GP's NBA Hoops


Pretty much a regular
~ Posted YTD: 159-152-12 +50.97u ~ 51%

I'm going to use this thread to track my picks for the entire season.
I hope to have a +50u profit by the end of the year.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Picks for the day will always be in a new post at the bottom of the thread.

~ May: 6-2-1 +4.65u ~ 75%
5/16: 1-0 +1u
5/14: 1-0 +1u
5/13: 1-0 +1u
5/12: 1-0 +2u
5/7: 1-0-1 +1u
5/3: 1-2 -1.35u

~ April: 13-4 +14.3u ~ 76%
4/25: 1-1 +.35u
4/24: 1-1 +1u
4/22: 4-0 +6u
4/21: 1-1 +.95u
4/17: 2-1 +.9u
4/13: 1-0 +2u
4/1: 3-0 +4u

~ March: 13-9-1 +8.7u ~ 59%
3/28: 1-0-1 +1u
3/27: 1-0 +2u
3/26: 3-1 +1.9u
3/25: 1-3 -.95u
3/23: 1-2 -1u
3/21: 4-1 +4.95u
3/20: 1-2 -1.2u
3/20: 1-0 +2u

~ Feb: 0-4-1 -6.5u ~ 0%

? 0-1-1 -1u
? 0-3 -5.5

~ January: 10-10-1 +3.74u ~ 50%
+ 1/13: 3-0 +6.3u
- 1/11: 1-1 -.1u
= 1/10: 0-0-1 +0.00
+ 1/8: 1-0 +5u
- 1/7: 2-3 -4.53u
- 1/6: 2-4 -0.785u
- 1/3: 0-1 -2.06u
- 1/1: 1-1 -.08u

~ December: 61-61-5 +3.95u ~ 50%
+ 12/31: 1-0 +3u
- 12/30: 1-1 -1.08u
- 12/29: 4-7-1 -7.85u
+ 12/28: 2-1 +3.34u
+ 12/27: 3-5-1 +7.36u
- 12/26: 3-4 -5.47u
+ 12/22: 3-2 +3.25
+ 12/21: 2-2 +1.69u
+ 12/20: 6-5 +6.83u
+ 12/19: 2-2 +2.57u
- 12/19: 0-1 -3.6u
- 12/17: 0-1 -5.55u
- 12/15: 3-6 -17.8u
- 12/14: 4-7 -6.78u
+ 12/13: 11-0-3 +15.67u
+ 12/12: 2-2 +.69u
+ 12/11: 3-2 +3.94u
+ 12/10: 1-1 +.52u
+ 12/9: 1-0 +15u
- 12/8: 5-11 -22.21u
+ 12/7: 2-1 +8.05u
+ 12/6: 1-1 +.38u
= 12/4: 1-1 +0.00
+ 12/3: 1-1 +.02u
+ 12/1: 1-0 +2u

~ November: 53-59-3 +21u ~ 47%
- 11/29: 2-2 -.2u
+ 11/28: 2-1 +.95u
+ 11/27: 2-1 +.9u
+ 11/26: 2-0 +3u
+ 11/24: 2-1-1 +1.8u
- 11/22: 1-3 -5.47u
+ 11/21: 5-1 +5.03u
+ 11/20: 1-1 +3.533u
+ 11/19: 1-0 +1u
- 11/17: 1-4-1 -2.38u
- 11/16: 2-3 -2.02u
+ 11/15: 3-1 +24.6u
- 11/14: 1-8 -18.03u
+ 11/13: 3-1 +4.93u
+ 11/12: 4-6-1 +.61u
- 11/11: 2-6 -6.208u
+ 11/10: 11-2 +16.779u
- 11/9: 0-7 -8.48u
+ 11/8: 6-7 +.99u
- <11/8: 2-4 -.32u

*** System plays are over for the year. After running the numbers a little bit longer into the past I believe this type of system is only profitable early in the season. After a few months of play have gone by this system dramatically drops off and will not yield a profit since bookmakers get a better understanding of teams. I will not play this system any longer this year. It's an interesting theory and I will test it out again starting next season, but it's profitability this season has ended. ***


The system is basically selling points for positive vig and minimal profit on a large number of bets. Few games are within 2 pts of the spread and thus rarely will this system have negative profit losses. Due to the fact that the only profit available from this system is the postive vig on each bet, it will take many 50/50 splits to garner a decent profit. Thus, a greater number of bets will need to be made to recover 1 loss.
~ 20:1 W/L Ratio.
Which means there needs to be around 20 50/50 game splits before 1 game loss. Pushes only represent a 1u gross game loss whereas a full game loss will represent a 2u gross game loss. I believe the average gross game profit (+vig) will be .1u. Also this system cannot hit above 50% no matter what, so the final W/L percentage means nothing - only the profit.

System games played will be on a day to day basis with certain games being excluded.

