Week of 9/16 Plays


Pretty much a regular
YTD: 19-16-1 (+2.0 units)

I forgot to post over here, but I did get my plays in for last night on hornfans. Swept the board last night with West Virginia -17 and over 49 for 1 unit a piece. I got a little lucky as Maryland had the chance at the backdoor cover. But, the public hammered the books last night and I'm glad I was on the "square" side. On to the tonight's game:

Toledo -4 - 8 units

Toledo is coming off of a rough start to the season as they are now 0-2 Straight Up. But, both of the first 2 games were on the road. Tonight, they play their first game of the season at the Glass Bowl. Here is a quote from the Toledo Blade about their home field advantage...

"We know we're 0-2," he said. "We're fighting for a victory. But 0-3? Hey, we're thinking about nothing except what we have to do to win."
UT has not lost two straight at the Glass Bowl during the 2000s, and that will be another thing on the minds of the Rockets while preparing for Friday's game.
Toledo, 34-2 at home since losing two in a row midway through the 1999 season, had a 17-game Glass Bowl winning streak snapped in the final home game of 2005. That was a 35-17 decision against Northern Illinois.
"We have great pride in the tradition of the program," said quarterback Clint Cochran. "But that's the past. The present is now and we need to win. That's all we're focused on."
That 63-14 loss at Kansas is also in the past, but the Rockets might have to focus on it for a while this week.

Kansas is terrible on the road since Mangino has been coach. They are 3-17 Straight Up on the road in the last 20 games. The short week also helps the home team as Kansas has to travel a day earlier than they normally would. Throw in the fact that the Rockets want revenge on the 63-14 beating they took 2 years ago and I believe that Toledo will have extra motivation for the victory.

Some issues that initially bothered me with taking Toledo was the way they played the last game against Western Michigan. The offensive line allowed 5 sacks and the offense turned the ball over 4 times. But, from reading some interviews from the players and coaches, I feel that the offensive line problems have been corrected this week in practice since Toledo's offensive lines have never had a sack problems in the past. If you want a good read on this, go here
The Link

The crowd in Toledo will be rocking and the players will be ready as it is their chance to knock off a Big 12 opponent on national TV. I think they get it done. Final score: Toledo 31 Kansas 17
BTW, Austin was rocking last weekend. My girl and I had an awesome time up until gametime. 6th street was intense with Buckeyes and Longhorn fans everywhere. We didn't have any problems with the Buckeyes as they were all courteous. But, if I was with a group of my drunk friends, it may have been different.

As I have read in a few posts here, the stadium had maybe 7K-10K Buckeyes. The Longhorn nation showed up, but the better team won that night. Congrats to the Buckeyes! This Longhorn hopes you win it all.

What was sick though...I won most of my bets leading up to the 6pm games. Then, things got very ugly with my Longhorns and my plays. I lost every game from 6pm on...Those are the breaks.
Here is the Saturday card:

BYU +7 - 2 units
Cinci +30 - 5 units
Akron -1 - 1 unit
San Diego St +14 - 1 unit
Pittsburgh -2' - 2 units
Oregon -4' - 3 units
Louisville -4 - 5 units
S Miss -2' - 3 units
Arizona St -11 - 2 units
Army +27' - 1 unit
Navy +1 - 2 units
Troy St +17 - 2 units
UL Monroe +25 - 1 unit

This is what is locked and loaded. If I have some time today, I'll try to write-up the bigger plays. Good luck everyone!!!
I'm thinking Navy may be one of the most overlooked game of this weekend. Everyone is so intent upon the great games we have this week, that they are taking their eyes off some of these "under the radar" games. I'll probably be on Navy as well.

I'm already on Toledo and feel confident about it. Good luck to us!
Looks real good Muletime. I'm also on Toledo for tonight. Congrats last night with the WV/Over wins as well. Looks like we have similiar looks on most of the card for Saturday as well.

I hadn't had a chance to look at Navy, but I'll definately take a look at that game now.
Last night was one of the luckiest covers I think I have ever had. I really feel bad for the Kansas backers as they had the correct side. But, I'ld rather be lucky than good anyday.

sooner...I think Navy is one the the most underrated games. I can't see Stanford stopping their running game.

SHSUHorn...Good luck on your plays as well.

Fondybadger...We got lucky last night. We had no business cashing. But, who cares!!!!

Huntdog...Oregon is one of my big plays today. I think we have a winner with them. Good luck!

Yanks...Good luck to you as well.

Sparky...Akron looks like a winner today. Go Zips!! Good luck!
GL Muletime - on a lot of the same with you today. How about your Horns today?
Tim...I'm staying away from them today. But, if I were to play it, I would lay the chaulk. I was thinking of going to the game, but there are way too many great games today/tonight.

BTW, what ever happened to gamblin_man?
Mule - Gamblin Man apparently ran into some pretty serious health problems from what I heard (heart) and didn't need the stress of gambling anymore while he was trying to get his health back together. A lot of the guys over there, Wire etc. were trying to find out about him, but he apparently just shut everything down and stopped communicating. Blood opens his bar over there and the first drink is always in honor of the Gamblin Man. Nice guy and a good capper, just hope he got his health squared away.
Tim...Thanks a lot for the info. I hope his health is better. I always enjoyed chatting with him. He was also a solid capper, but I understand that other issues are more important than gambling.