Week 14 NCAA football


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YTD: 34-31....+4.1 units

Not a good week last week in posted plays. I do like the card this week.

Wake Forest ML +120 for 1 unit
Florida Gators ML -133 for 2.33 units to win 2
Florida Gators -1 at -129...1.29 to win 1 unit
Under 45.5 Oklahoma/Nebraska for 1.12 units to win 1.

ML parlay 1 to win 1.1 units
Hawaii ML
Oklahoma ML

will add more as I get injury updates and etc.

GL all, hope you all have had a profitable year!
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I also like FLA, I have read Harvin is a go and the lineman are playing. Wynn is doubtful, but that's ok because they will give Harvin the ball more. You say why does one man matter so much to play this game? well he can break one at anytime, he is involved in all of Florida's trick plays. I think Arkansas has a shoddy pass D as well and FLorida will expose that since they are generally pass happy. Mcfadden will get his no doubt, he is the real deal as is Jones, but you don't win with no qb...even if Mustain is back there FLorida will get their picks IMO.

adding UFA ML at -133 1.33 units to win 1 unit...might be a crazy game and not fucking with these kickers missing PAT's.
Hunt, GL...

BTW, for two elite teams in the country, UF especially, you would think they would find someone capable of making a PAT..
as far as wake goes...

Gtech has to be feeling like shit losing to their rival again...wake is so under the radar, they are well coached and have a good run D for the most part...If you stop the run and CJ for gtech, you win the game....Deacons getting value here IMO.
no shit green...ridiculous...UF still has kicker competitions in practice every week!

Ml parlay:

1 unit pays 1.1

Oklahoma ML
Hawaii ML

Oklahoma is on a roll, defensively and offensively IMO. Patrick is the real deal, and Paul Thompson is quietly having a good year. The defense has faced some pass happy teams lately and done well....just read Hawaiiguy's thread for reasons to take Hawaii.
Wake has got to be one of the most disrespected teams in the country. I know I am guilty of it.

This was a money train I missed out on this yr, figures this week I might bet them and it will end!

Bottom line is Reggie Ball... He will decide the bet for anyone. If its a rare occassion and he looks good like vs UVA, they beat Wake however I think its more than likely he looks like his old self. One of the only four yr starters who is consistently the same for his whole career..GT at times want to make him seem Vick like and call more designed runs for him than needed, if thats the case vs Wake, I like them a lot. Put two guys on CJ, sure he will get his catches but don't let him be the reason they win.

I agree...IF you force Reggie out of the pocket, he makes DUMB decisions, especially when they are behind...he does seem to have a flair for the dramatic throwing the ball 100 yards high in the air and have it drop in CJ's hands for a god-like catch, but you can't do that the whole game.
I think Wake will struggle w/ GT as they can stop the run...GT is really starting to run it well and u can run a bit on Wake as well..

It's strength on strength and this is best possible matchup for GT IMO...

Good health on both bro..

i will be on Hawaii though.
thanks jump,let's get hawaii ...I just have to wonder where Gtech's head is at after last week, that had to be crushing.
Actually I dont think Ga tech was crushed at all.. That game wasnt that important to them, all week they said this was the big game

Either way good luck :shake:
Maybe a link to Ball's comments in ajc abcs??

U have that?

He sounded like he wasn't worried at all...maybe a front but who knows.
JumpOnBoard said:
Maybe a link to Ball's comments in ajc abcs??

U have that?

He sounded like he wasn't worried at all...maybe a front but who knows.

I know its hard to believe but this isnt that big of a rival game. UGA fans hate auburn .. and definately florida alot more. There was a ton of articles before and after this game, sayin that the game comin up was the important one. Its not like Ga Tech holds a candle to uga in football.. I think weve won the last 6 games and killed them in recruiting. Trust me this loss wasnt that crushing.. :shake:
I disagree..but respect your opinion.

