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Record going into Saturday 22-16.. +10.3 units

Louisville/WVU O56 at -102 for 3 units
Louisville/WVU O56.5 -102 for 1 unit

This will go flying over...I don't care who you are, it is very difficult to stop Pat White and Steve Slaton..I read a lot about WVU being forced to throw...bring it, Reynaud in the flat or bubbles to him have been effective all year, WVU has a very underrated receiving corps and Pat White has pretty damn good touch and accuracy on his throws...the ville will be surprised at this team's arsenal of offense especially after a bye.......on the flip side Louisville has as good a passing game as any and two solid RB's...big time receivers as well.

WVU also has a opportunistic defense that can score...both teams special teams are solid as well...I love this total, the side is very difficult IMO, especially at home..I see each team scoring in high 30's...should be a great game to watch.

Okie State +17.5 at -113 for 1.5 unit, ML 1/2 unit.

I love this team..they can score and score on you..UT has some issues on defense IMO...this total is set at 63 for a reason...will be another shootout for UT, I can see Okie State hanging around till the end. I saw them just eat alive a pretty decent Nebraska D this past weekend, and can see them doing the same again this weekend.

Ball State +34 for 1 unit at -106

Lloyd doesn't cover big spreads...that is the bottom line...you could be the sisters of the poor and lloyd still couldn't cover that shit for you....but UM is a damn good dog.

Vols +3 at-108 for 1 unit

Les Miles is a dumbass plain and simple, I don't care if he had a bye last week the motherfucker is a horrible in game coach IMO. Tenny is playing good football right now, they dominated SC in my opinion, and I will gladly take the 3 points here at home....I think LSU is overvalued on the road, definitely have a little more talent, but it is the little things that win games.

Hedging Tenny with LSU -4 at -113 1 unit the status of Ainge scares me, I am a QB capper first and foremost, and do not want this guy hurt, not taking any chances that it gets to 6...will lose juice but worth it IMO..if LSU wins, they win big with the freshman at the helm.

Purdue ML +115 for 1 unit

MSU should not be laying points to anyone, it is that simple. They are the worst team in the big ten IMO.....even with a defense as shitty as Purdue, MSU is worse...I believe the only reason they are favored is because of homefield, that is it...they are not the better team by any means.

Hedging out... MSU ML -125 for 1 unit

Came to my senses, BAR is right. College kids play on emotion and emotion will be high for this one.

Arkansas -2.5 at -105 for 1 unit

I love this team, they just run right down your throat. South Carolina does not have a good run defense and Arkansas will pull away late....I know South Carolina is in a must win situation but they have lost 3 big games at home and just have not been able to get the job done this year. Will go with the superior run game this week.

adding Boise State first half at -13 -115 for 2 units.

huge revenge game and at home, see a blowout here.

Louisville ML -109 for 2 units

After researching this one long and hard I decided to pull the trigger, this is a huge revenge game for the ville and they have not forgotten last year at all...I do like the over better but I don't see how WVU stops louisville's passing attack and other factors such as home field and the penalty differential along with a public fade are contributing factors here.

Over 55.5 Purdue/MSU -110 for 2 units

no defense on either side, game will fly over here...MSU will get theirs and I expect Purdue to get theris as well...don't let last weeks Purdue score fool you, MSU is light years away from PSU on D.

South Florida +5 -108 for 1 unit

just a hunch, don't hate.

Kentucky ML +242 for 1/2 unit

another hunch, I think UGA is cooked.

Indiana +6 at -105 for 1 unit

I think indiana has a lot more to play for here than minny, they need this game before Um next week to assure they will get a bowl. Minny has kind of tanked the season, just not a very good team at all....props to BAR and Jump for steering me this way.

Texas Tech First half -9.5 at -110 for 1 unit

With Baylor's new qb making his first start I like Texas Tech to come out of the gate and get him rattled, they haven't had many blowouts at home this year, I see one today. The only thing from making this bet bigger is the letdown from last week.

Vandy +17 -110...2 units

letdown from last week for Florida and vandy has a decent D..I'll take all the points for this home dog.

GL all.
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fuckin tight as hell bro...I'll hit you up in on the messenger in a sec.
Talk about your relationship with Brady Hoke and kind of the genesis of the game? Is it something you wanted or is it something kind of you are reluctant about? ... "Brady was hired here in 1995, and he's a tremendous guy that loves the game. He has a passion for it. I think his players enjoyed him because he has a great enthusiasm. He's upbeat. He is always a positive guy.
"He did a great job here recruiting. I think he really opened the doors into California for us. He had coached at Oregon State, and did a great job coaching, great job recruiting, and he has done a very great job at Ball State. It takes a while to build a program, but he's built a great foundation.
"As far as this game goes, I really was not excited about it -- I went through that -- I'm just talking about a personal relationship because you asked that question. But we played against Mike DeBord when was at Central (Michigan). I didn't enjoy it very much. And I just think it's one of those deals where I'd rather have played somebody else.
"But with the 12th game and with your bye week, it was very difficult (to find an opponent). There were very few teams out there that could have come here at this particular point in the season. And one thing I do want to say about the schedule is that Bill Martin had a very difficult time because almost all the conferences are in the middle of their schedules. And when we went to fill that date, we could not do it before the season started because of NCAA rules.
"We weren't going to do it after Thanksgiving because of the players. We were limited to playing what has become our last home game of the year. Now, traditionally, that is a Big Ten opponent. It's a very special week for our players who are playing in their last game in Michigan Stadium. That has historically been a Big Ten game.So it is a change for everyone. It's one of the reasons with the 12th game Bill fought hard to add a Big Ten game to the schedule. But that did not succeed in passing, so it is what it is."

