Week 9 NCAA Plays...


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Posted NCAA Record
Sides: 52-39 +20.36 units
Totals: 3-2 +2.91 units
Teasers: 8-11 +21.80 units
Parlays: 0-0

Props: 1-0 +1.00 units

Good week last week and hope to continue into today…FYI: for anyone betting game in the Upper Midwest, nasty ass conditions today…the wind is blowing at least 25 MPH at my house at 7am this morning…


Wash -1 (-105)..2 units…2.10/2.00.…after starting their season 4-1, U DUB now find themselves at 4-4 following three straight losses….They desperately need to win this game to become Bowl eligibility….If they lose, they would probably have to win their last three games against Oregon, Washington State and Stanford…ASU’s road record under current the current skipper is atrocious….I’ll lay the small home fave here.

Kent -6 (-105)….2 units…2.10/2.00.…I honestly have been on the donkey end of the Bobcats in 3-4 contests this year, but I’m going to the well again…I’ve overvalued them in spots and undervalued them as well…this line is low…Kent is the cream of the MAC crop this year….all signs point Kent here….the Golden Flashes have won and covered every MAC game thus far….they’re off a bye and OU is playing their 9 straight game overall w/a trip to a Big Ten school littered in two weeks back…Kent got beat by 3 last year and have regenge on their minds…they have the better passing game by far, equal running attack, and the better defense…Kent has also covered three straight in the series…KSU has a one game lead on Ohio, so this game is virtually for the MAC East Crown today….

UCLA -1 (-105)…1 unit….1.05/1.00...I damn near pulled the trigger at +2 here on Tues when I locked in UVA and IU, but decided to wait…wish I wouldn’t have…I’m only playing 1 unit on this one as the more I’ve looked into Wazzou, they are a good football team…the quietly sit at 25 in the BCS standings and throttled Oregon last week and damn near pulled off a V vs. SC in Pullman over a month back…I see this as a bad matchup for them though…they meet the one PaC 10 team that does it the same way they do, with defense…this will be a game whomever reaches 20 first wins IMO…the Bruins defense is vastly underrated and this is a big game in their season to continue toward a bowl game.

UVA +2 (-105)…1 unit…1.05/1.00.…since Groh made the QB change, this is a different football team…I think that GT game on Thurs night to open conf schedule really opened this teams eyes and made em grow up a bit…UVA started so many young players and lost a lot of 4 year starters, so even some of the Jr’s hadn’t played much…this is a team in transition and getting better…NCST is a lame duck bunch…Amito isn’t going to be their next year and this team had no business being favored on the road…the Pack are almost an auto fade in a fave scenario anyways…this team pretty much shit the bed vs. the Terps and it might be similar today…they have no continuity at the QB position w/ either guy…the one thing they have going for them is Brown, but they don’t use him effectively…

IU +7.5 (-110)….1 ½ units….1.65/1.50.…I’d like to lay much more here, but IU’s running game along w/ Thigpen’s injury won’t allow it…another team that the QB switch really might save their season..I watched this guy closely last week vs. tOSU, and he‘s the real deal..is there a better team in the world to fade than MSU?? We have a team that everyone gave up on, and alas, they make the biggest comeback in NCAA history in one and half quarters, no less, and all the sudden everyone’s back on the train….give me a fucking break…these teams are mirror opposites…MSU is talented, but has no heart, are poorly coached, and do the same shit every year…IU is another program on the rise, but have mediocre talent, a shitton of heart, and are playing for a coach who continues to show up for work w/ a brain tumor…hmm…IU has a good chance to be bowl eligible this year sitting at 4-4 right now…but, they have UM at home in two weeks, so this game is imperative for them really….MSU laying a TD road chalk again in the Big Ten amazes me…the NW line was a joke no matter how bad they are…so MSU makes that amazing comeback, still DOES NOT cover…and bam…they’re a TD or MORE road chalk AGAIN….thx for the Espn classic boys…..

Tenny -3 (-110)…..3 units…3.30/3.00.…well I can thank Dr Bob for the line, now just need to cover it….Tenny is one team I don’t so much mind laying small chalk on the road w/ and that’s because of their offense….we get a nice number here, for two reasons…one, is USC ‘s great effort vs. AU on the Thurs night where despite not touching the ball in the third quarter, they almost and maybe should have won the game…secondly, Tenny’s battle last week w/ Bammer which resulted in a FG margin victory at home…that game is a battle every year and the result shouldn’t be surprising, esp how Shula has been ATS on the road…this number here is curious though…I know SC has looked fairly good vs. UK and Vandy…but damn that number looks low, esp after the bottom fell out of it….here’s my question..what has SC or Tenny done to make this line where it is since that AU game?? Auburn was 14.5 in that game…we have AU’s loss to Arky…Tenny’s close win vs. Bammer…SC’s winning streak vs. the shit of the conf….that’s what I find…SC has looked much, much better w/ the mobile QB under center for sure…I just don’t see them scoring w/ Ainge and those receivers though….Spurrier has great numbers vs. Fulmer historically…but working for Tenny in this spot as well is the 16-15 upset loss at Rocky Top last year…Tenny has a lot of revenge to take care of this year off that disaster last year and I think this might the biggest one of all….the Vols have one six straight in Columbia to boot…

Mizzou -1 (-110)…..1 units….1.10/1.00.…I honestly don’t think the books have caught up to Mizzou yet…this team can play and that loss at College Station doesn’t change my opinion of that …they are balanced, have a good defense, and seem to be well coached….OU’s D is palying much better…but they’ve done nothing to show me they should cover this on the road, esp sans Peterson…so I nibbled for peanut here..

UK -2.5 (-105)…..1 unit….1.05/1.00.….straight tail here…don’t do it much, but will occasionally…I know Piss St is god awful and UK is on the rise but always fading injuries…a couple of the “CTG SEC Guru’s” endorse this play, some on the ship…


4 Team 7 Point Teaser.....1 unit...1.00/2.60

Tulsa -7
IU +14.5
Kent +1
NIU +24

ML Parlay...3 Team...3 units...3.00/2.28

Texas ML

Very good chance I’ll add plays thoughout the morning…Going to play a teaser or two and maybe a ML parlay…

GL today boys…

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BOL bud. I can't tell you how i wanted to take the Bruins tonight...but i couldn't. Not that i'd go against them either. Bottom line is they should win the game...they jsut never do against Wash St. But i'll be rooting for you, and them to cover.
Great work this year Jump. Not bad for an OSU homer...lol.

Prolly be on the other side of a few of these, but I'm a degenerate...GL.
THX John....agreed the series history doesn't look good...hope they change that..

U2 Nick....Thx Croc...u playin today?

GL on your card too timmy...

SMH...thx bro...been a steady year which is a good thing...tOSU homer?? Cmon...lol

Rexy.....if Solich's bunch takes it to Kent up there, I can't see em not taking the East...w/ Akron at home and Miami down on the road..

GL bro.
LOL, not playing any of these, Jump, so good luck!