Y26's Week #3 of CFB


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Running behind on things this week. I started making plays Sunday nite, and just added another today...so it's about time i finally get them posted. Some lines have moved in my favor, some have remained about the same, and unfortunately some line movements have really gone against me. But it is what it is...

Went 10-9-1 in week #1, a couple units and change to the good. Narrowed the selections down for week #2 and went 6-2, up 6 units and change that week. Totals...

CFB YTD: 16-11-1, +8.24 units
Parlays: 1-1, +.327 of a unit
Teasers: 0-1, -.5 of a unit

Gonna list all my plays so far...then, for simplicity's sake, come back in and discuss most of them further.

Saturday 9/16

LSU +3 over Auburn (+105) for 1 unit

Texas Tech -3 over TCU (+109) for 1 unit

Marshall +9.5 over Kansas St (+101) for 1 unit

Pittsburgh -3 over Michigan St (+102) for 1 unit

Florida -3.5 over Tennessee (+105) for 1 unit

Miami +3.5 over Louisville (+101) for 1 unit

Arizona St -11 over Colorado (+100) for 1 unit

Clemson +4 over Florida St (+100) for 1 unit

Nevada -2.5 over Colorado St (+101) for 1 unit

Michigan +5.5 over Notre Dame (+100) for 1 unit

Friday 9/15

Toledo -4.5 over Kansas (+103) for 1 unit

Thursday 9/14

Maryland +16 over West Virginia (+101) for 1 unit

More to come, most likely...because i'm still going over totals, especially Pac-10 totals. But i'll follow up w/ some reasonings, etc., shortly.

Though i am gonna try to resist the teaser this week...as well as try to avoid playing too many more games, so it doesn't end up looking like the first week's card.

BOL this weekend. Let's kick it off tomorrow.:cheers:
BTW...the thur nite game is mostly a tail of timh, horn, and ckr...of what they've played, or what i'm assuming they'll be playing.

I was thinking along similar lines, with this rivalry game. And that West Virginia seems to be a bit over-rated TY, imo.
But reading the thoughts of these three pushed it over the top for me personally. Just too many points...though i wish i woulda got the 17.5 pts instead.
Anyways, last year WV won by 12...in '04 they won by 3. And although there is a discrepancy in overall talent...it is a rivalry game, which tends to favor a dog like this...especially in terms of motivation, etc.
That said, Maryland will keep this game w/in 2 TDs.

See the thoughts of Timh, SHSUHorn, and CKR for something more in depth on this thursday night game.
with you on a bunch of these buddy! really leaning towards Maryland too, i dont think coach ralphie lets his boys get embarassed here
Thx, Charlie. I think you're right.:shake:

And thx, Pags. That Nevada play is a total tail of you.
Thx for that, and thx for note.:shake:

Whenever i get to writing some notes on that game, i'll definitely point everyone to your thread.
Yanks, I'm on a lot of those as well. I also have West Virginia at -13.5 and I'm thinking of taking Maryland at +18 for -122 and trying to middle this game. I'm still watching the line to see what will happen.

Good luck with your plays!
couple additions for saturday

Oklahoma/Oregon over 51 (+100) for 1 unit

Nebraska/USC over 56 (-105) for 1 unit

USC will own the 4th Q. Still think they win by roughly 17...but it could be close early, and USC will pull away late w/ their adjustments.
In any case, can't see the losing team scoring less than 21 in this game.

Both these games...even though Oklahoma/Oregon will be dominated by the run...go over 60 pts this weekend.
GL this week yanks.

I like your overs, I am not a totals guy so I will be rooting for you!
the last 2 additions for saturday...

Hunt, thx buddy. i could use it. BOL to you this weekend.:shake:


Sooner...good win w/ West Virginia.
Let's cash a bunch of these today.:shake:

my final two...

Fresno St/Washington over 53 (-105) for 1 unit

UNLV/Hawaii over 59 (+112) for 1 unit

Think there'll be just enough lack of defense, combined with the back & forth scoring that we'll see in the Oregon/Oklahoma or USC/Nebraska games, that the Fresno/Wash game comes very close to 60 pts as well.

The late, late degenerate special is a total tail of Hawaiiguy. Well that, and i might as well have a play to finish out the day...with this too large of a card.

BOL today. Enjoy separation saturday.:cheers:
OK, it's goin' on 4AM...so here's the 2 pesos version of some...

LSU/Auburn should come down to a FG. Whether it's made or missed is the question.
Same goes for Miami/Louisville...cuz the Cane defense will keep it close.
The losses on the defensive side of the ball is what pushed me on the Gators.
Michigan St will hopefully be looking ahead to hosting ND next week.
Wanted to back out of the Clemson play, but hopefully daddy will let his boy keep it close and respectable.
Nevada was a straight tail of Pags. As was Michigan with BAR and Hunt.
Marshall may even take this baby SU.
And i already gave a peso on the 4 overs...the last of which tails Hawaiiguy.

BOL today. Hope we all have a great weekend.:shake:
That was anice win last night, Yanks.
Just let my poor Sox win one of these week-end games, will ya ??
Good luck today.
Share a few and lock horns on just Pitt-Mich St:shake:
GL yanks! with you on a bunch of them, and am most likely going to be adding a small play on marshall soon!!