MBarnett's Week 5 card


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Hey Guys,

Just joined the site and really enjoy it. Have had an excellent year to date, so I thought I would jump right in and post my picks. Would love to hear whatever thoughts anyone has. As an FYI, I use a scale of 1-5 units.


YTD: 23-12
YTD units: +22 units

La Tech @ Clemson (-34)...5 units


La Tech @ Clemson (-19) 1st half...5 units

This game has all the makings of a big-time blowout. Clemson has quietly become the best team in the ACC, and doesn't appear to have a problem beating lesser opponents to a pulp. Clemson has an incredibly strong running game, churning out huge numbers last week against UNC, but more importantly they were able to get 136 and 151 @BC and @FSU on back-to-back weeks.

La Tech just so happens to have issues on defense. The only times they have played teams close to the level of Clemson, they have been completely blown out. Nebraska racked up 252 yards on the ground (5.2 per carry and 584 yards overall), and A&M had 489 yards of total offense, with 153 coming on the ground (4.5 yards per carry).

Clemson will roll big time in this game. They should run at will, and that usually spells blow-out. I expect Clemson to score in the 50 point range, which should give them an easy cover.

Georgia (-16) @ Ole Miss....4 units

I got on this line early, and glad I did because it has really climbed. Georgia isn't nearly as bad as they played last week, and I think that shows this week. Cox really gave the Bulldogs a lift when he came in and replaced Stafford, and I expect UGA to put up considerably more points this week than they did against CU.

With a re-energized offense, a chip on their shoulder from last week, and playing an awful Ole Miss team, I think Georgia wins by closer to 28 than 17.

More to come later...
Good luck, dude!
For tonight:

Auburn @ South Carolina Under 38....3 units


Auburn @ South Carolina Under 19 1h...3 units

I am not sold on the Auburn offense just quite yet, and while I do think South Carolina is over-rated, they have a pretty nice rushing Defense.

On the flip side, it would be surprised if South Carolina score more than a TD here. Auburns defense is just plain nasty, and should come close to pitching a shutout barring any mental lapses.

BYU @ TCU -5....3 units

I think the extreme differences in layoffs is a big factor here because I think BYU is a pretty damn good ballclub. TCU had the benefit of Grambling cancelling last week, giving them two full weeks to prepare for what should be by far their biggest home game left on the schedule. BYU on the other hand had a game Saturday, then by team policy did not practice on Sunday...had workouts Monday and Tuesday, then flew to Fort Worth on Wednesday.

I think TCU is the slightly better team...I think they will be better rested...they have the coaching and preperationg edge with Patterson....and they have the home field. TCU by 10+

Auburn -13 @ South Carolina....3 units

Like I said before...I think South Carolina is over-rated, and much like the Georgia game, they will have a hard time scoring except on fluke plays. Auburn should relish the chance to have a Thursday night game on ESPN to prove their worth.
Here are a few others...hopefully I will have better luck than Thursday. Got a lot going on, so no write-ups.

Rice +11 @ Army...3 units

Army under 28.5 points...4 units

Michigan -9 @ Minn...2 units

Michigan -6 1h @ Minn...2 units

Eastern Illinois @ Hawaii -28.....5 units

N. Iowa @ Iowa State -16...3 units

Miss State @ LSU -31....3 units
Iowa State has burned my britches so many times, I wonder why I ever bother to bet them anymore . . . . . . .

Congrats on cashing today!