I'm also interested if anyone has information about this type of system. Historically I believe this is profitable, but I have not research very far back.

~ Posted System YTD: 12-17-1 -3.36u~

+ System 12/13: 10-11-1 +.33u
- System 12/26: 2-6 -3.69u
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Here are my picks for today. I have a huge card because I have nothing to do but sit around and watchs hoops tonight.

Washington Wizards -4.5 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)
Washington Wizards -5 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Detroit Pistons +2 -111 (1.11u to win 1u)
Toronto Raptors -3 -106 (1.59u to win 1.5u)
Charlotte Bobcats +5.5 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)
Lakers/Blazers O195 -107 (1.07u to win 1u)
Knicks/Nugz U212 -113 (1.13u to win 1u)
Phoenix Suns +6.5 -107 (1.07u to win 1u)

Hoping for a huge day.


Detroit Pistons +.5 1stQ -104 (1.04u to win 1u)
Detroit Pistons -.5 1stH +122 (1u to win 1.22u)
Detroit Pistons +2 -107 (1.07u to win 1u)


Detroit Pistons vs Sac town 2ndH O92 -109 (3.27u to win 3u)
Dallas Mavericks vs Clips 2ndH U96 -104 (2.08 to win 2u)

11-8: 6-7 +.99u
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early bets for 11-9:

Phoenix Suns -4 -114 (1.14u to win 1u)
Suns/Mavs U214 -102 (1.02u to win 1u)
Chicago Bulls +160 (1u to win 1.6u)


Hornets +2 -115 (1.15u to win 1u)
Baby Bulls +4 -106 (2.12u to win 2u)
Bulls 1stH +2 -106 (1.06u to win 1u)
Bulls 1stQ +1 +101 (1u to win 1.01u)

Let's cash this thursday ticket!

lol, book cleaned house on me today, didn't win one bet!
11-9: 0-7 -8.48u
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Well yesterday didn't go as I thought it would. Bulls played bad. They just couldn't hit anything.

Here is what I'm on for Friday. I will add more most likely. Got early lines for a few.

Hawks/Raptors O200 -111 (1.1u to win 1u)
Raptors -5 -103 (1.03 to win 1u)
Knicks +10.5 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)
Nugz +3 -107 (1.07u to win 1u)
Nugz O207 -105 (2.1u to win 2u)
Hawks/Raptors O201 -106 (1.06u to win 1u)
Wizards/Bucks O210 -105 (3.15u to win 3u)
Really like that over. Washington straight up runs the ball down the court every time they have it and Milwaukee will put up at least 95-100. I like my chances on this one. Liked the over in the Toronto game as soon as it was posted, added another unit on it later. Toronto will cover the 5 imo. and... Nugz need a win and that means running like crazy. I'll take them with the points and the over. I may play the ML a little later.

Lots of line movement is against me...

NO/Portland U186 -105 (4.2u to win 4u)
Nugz +1 1stQ -112 (3.36u to win 3u)
Magic +5.5 (1.1u to win 1u)
Heat +4.5 (1.1u to win 1u)
Pistons +5 (1.15u to win 1u)

Portland -2 2H (1u to win .909u)
let's cash this ticket and get back on the positive side!

Great day today, makes up for the 0-7 yesterday.
11/10: 11-2 +16.779u
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Here's what I'm on for Saturday:

Cavs/Celtics O195 -105 (3.15u to win 3u)
Hawks -3.5 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Bulls -5 -108 (2.16u to win 2u)
Knicks +13.5 -108 (1.02u to win 1u)
Hawks/Sonics U201 -102 (1.02u to win 1u)
Jazz/Bucks U196 -106 (1.06u to win 1u)
Magic/Timberwolves U187 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)

Another big card. I may look to trade/hedge a few if lines move enough. I will add more as more posters/info on games are collected.

adding hedge play on Chitown
Pacers +6 +115 (1.878u to win 2.16u)

well another bad day for me, was a bad idea to hedge out of chi, but I still ended up for that bet anyways. hope to get back on track tomorrow.

11/11: 2-6 -6.208u
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It's Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Here's what I'm on tonight.

I plan to eventually turn down my bets/night, but I love the action early in the season... forces me to watch more games and get a better grasp for teams.

NOH +1.5 1stQ -115 (1.15u to win 1u)
Nugz -1 1stQ +101 (1u to win 1.01u)
Grizz +9 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Parlay - Rockets +2.5 & O183 (1u to win 2.6u)
Nugz/Cats O51 1stQ (2.1u to win 2u)
NOH +5.5 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Nets/Wiz U201 -104 (1.04u to win 1u)
Raptors +7 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Mavs/Blazers O188 -113 (1.13u to win 1u)

Hoping for a 75% or better even though my focus is on NFL today.

