the first half they'll gash the rice for around 150 and only 3 TD's before Melton comes in and takes 15 plays to go 50 yards.

IMO the correct play this weekend 1st half if you can get it from your sports book, if not i'd stay away from it. I lost a lot of money too (in the stands mind you to a tOSU fan I met while tailgating) but that is no reason to bet on a high spread game that will be over time wise before it had time to start.

Great site, keep it up.


edit:my book has texas at -32 now, I had almost considered picking it up for a sec.
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looks very good

don't think i'm against ya on anything, Horn. though, then again, only about half of these games are on my weekend card.
saw timh's maryland take, then this...good enough for me. BOL this week, buddy.
Horn - Great looking card this week bro. With you on ASU, Oregon, Texas Tech, and Fresno St. Going the other way with WVU. Was leaning to Kansas, but it's a no play for me now. GL this week bud! :shake:
Plays look solid. Toledo looks like a good rebound spot after last week's letdown. I think a long layoff and a good performance vs. a better team the week before contributed to that. At home they should get things going again... this Kansas team's offense is pathetic... 21 points for Toledo should be enough.

When do you usually hit your player props? All of them are through Greek?

GL bro

SHSUHorn said:
Thompson and a young OL’s first time on the road in a hostile environment could hamper the OU offense somewhat. OU coaches have Thompson practicing with ear plugs in his ear so he can know what it feels like to not be able to hear while on the field.

Horn, they're not putting ear plugs in Thompson's ears, they are putting them in the ears of the offensive linemen. Last week's game had several drive ending penalties as a result of the offensive linemen not concentrating on the snap count. So, Wilson made the linemen put ear plugs in their ears so they would have to listen harder and concentrate on hearing Thompson's snap count. Of course, it also makes them have to watch the ball being snapped out of the corner of their eye and firing off whenever it is snapped. Basically, Wilson and Stoops were pissed off about the offensive penalties this past week.

Stoops was in a pissy mood in his weekly press conference yesterday . . . . don't know if that's good or bad. He hates dealing with the press anyway.

Personally, I think Oklahoma loses this game based on the way their defense has been playing these last two games. I actually think the offense will do well since Oregon's defense has not showed a lot this season either. But, our defense has been horrible.

I'm not betting this game because I have too much emotion running on the Oklahoma side. I really want them to win! Also, I'm thinking that if Oklahoma beats Oregon here, we will get a good line to play on Texas in the Red River Rivalry.

Good luck, dude!
sooner this is the article i saw...

Carey Murdock Editor

Paul Thompson is taking snaps this practice with earplugs in his ears. It's a new effort by Kevin Wilson and the offensive staff to make it more difficult for people to hear what's going on in practices. Thompson leads a surging Oklahoma offense into Eugene, Or., this weekend. And everyone is anxiuos to see how this team will respond to their first big road test. After his 272-yard passing performance against Washington, the OU QB is ready to take on another Pac-10 defense. But this go around won't be nearly as easy with 60,000 Duck fans screaming in his ears.

Thompson talked about the offense, the earplugs and playing on the road when he met with members of the media for his weekly press conference.

utennsux, I agree TT to the house.

inspekdah, yeah I 'm finally jumping on the MAC train vs BCS conferences. They impressed me vs a damn good ISU squad.

aztec, SDSU looks good this weekend as well. Any thoughts?

matt, :cheers:

yanks, I need to rebound from last week. Who would've thought I'd have a better week in the NFL then cfb? GL to ya.

pags, :cheers:

dominia, What's your username on OB? Also welcome to the site. Yeah the Rice game is kinda scaring me a little interms of covering but that's what most Longhorn fans do after a loss they think Mack should be fired and the team is horrible. But Mack always seems to bounce back in a huge way after a loss.

bar, ASU is money this weekend.
Horn: With you on Maryland, as it will be one of my bigger plays of the year. The line opened bad and it's been bet progressively worse.

Will also be with you on a couple of others, so GL this weekend...
Thanks rexy same to you. I'll be a believer of WVU if they wax Maryland. One good half vs Georgia doesn't impress me.
you will see horn however i have -14 and value has changed with your line maybe we could middle that here and both win bol bro
As usual, great writeups 'Horn. GL this weekend. Texas is up over 31 now...gonna have to pass.
Maybe they are putting them in Thompson's ears, too. I know they are doing it to the Linemen for sure. Duke said it was "ride." Whatever that means.
Horn, my book has Toledo -3 1/2. Did I miss any news or anything out there that would have this line moving. If anything, it should move the OTHER direction IMO.

Like the card...that MD line is juicy...
not a bias pick but i think that WVU will cover, home game at night primetime, and they havent showed the entire offense this year, i like them by 21

Dominia over there as well, though I never really post on the general boards. To much flaming and T&A for me to get in the middle of and I need to win more games to afford private board access (poor college student). =X

I do agree mack always boounces back and there is the possiblity davis will let mcCoy air it out to get him some exp, win by 50 and point to this game saying this is where we found our offensive identity. Or mack treats it as a get in get out, do as little dmg as possible kind of game.

For longhorn fan sake and the season sake, I hope for 50+ to 7 so we can all money;

Good picks, SHSU. The one thing I did differently was pick WVU -17.5.

I see Texas winning something like 56-10. Texas will come out firing in full force and whenever he takes his starters out, they still have guys Jordan Shipley, Jermichael Finley, Jevan Snead, maybe Henry Melton, and some other young studs at the skill positions that theyre going to want for them to get experience in this game. Each game this season Texas should be passing later in the blowout games than normal because they have two QBs that need all the experience they can and fast. Especially before conference games.

I go to TCU, so Im not picking against my Frogs. I think the OVER in that game would be a pretty good pick.
so many Texans on this site, UT / ATM fans alike :shake:

It's good to see sports forum driven to helping one another out beating Vegas. Ran Texas and Rice on my football algorithm last night which I have been using for the past 2 years (works better in the nfl, more of a closed environment) but came out with 44 -19.

It's not so much designed to compute the final score as much as the delta in the final score, more of an indication I guess.

Quick question what makes a team who went 5 - 6 for 2 years in a row a quality team?
Also on Fresno.........UW will stick around for a while.....maybe even lead for a while.......... but they just don't have the depth to play a whole game with a decent opponent. ........2ndary is very thin as are both lines.

Hill has recently acknowledged his teams' penchant for floundering after a big game, so it's not like he isn't aware of the let-downs.

GL this weekend :shake:
Hey bro. Read about your fight in Austin. That really sucks. Even more reason to hate Aggys. Where do you hang out and watch these game? I'm not sure if I'm staying at the house or going somewhere like SRO.

We've got a lot of the same plays starting tonight. Toledo is my favorite play this weekend....with you on Arizona St and Oregon as well.
Been busier then hell this week guys but here were the rest of my sides that I didn't finish writing up about with some props...

Michigan +7 ($300)

Illinois –3 ($400)

Nevada –2 ($500)

Okie St. –28 ($400)

Cochran –42 Passing yards vs Kansas QBS ($500)

Percy Harvin UNDER 4 Receptions ($300)

Quinn –42.5 Passing Yards vs Henne ($200)

Mcknight –12.5 Receiving Yards vs Breaston ($300)

Dixon +2.5 Passing and Rushing Yards vs Thompson ($500)

great week i tailed you on 4 games and parlayed them, and cashed in! thanks for the insights SHSU great week for me :wacka wacka: