CTG Consensus - Friday Oct. 6th - Louisville/Middle Tenny discussion

What will win?

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From Da Ville

Good point Rex. A lot to look forward too. Although most are looking forward, there are 3 people that are definitely looking back and starting to get pissed. 1 is Hunter Cantwell. He has been getting his arsed raked over the coals on the call in shows and in the paper. WHAS had 2 talk shows that debated why Woodson is a better quarterback than Cantwell. 2 is Mario. He has lost his super in the crowd. He hasn't been getting his stats and is losing his #1 status on the receiver focus. 3. Petrino. He is freaking pissed over Kansas St. He expected to score 50's and didn't get close. He has dogged Hunter and his offense all week in Courier Journal. No way he loses #1 offense especially to a conference rival. And West Vagina is going to post some numbers this week.

Rod Council (Starting DB) and 2 other starters are back. Cantwell has to prove that he is capable of going to Sunday's on day 2. Mario has to get his Super back. Defense wants to score a TD, so does special teams. Now, for the spread, well hmmm..

Louisville scores 45-52. Why only this? Well MTSU defense isn't that bad, and don't think that the just because Brohm is on his way back, Cantwell finishes blowouts. Patrick Carter comes in late 4th quarter in blowout. Randall Cunningham type and will get some time draining runs. So... The age old debate... Keep your offense ranked or get your 3rd string ready for late season, just in case.

My best guestimate: MTSU crosses the 50 twice. Louisville DST gets their TD. Cantwell has 300 yds passing. Mario bust 100 yds in 3rd quarter. Defense might get safety. Louisville 52-9.

Go Cards!
the side play here is louisville or nothing. no way u can take the home doggie. petrino has never showed restraint against shitty opponents, and probably not much seperates mtsu and temple. mtsu lost by 59 @ oklahoma. ville can easily put up 50 pts here.
Brohm closer to throwing
Hopes to do so next week, return for Cincinnati game
By Brian Bennett
The Courier-Journal

University of Louisville junior quarterback Brian Brohm had the cast removed from his injured right thumb yesterday, and the Cardinals hope that he will begin throwing a football again early next week.
Brohm, who tore the ulnar collateral ligament in his thumb during U of L's Sept. 16 victory over Miami, will not be available for Friday's game against Middle Tennessee State (3-2) in Nashville. But if things go well, he could be ready to play the following week when the No. 8 Cardinals (4-0) host Cincinnati.
"That's his goal," said Oscar Brohm, Brian's father.
Doctors replaced the cast yesterday with a small splint that allows him to move his wrist. He walked out of practice carrying a green foam ball that he's been squeezing and tossing around to build strength in his thumb.
Coach Bobby Petrino held out hope yesterday morning that Brohm would throw in the afternoon. But team doctors decided to take a more cautious approach.
Brohm will attempt to handle his first snaps from center next Tuesday, and the team will have a better idea then about his timetable. Petrino hopes that Brohm can appear in a game before the Nov. 2 showdown against No. 4 West Virginia
"I know he's antsy, and he's always beaten every timetable doctors have ever given him," Petrino said.
He added that Brohm would play "when the doctors say he can throw the football back to 100 percent. That's the key: when the doctors say it's stable and good to go and he's able to grip the ball and throw it the way he can."
In the meantime, Brohm has been doing a lot of running during practice, and Petrino said the team's strength and conditioning coaches are impressed with the way he's moving around on his surgically repaired right knee.
"Brian told me he ran one of his fastest 40 (-yard dash) times ever," Oscar Brohm said, "so the knee must be feeling pretty good."
Several other players are on the mend as well. Cornerback Rod Council, who broke his left ankle, is expected to return against Middle Tennessee State. Defensive end Jonathan Holston, who hasn't played since breaking his right fibula in fall practice, also could play, although Petrino said he didn't know if Holston would be 100 percent. Defensive tackle Adrian Grady, who broke his right fibula in the opener against Kentucky, is practicing but will more likely return against Cincinnati, Petrino said.
Last week's off week gave the injured players a chance to heal and gave the coaches a chance to go back over the basics. Petrino and his assistants spent most of their time re-teaching fundamentals and techniques to get the players re-focused for the rest of the season.
"What we basically talked about was going back to camp," he said.
The Cards also strived to improve their tempo, which Petrino thought was lacking during their 24-6 victory at Kansas State on Sept. 23. The players took too long to get in and out of the huddle and spent too much time at the line of scrimmage waiting on quarterback Hunter Cantwell's calls, Petrino said. That contributed to U of L's lowest point total of the season.
The offense will look for a better showing against Middle Tennessee State, which ranks 11th in NCAA Division I-A in total defense and second in tackles for loss.
Kickoff time for the Oct. 14 homecoming game against Cincinnati has been set for 3:30 p.m. The contest will be televised live on ESPNU
Take the overs. Their fixing to run it up.

I teased Louisville early, probably going to re think it and take the individual spread also.
I agree with everyone above. Its Louie or nothing..I have Louisville -18.5 1st half, thinking about adding the whole game on after reading this article. They are good for about 45+ this game.
Look for Brohm 1 quarter of Cincy game. Probably 1st. And then shut down. He will throw at least one TD and then call it quits. So if it takes him 30 sec into 2nd, then count on it.

Over Friday worries me a little. Just because I don't know MTSU offense well enough to know if they will score. I do know UL will score fast and furious and think the first half over is golden. Third stringers coming in late for Petrino's patented method of prepardness in 4th quarter tends me to shy away from whole game. Remember when Brohm was frosh, Lefors was most accurate passer in country and was a sleeper in Heisman, but he didn't play 4th quarters. So, look for Patrick Carter to get some reps. Also, not sure about them trying to work a couple new faces on both OL/DL late.

They want to gain enough offense to stay highly ranked and then bring in the scrubs (if there are any). Then look for them to beat Cincy by as many as time will allow. This will be the game they show everything they can do so West Vagina has to prepare for everything and eventually not prepare for anything.

GL to all. Cards by 43 either way.
under...petrino will run it up at home but not on the road

2-3 O/U last year
(one over was WVU 3 ot)
2-2 O/U this year (overs v Temple and Kentucky)

MTSU can play some D
Jumping on Lousiville at -30.0

Louisville should be able to run the ball at will and although the Blue Raiders have a decent defense they will not put up many points on the Cardinals. Against similiar competition MTSU losted 0-59 at Oklahoma.

Louisville 42