Week 9 Plays


18" Pythons
Texas-5 L
Nebraska-6 L

Buffalo+35.5 L
UCF+18.5 L
N.Ill+17.5 W
Tenn-3 W
Kent-7 L
Oklahomo+2 W
Marshall-6 W
USC 1H-6.5 L
Wisky 1H-12.5 L
Vandy/Duke o38 W

Underdog ***P.O.W***

Northwestern+35 W
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Sorry to clog up your thread Troy, but I'm too lazy right now to make my own, so figured I would just steal some space in yours. Here is my card for week 9 as it currently stands. All plays already locked in at Pinny. I will list all my confirmed juice so there is no discrepancy about lines or anything.

KENTUCKY PK 113 (posted line, no buy here)...line now at -1.5
MARSHALL -5.5 114 (posted line, no buy here)...line now at -6.5
BGSU -19.5 115 (bought .5 to get under 20)
KU ML 117 (thought this was stronger than the -2, I know I am a wuss)
NW +35 110 (posted line, no buy here)...line now at +33.5
BUFFALO +35.5 +100 (always like getting positive juice on big lines!)
RUTGERS -16.5 120 (bought 1 to get under 17)...line now at 19 so feeling pretty good about this one.

no problem i am honored like all againt on none looks like another 70% weekend more than liely hopefully better
That kentucky line got to -2.5.. i was gonna take miss st at +110 and make a few bucks but it went back down. I guess ill just stick with uk *sigh*
TroyStacks said:
i like marshall myself but damn they are horrible and they are favs

I think Memphis is worse. I've lost 2 games on the Tigers and am finally sold they plain SUCK. Marshall has revenge as well from a beat down LY. For me, may be more of a Memphis fade, but Marshall up to 7 seems solid to me.
another dog holy shit troy has been kidnapped and taken away officially he outnumbers favs right now will it continue?!?!?!?
all over Nebr. OSU has problems, and the BlackShirts will come in and have their way. Damn, should change the avitar. BYU, I'm on it.
I guess you got off the UK play? Nice how u got USC from under a TD, i should have waited.

g luck
troy i feel your pain..a pick on the 10? i thought for sure we would get the backdoor..
WTF is up with nebraska 24 or so unanswered after leading 16-0 def thought this was in the bag early. how could such a good team give that up do a shitty squad like the okies. god damn they blow donkey dick
Frustrating as all hell! I'm sitting here thinking NE and MIA were wins and now I'm gonna lose both of them!!!

they both blow donkey cock!