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Sup y'all. Back for a little mid-week sweat again.

A quick rant: Why in the FUCK is the CSU/AFA game relegated to some shithole regional network not available to anyone outside the Rockies? This is borderline asinine. Why would VERSUS (OLN) NOT pick up this game if ESPN isn't in bed with the MWC anymore?

This used to be played on Thursday Night ESPN almost every freaking year. Now it gets relegated off the tube.

Before you read any further, guessing you guys know which game I'm playing tonight, lol...

Finished 2-0 in big bets Saturday, now 9-1 on Saturday big plays and it was another winning week last time around. Good work to everyone in here. Let's keep sharing info and CRUSHING....

To this week...

Can't go out and bet on Temple when I made the game 48 but I think this is a great spot for Temple and would not be surprised if they comfortably cover.

I like the 'dog' in Chestnut Hill tonight but not confident enough to get involved before the half.

Will be on the favorite tonight in Colorado Springs. Made it 8 and they are betting the other side. I realize that CSU has great rush defense, and every situational trend in the world is on Colly State but in my mind, Air Force is THAT MUCH better than the other team that they will be able to overcome not only all of those trends, but also the point spread.

The play: Air Force -6 for a small bet. I will bet another small bet if I can lay less than 6 later.

GL all!

Nice to hear you're on the flyboys, Rex. I was on the under but will prob. follow small on AF too. Great job so far and keep it up!
i'm with ya rex. i thought that this might be a let down sport for the flyboys after navy, but they've actually won and covered that spot the last 3 or 4 years. plus a big in-state revenge game.
My lean was to AF tonight as well but missed the good number. GL Rex!

Interesting just moved to 6.5 and Pinny moved first. That doesn't usually happen.
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Jumping on the FORCE....They played @ Tenny to a one point loss....And got beat by a pretty decent Navy team....Who has CS beat..??

MY THE FORCE BE WITH US:smiley_acbe:

Keep up the good work, friend!!
Spit the bit last night, and ended up betting OVER 20.5 even money at half of the BC game. So many squandered opportunities so I sucked it high and tit.

Gonna be over in the horses forum today with some Keeneland stuff. GL to any who choose to try to figure out the new bias with the polytrack, ugh...

A little perspective from each point of view for tonight, from the newspapers. The top Post-Gazette story is a good game preview...

Pitt: http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/pitt/

Central Florida: http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/pitt/

Good luck all!
CollegeKingRex said:
Spit the bit last night, and ended up betting OVER 20.5 even money at half of the BC game.

You too huh? What an awful game, nice conservative play calling in the red zone, BC :down: