I go......


give me Football, or give me Death
Kind of have a good feel on the games this week....but then again you never know.....anything can happen.....

MIA +13.5 o/Chi WIN

ATL -5.5 o/Det LOSE (changed original pick)

WASH +3 o/Dal WIN

TEX +13 o/Giants WIN

G.B. +3 o/Buf LOSE (changed pick)

RAMS -2.5 o/K.C. LOSE (changed pick)

CINN +3 o/Balto LOSE

TENN +9.5 o/Jacks LOSE (changed pick)

T.B.+1 o/N.O. LOSE

S.F. +5 o/Minn (changed pick) WIN

PITT -3 o/Den LOSE

CLEV.+12.5 o/S.D. (changed pick) WIN

N.E. -3 o/ Colts (changed pick) LOSE

OCK +7 o/Sea (changed pick) LOSE

5-9 BAD WEEK FOR ME!:down:

there you go guys..glta!:cheers:
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did you leave any games off the board? lol! j/ and it looks like you've discovered and faded the "traps" so you should hit above .500 on the 4 of them!
LOL thanks King.....I pick the whole card b/c I am not betting games this year. Just want to see how I do all the way around.....believe it or not I am doing really good .......I think it is b/c there is no money pressure going on.....last year & the year before I came out on the negitive side of the I decided to just have some fun......last wk 8.... I went 7-7... wk 7.... 9-3-1 & wk 6..... we'll see how this weeks all around picks go.......
isn't it funny how monopoly money is the easiest to win? or is it perhaps that we dont notice when we lose? regardless, enjoy the afternnon!
Iam alittle pissed off b/c there are 8 games that I changed from my original picks......

I did pick Det +5.5 (changed it)
Buff-3 "
K.C.+2.5 "
Jags -9.5 "
Minn -5 "
S.D.-12.5 "
Colts+3 "
Sea -5 "
I hope some of the ones I changed come in for me.....I kill myself when I do this shit......
Dosie Doe my ass..... :spank: I sure hope no one tailed me today.......oh well there is always the late games......
Right now I am kicking myself in it b/c of the changed picks.....I do this every once in awhile & I take a beating for doing it.....I need self control....LOL:hairout: doesn't matter to me if it is for money or not....I just want to do good on my picks.....I get pissed at myself when I go & change my orginal picks.....
Hey friend...

Last year you did the same shit.. Changing your mind on games. Thats a No-No !

Stay with your choices unless something significant happens or changes after youve made your choice.

G-man you are right......Hopefully next week I'll be sticking to my guns....