Nugz 1stQ -1 -101 (4.04u to win 4u)

also adding
Rockets 2hd O46 -112 (1.12u to win 1u)
Grizz/Lakeshow 2h O93 -115 (3.45u to win 3u)

Overall a positive day for hoops.

11/12: 4-6-1 +.61u
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Start of a new week. Monday plays.

Cavs -5.5 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)
Supersonics/Nets -106 O195 (1.06u to win 1u)
Cavs/Knicks -107 O199 (1.07u to win 1u)

may put a play on Knicks 1stQ or 1stH .

Decided to go with...

Cavs/Knicks U48.5 1stQ -103 (4.12u to win 4u)

playing this one big because of both teams in the 1stQ. Knicks get around 20 or so every game and Cavs range from low teens to 30. I like my chances. I see a 22-24 score at the end of 1. We will see.

Decent day. Lost the Cleveland over by 1 point. Should have put something on Knicks 1stQ, but didn't get around to adding it.

11/13: 3-1 +4.93u
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Tuesday Grind.

A decent looking card right now. Was at work until midnight, so I didnt get a chance to jump on the early lines. =( I'm still disecting the card right now, but I'm jumping on these.

Raptors +6.5 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)
Raptors/Warriors O210 -128 (1.28u to win 1u) lots of vig on this one
Bulls/Mavs U190.5 -108 (2.16u to win 2u)

I will have a few more plays after I look more into the games. I will be playing the 1stQ Over in Miami/Denver. I'll also be adding a prop play on Miami to score first.

Raptors need a win and I believe they can play better than they have been. I'll take the pts and hope for a close game.

That's it for right now. Will wait to see who everyone else is on and will tail some plays later.


over50 -105 1stQ heat/nugz (1.05u to win 1u)
heat first to score -120 (2.4u to win 2u)
Nugz 1stQ ML +126 (1u to win 1.26u)
Clipshow -1 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)


Toronto +6 -105 (5.25u to win 5u)


Toronto +7 2h -115 (5u to win 4.348u)

raptors let me down.

11/14: 1-8 -18.03u
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Slaughtered yesterday. Still waiting for that big hit day.

Today I'm tailing you guys on the forum:

philly +4 -104 (10.4u to win 10u)
philly 1sth +2 -105 (10.5u to win 10u)
wiz -3 -108 (5.4u to win 5u)
boston +1.5 (10.6u to win 10u)

thats all.

nice to hit these bigs bets.

11/15: 3-1 +24.6u
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Thanks for the good words 3gamblers and BC. I needed a big night to get on the right track. Tailed you BC on boston as I thought they needed a win and also went with basically the whole forum (bar,killa,tru, etc) on phillycheesesteaks. Really apprieciate the information and insight from all the threads.

It's TNT thursday here where my money is going tonight.

chitown vs yaomcgradyshow o180 -112 (3.36u to win 3u)
Yao Ming o24 pts -126 (2.52u to win 2u)


bibby over 20 pts -150 (1.5u to win 1u)
sac/gs o50.5pt 1stQ -112 (1.12u to win 1u)


o105 2h sac/gs +126 (2u to win 2.52u)

should've had a better day, as I figured the 2H would be the same as the second, but took the wrong line, lesson learned.

11/16: 2-3 -2.02u
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Friday. 1 day til I gotta work the tOSU game. =\ I'm on early...

I'm liking the Twolves to keep it close against the Cavs. I just don't trust Cleveland to cover large spreads yet. They *had* a tendency to blow large leads in the 4th quarter last year and I believe this will be one of those. Until the Cavs can prove different, I will take the points.

Also liking the Mavs to cover the 6 points. Mavs have not had a real breakout game this year. This would be a great place to start as I think one of these next few games they will have a great game.

Twolves +7.5 -101 (1.01u to win 1u)
Twolves +8 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)
Mavs -5.5 -105 (2.1u to win 2u)

adding more later as well as normal tail plays.

tail plays...
blaze +7.5 -114 (1.14u to win 1u)
Rap/Lakeshow O207 -110 (3.3u to win 3u)
Bulls +8 -113 (1.13u to win 1u)

11/17: 1-4-1 -2.38u
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Well, didn't get a chance to post my plays yesterday, but hit with Detroit and the Nugz/Raps tail over. Also hit big on the tOSU ML
Anyways, it's nfl day tomorrow, but I will also be playing an NBA game.

I'll take

Spurs -2.5 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)

Kings are bad. Spurs are the better team. Even though the line looks shady, I'll give 3 pts in this one.

winner winner chicken dinner

11/19: 1-0 +1u
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Thanks for the good words Steed.

Start of a new leaf(week). Monday Play(s).

By means of BC, BAR, and my own guesstimation I bring you...

