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Good for me on sitting out those first two games of the week. Leaned to fave Tues and dog last night... but numbers were close to mine and I wasn't interested in Fresno cause they ain't covered since last year.....

Last week eeked out another minor profit thanks to Eastern Mich and Tennessee. Big bets now 13-3 this year on Saturdays... And still only one losing week this year.

Been looking forward to this one since June. Louisville and WV both come in unblemished. The Cards haven't won the style points or are winning with the same pizazz as the Mounties but the 'Git R Dun' mentality of both coaches coming in has been nice.

Each team has had 12 days to prep for this one so I expect a lot of offensive things that neither team has seen from the other at this point. Rust would be the only thing keeping me off the 'OVER' here.

Most people back home seem to think the differences between the two teams are razor-thin. Even without Bush, I don't think so. (Rumor has it, by the way, that he is going to lead them out of the tunnel tonight. If that happens, the roof might blow off the Pizza Palace.)

Turnovers are my only concern with backing the Cards. It's going to be cold, with the wind chill below 30 at kickoff. That could adversely affect Brohm and his sore thumb. But if the running backs don't cough it up (they have been) then I think U of L is just flat better.

It will help playing at home, as that place gets really loud. The Cards have only lost one home game under Petrino, the Memphis game near the end of the 2003 season. That will be a major factor, I believe.

I don't forsee too much line movement here, even if Dr. Bob or Billy get involved - you won't have to lay more than a point or two with either side. Three seems impossible unless you buy. But there's no need to. This ain't falling anywhere near the number. It won't live to the hype because WV is up against it. They are playing a pissed-off opponent with revenge and it's in Louisville. That is enough there to get it done.

Prediction: Louisville 38, West Virginia 20
THe play: Cards PICK for a big bet

With ya here bro....big weekend down there and this has far taken the spotlight from Breeders Cup and the Basketball game..

Strange shit...

Pizzas for everyone.

same here, i think Lville wins with ball control passes, not the deep ball. As i said earlier in another thread, i also think weather will be a factor.
I agree your selection Rex, I believe it is about time the Big East got some credit as being a very solid conference, Big 10 and Sec get all the hype. Big 10 has 2 good teams Mich & Ohio St, SEC has maybe 3 Flor,LSU and Tenn the rest are ave at best. Big East sports Louis,WV,Rutgers,Pitt all of which are headed to good bowls. GL tonight and always Rex!
well, saw Louisville play a ton and was pretty unimpressed......only saw WVA play once so that was my wildcard......

guess i am tailing rex, gl to us.....
Thanks HG. Fondy said you sent me a message but never got it. You should have the e-mail, gimme a shout and let me know what's up.

Thanks Cash. Won't go as far as saying it's a great league but WV win in Atlanta last year goes a long way for quick credibility and those 4 at the top are all very good football teams...

Thanks fellas. GL to us all...
I guess the point I am trying to make is that the Big 10 is nothing special, after Mich and Ohio St no one scares me and who have they beat that make them so much better? Mich win over ND does not carry alot of value because ND has beaten very few if any good teams. No conference in the land is superior to the others(parady) Lets get the Cards home tonight Rex!!
Who did WV beat in a bowl last year oh yeah that powerhouse in Athens.
Man they have really been strong this year that is for sure.

Was LSU really as good as Miami made them look in the bowl last year?
These bowl results can be mired by motivation and other factors.

I would venture to say the SEC is a little overrated this year but if anything the Big 10 deserves its due this year. Wisconsin is not an average team by any means. IMO Wiscy, UM, and OSU beat all three of the teams you are drumming up. Your conference is getting all the credit this year that you can expect and realistically hope for in my opinion.
Ride it while you can and hope that the undefeated team gets in the big game. Outside of Jump and other OSU fans we will all be rooting for ya.
(Note to UM fans: That is of course if OSU gets lucky against UM)
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I cant even explain how great it was rushing the field tonight!!! That game was pretty much phenominal!!! GO CARDS!!!
Thanks fellas. Good win last night. WV had miles and miles of yards but in the end we got the points when we needed and ultimately got the cash.

Tonight's game is a little tougher but it is a revenge spot for the Flyboys and even though it's a short week and they lose time flying east, I can't see Army matching up with them for four quarters. Fisher's last chance to beat an academy this season and I think this is as good a spot as any for the AFA to use Carney and get started on a little winning streak to end the season.

The play: Air Force -5.5 for a small bet
like the force call Rex. I played it last night after the villes big win... When air force offense is on track they are solid..