boy, sounds like lloyd wants to cover 34 eh?
wow....interesting quote here from lloyd..

How important is victory margin or do you care just about the outcome? ... "I think the most important thing for me is I love that kind of game on Saturday. I love that environment because I think you find out a lot about your team. So in that particular case, and in most cases, I'm not concerned in terms of if you're talking about margin. If you're talking about point spreads, in most cases, no.
"But I know who the favorite is and all that stuff, and I always tell the players, if you are the favorite, when it's really the critical issue is understanding that it's your mindset that leads to upsets.
"So regardless of what it is, it's your preparation. But as far as me putting any real significance on the point spread, at times the point spread is a reflection of how well you played, and sometimes it isn't. And so what I'm trying to look at is every guy and what we're doing in each phase of the game and how well we're playing.
Good thoughts bro...

Heres my take...

Like your Ball St play. I liked it from beginning but like under a bit more. I just don't see more than 7..perhaps 10 outta the testies. I think both hit is what I am trying to say here.

I totally disagree on Okie St play. Not that they haven;t impressed me lately but this defense is horrendous. Kolb and Houston tore them up. Aggy had no trouble. NU still scored 29 points. They can be taken advantage of. Too many times in recent years I have taken a huge dog like this against a Texas and it bites me in the ass. I also think that UT learned a lot last week. McCoy has to be sky high after how he led them back. The defense made GREAT adjustments at halftime and dominated the second half. I think the staff down there will stress to the team the need to get off to a better start this time around.

Cannot argue with that UL-WVU over. I have this game getting into mid-sixties. UL is my best play of the week so hopefully they get that 57 by themselves.

I will be against you in LSU-Tenny. Valid point about Les Miles. We all know that. Better team here by a litle with huge revenge. I was suprised they are a favorite but thats okay. I understand anyone taking a FG at home with Tenny. I do disagree about last week's game. South Carolina should have been up handily at halftime(not down 14-10). They played much better than Tennessee. Granted, in last 15-18 minutes Tenny made plays and with a lead they were able to do things defensively. This was a hot topic in INgame. No doubt in my mind that Tenny was outplayed for more than half the game. Scary could do whatever they wanted on offense basically.

Love the Purdue play no odubt. That should cash easy.

Honestly, I am intrigued about Sacry and Arky. I think its going to be a great game. As far as Scary rush defense, thats what they stopped for Tenny. Their pass defense concerns me much more at this point. I still think Arky runs well, no doubt, but this is going to be a battle. Nice number you got there. Not going to play this game.

I hope you go 4-2 bro..lol

GL this week..:cheers:

Thanks for the comments bro. Totally understand your reasons. I just think Okie State can hang with Texas score for score...Texas Tech has no defense either and they kept it close as well, although this is at Texas. I see a 45-33 type game...a wild one, but hell I have been wrong before, plenty of times lol.

Maybe I am a sucker on Tenny but getting 3 points at home is like vagina tech getting points at home against Clemson. I just think LSU is a "paper" team..tons of talent that doesn't necessarily translate to gameday..their defense is damn good for sure, but the Offense can't seem to make key plays and Tenny has been impressive with a rough schedule lately. I know Scary had the lead last weekend, maybe the word dominated was a little loose for me to say....I just liked Ainge's poise under pressure and the team played well when it mattered most, in the 4th.

Always love a healthy debate bro.
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like this boise state first half a lot..Fresno is just not a good team this year, boise will be ready to avenge that loss.
The thing I don't get is LSU every one of these road games is "they are the most talented in SEC" and "best defense" and all this other shit...

Two things are fact...

Les Miles IS THE coach and he's a fucking retard...

Demarcus Russell continues to find ways to lose games on the road...the guy has a cannon and plays well in stretches...but he hasn't got it done..

There's a history here so I can't see laying pts w/ LSU in this spot...

Love the card Hunt.
Thanks Pags.

Added 1 more unit on over for my first 4 unit play of the year.

GL all.
Like your plays hunt...
Ball St and Tenn just too close to call for me.
Especially like Ok St and Arky

GL with your plays
thanks gridiron and yanks.

******Hedged both Purdue ML and Tenny +3***********

Do not like the news that Ainge is doubtful, not taking any chances that a freshman starts.

MSU will be fired up for this one, not fucking with it.
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