Raptors/JazzyJazz u212.5 +101 (5u to win 5.05u)

as well as a fun parlay

mavsML & rap/jazu213 & netsML & suns-2.5 & GiantsML (nfl) risking (1.517u to win 48.384u)

well I almost hit that parlay. 3 out of 5. would have been over my 50u goal for the season. oh well, hind sight is always 20/20 and nfl football is my cryptonite for some reason this year. figured most of these were solid but had some extra from the weekend to throw in a parlay and decided to roll that way instead of straight bets... overall a positive day. Thanks again to all the great cappers on the site who have really helped me out this season as well as last.

i'm right on track for my goal.

11/20: 1-1 +3.533u
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Tuesday grind. Quick post today.

griz +9.5 -101 (1.01u to win 1u)
griz +10 -106 (1.06u to win 1u)
pacers/bucks u198 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)

same reasoning on the cavs. don't think their play merits this big of a spread and pacers are an under machine. GL

after the I heard the AI news on the radio while I was driving around I decided to add (looks solid with philly uber depleted.)

Pistons -3.5 -108 (2.16u to win 2u)

and also a tail play or two on:

Lakeshow +1 +103 (1u to win 1.03u)
wiz +4.5 -101 (1.01u to win 1u)

decent day. detroit dominated an injured philly team. cavs faded in the 4th being outscored 17-28 just like all of last year. indy is still an under machine and the lakeshow won @ home.

11/21: 5-1 +5.03u
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Early line on this one for tomorrow I'm taking

Knicks/Wolves u193 -106 (2.12u to win 2u)

Wolves average around 90 pts a game and the knicks don't run all that much, so why is this line at 194? Minn is favored and would benefit from a home win. I see this game being a 95-89 type of game. I dont see either of these teams breaking 100 (although knicks could get into the mid90s) and only if the game is close will they both have 95+ imo. Minn's offense has been really bad the last few games as well...

Will post more plays later. Just wanted to post this one early.

looks like the line is moving against me in that under.
adding the "forum play" and also some on the wiz to keep it close

nets -3 -110 (3.3u to win 3u)
wiz +7 -104 (1.04u to win 1u)

parlay adding...

cavs/raps o200 & pacers +7 (1.05u to win 2.549u)

tough day. Nets lost it in the 2nd half after leading by 10+ after the 1st. and Minn's offense decided to show up today losing that under by 3 pts.

11/22: 1-3 -5.47u
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quick post.

suns -6 +101 (1u to win 1.01u)
sun -3 1h (1.01u to win 1u)
celveland u185 +100 (2u to win 2u)
chicag\o ML -120 (1.2u to win 1u)

11/24: 2-1-1 +1.8u
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suns ML -248 (4.96u to win 2u)
suns -6 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)

Portland has not beat anyone better than PHO yet this year. PHO is a much better team compared to Portland. It's like comparing apples to oranges. Pho is one of the best if not the best in the NBA. Portland is one of the worst if not the worst in the NBA. I don't see the Suns losing this one and I'll lay the 6 points. I see a 8-12pt suns victory.


solid night, actually played 2h Lakeshow o98.5 -118 for 4 units as well but didnt get around to posting.

11/26: 2-0 +3u
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Start of a new week. Monday plays.

Magik +5.5 -109 (1.09u to win 1u)
Spurs -3 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)

Will most likely play more but these are my early leans.
REasons? Magic can keep it close. They have a very talented team and Utah is playing over their head IMO. I think this one could go either way, and I feel I'm getting a deal with the points. I was thinking more along the lines of 3 or so.
Spurs on a B2B? Yes - on a B2B and I'll take it. In my opinion Spurs are looking absolutely great right now. The 3 points isn't too much and I would have rather seen a smaller line but I'll lay them and feel confident that Spurs get this win. GS is a troubled team. I'll take the Spurs anytime against a mediocre team even on an away B2B game.


Miami heat -3 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)

another positive day. that makes 6 out of the last 7. Magic game went as I thought it was. Very close. Heat rolled at home and Spurs continue their B2B woes.

11/27: 2-1 +.9u
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It's tuesday and Holy shit. What is up with this card?

7 out of 9 games have a spread 7pts or greater all home favs.

I feel like I should just play all the dogs on the entire card. Homecourt is getting some serious love from the oddsmakers tomorrow... but laying 7 or more on many of those games just seems crazy to me.

I'm jumping on 3 early tonight and may add a few more tomorrow.

Clipshow +7 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Pacers -2 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)
Bucks +7.5 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)


Clippers have a good team and Sactown looks horrible this year in my opinion. How long can Kevin Martin carry this team?... not very far. Clippers cover this one with ease.

Rebound spot for Indy. Blazers have been solid so far this year but Indy has more talent. I could see this one going either way and I have been looking at the possibility of playing the Blaze as dogs @ home this year, but I still believe they are the same old lazy dog (last year).

Bucks can score points. Lakers do not have a defense. Should be interesting and I'll take 7.5. I see Lakeshow winning by 6.

GL and comments/thoughts are always, always, always welcome.