OK, in the beginning of the year, do you think their goal was to beat uga.. or to win the acc? Im sure if they had the option to beat us and lose in the bcs.. or win the bcs game i think id know which one theyd chose. Just my opinion. But why would this be a crushing loss. Not like they were gonna go to glendale and playing Ohio St. It was just another loss in my opinion :shake:

I'm sure one of their many goals was to beat UGA in the beginning of the season, UGA has slapped them around like their bitch and Ball has not won once against them..it was a hard fought game that Tech dominated on both sides of the ball, that factors in emotions more than anything IMO...your QB loses the game for you with 3 turnovers and the rest of your team plays well..it has to hurt.
Ill just say well agree to disagree

I mean Tech had 12 first downs.. I repeat 12.. UGA had 18
UGA had 70+ more total yards.. i mean tech didnt even break 190 in yards. I dont think Tech dominated anything. If you watched that first half UGA blew a ton of chances to score.. but thats fine. And if you think thats the first time Ball has blown a game for tech, then obviously u havent seen many tech games. Good luck on ur play
bro, that is my point..ball hasn't won a big game....as far as the game went turnovers were huge, he can't and won't ever have confidence to lead his team.
Ball has won big games, he won at auburn.. won in coral gables when they were pretty good. The thing is hes inconsistent. THis is a crazy game to bet on IMO. Im still not sold on wake but i should be.. if ball is on and finding calvin, ga tech wins by 10.. if he plays like hes been known to play wake wins barely. I will just sit back and watch this one. best of luck
Ball has won a FEW big games, but I don't trust him with all the marbles at stake, especially as a fav. Tech is a good team to bet on when they are a medium dog IMO...who knows, maybe he will have the game of his life after a bad one, I jsut bank on him being inconsistent yet again.

haha as a uga fan i want to petition the ncaa to let ball have 2 more years of eligibility left
I don't blame you, I think you guys are a ok with Stafford for the next few years at least though.
Gonna be a great week dog...

BTW cappas...this kid may say up 4.1 units but I know better. He is up huge this year. He is superstitious at times and doesn't have time to post everything. He is having a monster year and I see him capping it off right. King of the first half lives on!!
Have to agree with the GT guys...

If your worried about letdowns or anything you have a young WF team who finally won in Maryland. A week later that same young team is playing for the ACC championship. Sure it sucked losing to UGA but playing for your conference championship will quickly erase that pain. I would definetly agree that while beating UGA was a goal winning the ACC was THEE GOAL. That I am quite sure of

Despite Ball's shortcoming I'll take his experience and the fact the best player on offense resides on GT. Can WF do it two weeks in a row. Maryland isnt as good as GT hence the fact they were huge Dogs @ GT earlier this season. Maryalnd and WF are essentially the same type teams IMO..both short of GT... WF win takes away value from thm and GT lossing lessens it even more...

Wake has been favored only 3 times this year and is 0-3 ATS which is telling IMO...How bout the fact WF was smoked at home bt VaTech when GT traveled to VT and won...

You get Ball off his worst career performance and GT was 2 minutes or so away from winning that game. They lost 2 games close and were blown out in the 2nd H versus Clemson when the Tigers were good. GT allows 88 yds tushing per game and last 3 its 2.1 YPC...

Just dont see any value in WF..they quality wins are @ Maryland and @ FSU...but yet they barely won @ NC and @ NCST. Guess I geel on a true neutral field it will hard to go 7-0 on the road and anything less then -4 presents tremendous value on GT Imo....Hollenbach was awful with 3 picks nd that was the whole game...
good points nut...Ball might have a great game and probably will but I will take + money for wake who has momentum riding and at a neutral site.
good points nut...Ball might have a great game and probably will but I will take + money for wake who has momentum riding and at a neutral site.

Thanks Hunt..certainly a tough game...

Does WF have momentum from one win though? Just playing contrarian..

Think neutral sites favor the experience and more talented teams which to me would be GT.

Wake should be + money but I would think this line is about a FG to low...winning @ Maryland is nice but they the Terps also could have lost to FSU and Miami...look at how the Seminoles outgained them...

I actually had wished this game came out at -7 cause I would have been with you... I thought -5 was very fair...

GL this weekend
Pulling the trigger on under 45.5 at -112 Oklahoma/Nebraska

I think both coaches will be conservative and it will be a chess match. Both teams will rely on solid run games to score, while both have solid run defenses to stop it. I have seen Callahan play conservative one too many times in big games as well. The field should be cold and hard for this game as it has been frigid there.