Wow the nfl is crazy..



Pats -4.5... Driving up 4.. in fg range with a minute left, fumble on 3rd down, then the bears get it and turn it over on the next play, so the pats take a knee and win by 4.

Minny -7 Up 18 with 10 minutes left fumble on the 1 yard line and give up a 99 yard td return then let up another score with 39 seconds left.. Yet still hold onto win

Giants -3 up 21.. and give up 24 unanswered in the 4th quater..

What is goin on here ?? :drinking: :moose:
sorry bud.. i just made this thread to vent for other people. I quit betting the nfl . This year is so screwy.. I mean its unreal
Yeah, Cincy up 17-0 at the half, and then.... the Browns still lose by 30.

Cleveland can buck even the screwyist of weekends
oh your not kiddin. its freakin sick is what it is. theres no explanation. shits fixed. i MADE $ today and ill still be the 1st to says its fixed. GL beatin the system! :wacka wacka:
What a fucking joke! The NYG are fucking unreal! I will never bet on them again! Please, how long does it take before they fire that God Aweful coach of theirs! Un fucking real!

So many phoney pass interference calls in all the games. Its like Domestic violence. Just touch someone and there is a price to pay.

Its making BAD, BAD quarterbacks win games they could NEVER win without those calls.
No shit G-Man, that NE game was un real...SOOOO many bad calls in that one in particular.
I am absolutely devestated after the Giants loss. NYG -3 was my biggest bet of the year. Up 21-0 going into the fourth quarter, I was barely even paying attention. Then to lose...IN REGULATION?

I hope my god damn Skins pass them now...

Agree entirely HUNT, NFL blows. Ever since I started watching college football I really didn't enjoy NFl too much anymore...
What a game in Foxboro! Damn! I love the Pats, but I almost never bet on them. Feels better that way... I only flat bet anyway!