Well a decent day. Indy covered with ease. Bucks won SU. and Clippers laid an egg in the 4thQ being outscored 13 to 23. I even predicted the end of KM's fading.

I should have went with my original assessment of the card. Quite a few of the road dogs won SU and covered 6 out of 9. should've played them all for a unit...

11/28: 2-1 +.95u
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I'm looking forward to cashing my NCAA tOSU ticket, but I'm also on a few for the NBA

Raptors +10 -107 (1.07u to win 1u)

its about time Dallas looses another game. Toronto can keep this one close. I see a 7 or 8 pt Dallas win. Take a look at their miserable 2H against the Twolves (yesterday?). Toronto is just as good IMO.

Magik +2.5 -113 (1.13u to win 1u)

actually a little worried about this one as the more I look into the game the more I see the sonics putting up a huge number. but I played it early and will stick with my first gut feeling on this one - Basically taking the better team here IMO.

Magik/Sonics o195 -113 (1.13u to win 1u)

jumped on this one early, but should have waited as the line has moved slightly against me since last night. I see this being a high 90s type of game with some last minute free throws pushing this over the limit. Both teams can hit from the line and I believe this will be a very close game. A few free pts at the end will solidify this one.

Suns -6.5 -110 (1.1u to win 1u)

I love the Suns here at home vs a Rockets team that cannot keep up with PHO's style of offense. Rockets rely on Yao and a half court offense to slow the tempo down and get quality shots. Of course everyone knows this... I believe that the quality shots will be there but what happens when Yao misses a turn around jumper and Stoudemire is waiting on the other side of the court for the ball? = lots of fast break baskets and dunks inside against a slow houston team. This is my favorite play on the card.

May put a small play on Cleveland -3 1stQ too

GL everyone, should be a great night. Lots of vig for me today, but hopefully I come out on top.

11/29: 2-2 -.2u
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thanks scourge.

quick post for today.

portland -.05 pts 2H +100 (2u to win 2u)

site has been down for me the last few days, so have not been able to post my plays.

favs have covered 5 out of 6 games earlier. Portland should attempt a cover in the 2H at home.

12/1: 1-0 +2u
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Long day working. Had absolutely no time to cap games. Didn't get back in time to play any of the early ones. But the lucky NBA gods are still offering me something to chill on. This something is Orlando.

Magik +2 +102 (1u to win 1.02u)

simple fact is I haven't cap shit for this game. But... Orlando is hot and Clipshow is cold so I'll ride this train.


magik/clipshow u94 2H +102 (1u to win 1.02u)

game slowed down. Hit my 2nd. Positive day #9 out of the last 11

12/3: 1-1 +.02u
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New Monday of a New Week of a New Month of an Old Year's picks.

first I'm jumping on the

SPPPPPurs / GS u202.5 +102 (1u to win 1.02u)

I'd take this at >200. So I will take it at 202.5. Spurs will play some D and shut warriors running game down.

Knickerbockers -2 EvensStevens (1u to win 1u)

A home game that they can actually win?!?
That's exactly what this is and that's exactly what will happen.

well knicks played well. spurs played defense, but decided to throw up 119? crazyness. and wiz played better than I expected, hind sight I should have tailed the forum on that one.
overall broke even. In financial analysis we call this a positive, so I'll refer to it as that.

12/4: 1-1 +0.00
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Quick post. Gotta go work.

following the forum on the wizards.

76ers +8.5 +104 (1u to win 1.04u)

parlay: Cavs ML -405 / Wizards +1 -110 (1u to win 1.38u)

Let's cash this Wednesday ticket.

note to self: Philly is horrible. Cavs still cannot cover large spreads.

positive day.

12/6: 1-1 +.38u
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Posting on free wireless.

PLayed Sun -1 1q 2u and o52 2u but didnt post in time.

Taking Pistons +6.5 +105 (5u to win 5.25)

may play something later as well.

Nets -.5 2H -105 (5.25u to win 5u)

kings -4.5 -110 (2.2u to win 2u)

Uped the ticket today and profited on both big bets. Felt like I was stuck at low 20s for way too long. Sweaked out a win from that Nets game by taking the 2H ticket. Also hit on the Suns game although didnt post in time.

12/7: 2-1 +8.05u
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12/8 Friday. Judgement day. The last day of the week before the weekend and I have the day off.

and what do we have here? a decent card with lots of value? exactly.

I'm playing this 1 early...

LA Clipshow +8 -101 (2.02u to win 2u)

some thoughts...
LAC are 0-8 ATS in their last 8 road games, LAc is 6-12 ATS this season

but basically...
I just like how the Clipshow matchup with the Spurs. I see Brand dealing some serious smackdown in the middle over Duncan. 8pts is alot in this type of game which should be relatively low scoring.

possibly more games later.

adding a few more plays...

