Week 2 CFB...


Brady licks Marino's knob
Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati
Panthers were winless on the road last year, haven't fared well during the week and suck on the fake stuff. Guess it's an easy Bearcat cover. I don't think so; I do look at trends, but they clearly rank a distant #3 behind matchups and situations. In this case, Pittsburgh has it pretty much all over the Bearcat squad in the matchups; Cincy coach Dantonio is actually trying to spin his dual QB situation as being confusing for defenses to prepare; right...that's the spin. The fact is, neither one has impressed that much and neither has much of a shot at moving this team against a good defense. That is exactly what Pittsburgh has; with a young DL that has performed beyond expectations in both practice and the UVA game, and then Blades and Ramos each at the next levels, this is the best defense in the Big East (laugh all you want). Cincinnati should have a hell of a time moving the ball. On the other side, I think the Bearcat defense will come out strong, but will eventually wear down. Situation-wise...to a man, each team leader on Pittsburgh...from Wannstedt to Blades to Ramos to Palko have mentioned their failures on the road last year as a source of motivation. Hmmm...clearly a more talented team, that appears to be very motivated to remove last year embarrassment, only laying 7 to a Big East bottom feeder? Sign me up...
Play on: Pittsburgh -7 (-119) over Cincinnati

GL everyone.
I'm with you on this one as well, GL and have a profitable weekend.
Thanks for the good words guys; let's bring this home tonite. Pitt's frosh RB's aren't too big a dropoff in my opinion; they performed well in camp and this is hardly an intimitdaing environment. Let's get 'em!
Horses, what you looking at for tomorrow's card. Any left coast slant for a rightie?