Week 8 Plays


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lsu -30 vs fresno- got this one as soon as it opened on pinny. looking at first half as well

texas -6.5- im glad i didnt get it at -7, too bad i missed it at -6, still like it though.

i am also doing a few teasers, and mixing up the following plays...
lsu teased to -25, miami fl -12.5, texas -0.5, lsu/fresno over 43, texas/neb over 45, florida st +2.5
curious what the fukk you do to get yourself banned over at covers? good luck on thi seek bro :shake:
i think i got originally banned a while ago for some derogatory remarks i made in the political thread. im guessing i was banned again because i made a new username and continued posting(unless they banned me for calling the st louis cardinals lineup pathetic lol), it just took the covers mods a while to figure out it was me. ill be back though with another name shortly, they cant keep me down. ill post it here and when u guys will know who i am when u see me laying big chalk on a consistent basis
adam - With you on Texas bro. GL this week.

By the way...Matador and a few others are wondering why you were banned from covers. Did you not use appropriate punctuation in a post?... I know, my sarcasm sucks.
lol yea i saw that post. just tell them what i posted over here. its all cuz of somethin in the politics thread probably bout 6 months ago or so. my ip adress is linked to the new name that i made so thats why i keep gettin banned. ill just make another name and let u know here.
adam - This is albees response...

tell adam that I banned his alias this morning. Also tell him that he was not banned originally only boxed. I got that original handle adampeck released from the box. Tell him to use his original handle and not make aliases.


I guess you're in the clear bro.
You know what I say adam?...

FUCK IT! Screw covers...just stay here at CTG. When it comes to content, CTG is 100 times better anyway, and you don't have to weed through all the bullshit. :drink:
lol well id like to continue in the MI, i already have week 8 plays listed. ill either make a new name over there, or maybe icould post my plays here and one of u guys can transfer them to the MI
redbearde said:
Just don't make any more aliases.

I don't want to be grading anyone else new in the MI.


Yes.......me neither.

I like Tejas as well............bit twice on this one.
are you somoneyusc, or someone else...?

so many idiots are coming into the thread and posting picks now, it's hard to weed through them...

er...not to be meaning you're an idiot...heh.