Jazzy Jazz per BAR -106 (1.06u to win 1u)
Raptors +8 +107 (1u to win 1.07u)

Reasoning and thoughts. Jazz do look good here. I almost jumped on them last night. Twolves are not a good team and the Jazz can pull off the upset in Minny. Also Raptors have their swagger back and have been playing very well the last 6 games or so. Even though the Bulls are hot, they are a streaky team and with their jump shooting, anything can happen. I'll take the 8pts and hope it's a close one.

deciding to go all out on tonight's card.

locked in so far

Wizards -1 -107 1H (5.35u to win 5u)
Wizards -.5 -105 1Q (1.05u to win 1u)

Alonzo Morning under 6 rebounds +150 (1u to win 1.5u)
Haslem under 12 points +144 (1u to win 1.44u)

Parlay: Lakers ML -390 / Nugz ML -420 (2u to win 1.11u)
Blazers/Pacers Under 186 -102 (1.02u to win 1u)

Still a huge card and I'm adding some more action.

Judgement Friday Indeed...

Boston/Suns U220.5 +100 (2u to win 2u)


2H celtics/suns U111.5 +100 (5u to win 5u)

0-7 so far... down 17u!!!
So trying to get some back on the later games.

Nugz 1stQ -2.5 -125 (6.25u to win 5u)

lakers/hawks 1stQ o48 -120 (6u to win 5u)

Wade u29.5pts +111 (1u to win 1.11u)

sonics/NOH o92 +100 (10u to win 10u) Make or break play.
Heat 2H -.5 -101 (5.05u to win 5u)

Slaughtered today. Played way too many games. Hope to get back on track tomorrow.

12/8: 5-11 -22.21u
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1 Big Play.

Clipshow -1.5 -102 (15.3u to win 15u)

Better team than Memphis and are still looking for their first road win of the season. Schedule wise this would be a nice one to win and they already beat the Griz at home by 15 earlier in the season. I think Clippers get their first road victory tonight. Hopefully this will hit. My biggest bet of the season.

Glad I hit this one. Biggest win on the season for me and It was HUGE. Chased back majority of the debacle on Friday. Also hit with a 5u play on the Cavs team total over 99.5 -110? but didn't post it here. Overall a huge day for me. Not quite sure if it was the right way to go, but it worked out. Almost back on track.

12/9: 1-0 +15u
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football day, nba, here's what I have to say.

Seattle Supersonics 1st Q -1 -112 (4.48u to win 4u)

will win today.

Basically, GS off a tough win for Nelly's 1200 +PLUS Seattle is the better 1st Q team, esp at home. and... thats it. simple enough. should be a winner.

Sactown 2H -1.5 +100 (5u to win 5u)

not much to say. seattle looked good IMO.

12/10: 1-1 +.52u
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Monday Night. Then I have off 4 days in a row!!!

Tonight... I'm playing a few tails, some collection, and as always some of my own judgement.

Jazzy jazz -1 -106 (1.06u to win 1u)
o196 Jazzy Jazz -103 (1.03u to win 1u)
Magic/Suns u209 -100 (1u to win 1u)
Cavs/Hornets o179 +100 (4u to win 4u)
Cavs o92 -103 (1.03u to win 1u)


Decent day. Cavs should have easily covered that over, but layed a fat 16pts in the 4th.

12/11: 3-2 +3.94u
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Tuesday. The entire forum and 1/2 the world is on the Nugz. Although I have not fallen in love with this pick, I will shell out a couple units on it.

Nugz -4 -138 (4u to win 2.9u)
Nugz ML -266 (2.66u to win 1u)
Kingz/GS u214 -109 (2.18u to win 2u)
Nugz -4 1stH -103 (1.03u to win 1u)

May play some more later. GL Let's all win tonight!

+ 12/12: 2-2 +.69u
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Running a system spread theory today.

First bets not in the system...

Charlotte Bobcats +10.5 -108 (5.4u to win 5u)
Bulls/Sonics u201 -109 (2.18u to win 2u)
Suns -10 -106 (2.12u to win 2u)

System plays will all be for 1u to win 1.*u

nugz +2.5 +118
Wiz -4.5 +104
Pistons -5 +104
Pacers +3 +121
Celtics -3.5 +116
Philly +1.5 +109
Raptors +8 +120
Magic -10 +108
Bucks +6 +114
Nets -8 +116
Hawks +6 +121
Knicks -8 +110
Portland +5.5 +108
Grizzlies -7.5 +120
TWolves +8.5 +108
SAS -10.5 +117
Supersonics +8.5 +113
Bulls -10.5 +112
Lakers +7 +122
Mavs -9 +108
Jazz -4.5 +109
Clipshow +2.5 +112

The system is basically selling points for positive vig and minimal profit on a large number of bets. Few games are within 2 pts of the spread and thus rarely will this system loose bets. Although a greater number of bets will need to be made to recover that 1 loss ~ 20:1 W/L Ratio.

thats all.

from Al picks

knicks -7.5 +100 (.5 to win .5u)
Pacers +125 (.5u to win .625u)
Mavs -9 -101 (.505u to win .5u)
Pacers 1stH +0.5 +108 (.5u to win .54u)
Knicks 1stH -4 -101 (.505u to win .5u)
Mavs 1stH -5 -104 (.52u to win .5u)

Steve Nash o11 ASSISTS-129 (1.29u to win 1u)

adding some late over plays. 9 under and only 2 overs today. I'll ride with the books late.

lakeshow/mavs o97.5 2H -105 (3.15u to win 3u)
2h TT lakeshow o47.5 -104 (1.04u to win 1u)
2H TT mavs o50.5 -104 (1.04u to win 1u)

clipshow/jazz 2h o98 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)

Excellent day. Didnt loose 1 bet. System was profitable as well. Although the nationally televized games will now be excluded. System profit will be totaled seperately. 11 - 0 !!!!

+ 12/13: 11-0-3 +15.67u

+ System 12/13: 10-11-1 +.33u
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After going 11 - 0 yesterday it's time for TNT Thursday Night.
New Orleans city? On prime time TV? Will they cover? Yes, Yes, and... Yes.

First I'm throwing a couple units on some line movement and may look to trade these later if movement continues.

Houston/GSW o197.5 -109 (1.09u to win 1u)
GSW -4.5 -103 (1.03u to win 1u)

and Hornets are a go on TNT to cover the 7 pts...

New Orleans Hornets +7 -105 (3.15u to win 3u)

That's it. I will add more later, most likely some props and some 2H as usual. No system plays today as TNT thursdays are not included.
Cheers. Let's cash this ticket in and make it another profitable day...

additional plays are as follows...

BobCats +1.5 -105 (2.1u to win 2u)
BobCats -101 1stQ (1.01u to win 1u)
New Orleans +2 1stQ -108 (1.08u to win 1u)
GSW -1 1stQ -107 (1.07u to win 1u)
BobCats 1stH +107 (1u to win 1.07u)
New Orleans +4.5 1stH -111 (1.11u to win 1u)
GSW -2.5 -102 (1.02u to win 1u)

plus a few prop plays to follow...

2h gsw -2 -115 (3.45u to win 3u)

OK day. Not a positive one though. GS let me down on the cover.

12/14: 4-7 -6.78u
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Friday. System plays should be played but I don't have the time to record them tonight.

Clipshow -2.5 +100 (6u to win 6u)
Nugz -4 +105 (10u to win 10.5u)
Nugz -3.5 -103 (2.06u to win 2u)
Jazzy Jazz -7.5 -105 (1.05u to win 1u)

Big money tonight. Matched plays with BAR and couple others. GL Let's cash this ticket today.

2h Cavs u95.5 -113 (11.3u to win 10u)

Clipshow -3 -108 (5.4u to win 5u)

also adding on the late games...

Kobe/Yao show o93.5 1stH -113 (5.65u to win 5u)
Rockets 1stQ +136 (1u to win 1.36u)
Rockets +2.5 1stH -110 (1.1u to win 1u)

12/15: 3-6 -17.8u
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will update record later.

taking u214 lakeshow -110 (5.55u to win 5u)

I'm ice cold. Ice Ice Ice COLD. bad couple days for me.

12/17: 0-1 -5.55u
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Monday Night.
3 unit play.

Dallas/Kings 2H u96 -120 (3.6u to win 3u)

Let's cash this late game ticket.

12/19: 0-1 -3.6u
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Been getting slaughtered in NBA this week. Just can't pick a winner no matter how good the play looks. Trying to get alot back tonight on NCAA. Also have some NBA plays as well...
Let's get back on track with the Lakeshow/Bully Bullz game

bulls/laker u202.5 -102 (2.04u to win 2u)
suns/raptors o216 -105 (2.1u to win 2u)
1stQ bulls -1.5 -121 (2.42u to win 2u)
lakeshow TT u100 -114 (5.7u to win 5u)

I believe the rested Chicago team plays some defense tonight and holds lakers down.

12/19: 2-2 +2.57u
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Big card today.

Taking quite a few picks. Fading cleveland bigtime.

Jazz -6.5 +102 (2u to win 2.04u)
GSW +1.5 -101 (2.02u to win 2u)
NYK -4 +100 (1u to win 1u)
Bucks -3 +101 (2u to win 2.02u)
Spurs/Grizz u185.5 -109 (1.09u to win 1u)
Jason Kidd u12.5 pts -108 (5.4u to win 5u)
Nets -.5 -102 1stQ (2.04u to win 2u)
Nets ML 1stH -105 (2.1u to win 2u)
Nets -1.5 +100 (2u to win 2u)

Hope to have another positive day. Cheers.

adding 2 late plays.

sonics +7 +107 (2u to win 2.14u)
Raptors +8.5 +100 (2u to win 2u)

12/20: 6-5 +6.83u
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I will be playing more as the night progresses.

Right now i'm taking a parlay on the cavs game.

Basically.... did anyone see LJ last game? I have rarely seen him that determined to win... He was insane yesterday. I hope he continues his effort tonight.

Cavs 1stH -2 / 1stH u92 (1.5u to win 4.23u)
cavs -2.5 @h -107 (2.14u to win 2u)
GilbertArenas o5.5Assists -151 (2u to win 1.33u)
Sac/Wiz o106 -105 (4.2u to win 4u)

12/21: 2-2 +1.69u
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FryDay? Yes sir.

Getting these in right before gametime.

Magik -4 -101 (2.02u to win 2u)
Bobcats +6.5 -102 (1.04u to win 1u)
Rockets +8 -103 (1.545u to win 1.5u)
Pacers -3 -110 (4.4u to win 4u)

I'll be playing the suns later as well per BAR tail just waiting for a little better vig. LEt's cash this ticket!
Decent Day so far. Hit big on Indy over a struggling team.
Want to throw some change on the FullGame for the Suns, but will play a 1stQ line and then maybe a 2H one.

Suns 1stQ -3.5!!!! -123 (1.23u to win 1u)

Decent day. Suns was a bad idea. GA is just too good right now to fade the Wiz. He's a man on a mission.

12/22: 3-2 +3.25
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December 26th. I had a great Christmas with my family. Got some good food to eat and had a chance to hang out with my brothers and Dad. It was a very nice holiday.

Today I'm going with a couple good road teams and also a couple home favs. I'm also looking for AI to have another good game and really showcase his worth infront of a depleted Boston team.

I really really really like the Chitown/Minny under. I am tempted to put even more on this one, but I'm going with a large play on it anyways. I don't see both teams hitting 90. I except a 89-93 type of game. I'm also playing a couple system plays as well. I will post those in a couple minutes after I get my normal plays posted.

Nets +7 -104 (1.04u to win 1u)
Bulls pk -107 (1.07u to win 1u)
Bulls/Twolves u190 -102 (5.1u to win 5u)
Clippers +7.5 -109 (1.09u to win 1u)
Nugz -5.5 -113 (1.13u to win 1u)

Wiz/Suns/Nugz/Warriors risking (1.5u to win 2.79u)

System plays (all 1u):
Rockets +3.5 +107
Pacers -5.5 +116
Bucks +8.5 +113
Spurs -10.5 +112
BobCats +12 +115
Mavs -14 +108
Blazers +11.5 +105
Suns -13.5 +118

late 2H over to try to salvage a positive day.

GS/76ers o103 2H +104 (3u to win 3.12u)

didn't go so well today.

12/26: 3-4 -5.47u

System 12/26: 2-6 -3.69u
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System didn't work out well yesterday. Lots of close games and I managed to pick the 2 closest! :( Anyways, the bulls over sneaked by, and I stand by my capping as I believe that should have went under 190 on most nights... GS chase was a bad idea and I paid 3 units for it.

Tomorrow I'm taking my boys vs the Hawks. I watched the game at cleveland earlier this year and the Hawks got damn lucky in that one. Last meeting in ATL cavs rolled by 11 with the same line (-3.5). I believe they repeat this. I hope Cavs come out with a little revenge factor and well rested. Also the fact that they have lost a couple in a row will motivate them to grab this one against a slumping team. Bigtime play here. 1/2 my profit for the last 2 months.

Cavs -4 -106 (10.6u to win 10u)


Heat Revenge +6 -108 (2.16u to win 2u)

adding from BAR and others

over 13.5 quarter +173 (1u to win 1.73u)
Bobcats +5 -103 (2.06u to win 2u)
Twolves/Raptors o190 +103 (1u to win 1.03u)
Grizz -2 -101 (1.01u to win 1u)
Over 14.5 pts Heinrich -101 (2.02u to win 2u)
Magik -2 -108 (1.08u to win 1u)

adding a late 2H for the day waiting on clippers 2H line to be out.

2H Clipshow/Celtics u94.5 -102 (3.57u to win 3.5u)

Decent day, could have been a little better though. Tough luck on the Heat game and the Cats. Shit happens. Glad to cash in the big Cavs bet. Also glad to grab that under with the clipshow late as I saw value since boston was shooting horrible and clippers don't put up a ton in the 2H this year.

12/27: 3-5-1 +7.36u
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Taking it easy tonight. Playing a parlay and a couple totals.

Suns/Mavs o215.5 -101 (1.01u to win 1u)
Jazz/Spurs u192 -104 (3.12u to win 3u)
Parlay - Spurs/Nugz (2u to win 1.35u)

Hope everyone enjoys the night. GL with all your plays.

12/28: 2-1 +3.34u
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BOL gpcyan, especially w/1 particular total