Wednesday Opening Night Pucks


Pretty much a regular
Well its great to see the season here thats for sure. Been waiting for it since the final buzzer for Carolina.

Ottawa ML -145

If there is one thing that holds true, its TOronto losing to the Sens in the regular season and then beating them in the playoffs. The Leafs will be in the playoff hunt but Ottawa is the top of the East (one of) and they didnt lose much other than Chara and Hasek. Watching the Sens play the Leafs in the preseason and it was much of the same old. I dont think the Leafs have the defense yet to hang with them as they are a great skating team.

Dallas / Colorado under 6

I really dont know once the regular season starts where the scoring is going to come from for the Avs as they had some great special teams last year but gone are blue liner Rob Blake and Alex Tanguay. Stars will be a more tight checking team this year and IMO will need to play tight in front of Turco to have a succesful season.

Both games Incl. OT at PInnacle:cheers:
I'm all over the Sens on opening night!!!! Too many on the bandwagon for me to play the Sabres, but it should be a solid season. I'll take a look at who is between the pipes and might piggy back that total.......Any plans on making it to B-lo for a game this season???:cheers::drink:
MCM - Theodore didnt do much in his last preseason start getting shelled by the same stars. From what I have read it will be him and Turco.

With the Sabres, going to be a solid year... tomorrow is too much emotion for both sides so IM not touching it. Not going to be alot of value over the course of the season on the sides. Loved playing em last year and unders at home. Did play an early future when the lines first came out so I will take it. Defintely plan on coming down there for a game. HEard its a tougher ticket this year. Not a 15 year waiting list though:spank: Glad you like the Sens too, nice price IMO:cheers: GL
Looks good, Santa.
MLB, Football, and now NHL...great time of year...but i got no idea where i'll find the time to cap everything. Might do a bit more tailing as a result.
Yanks - I personally dont 'cap' CFB so that saves me time, just tail by my 'scientific' means:wacka wacka: :drinking: GL
GL santa, agree avs could be an under team this year unlike last year.
Seems like the consensus of the board is Stars, Sens, Sabres... I might just lay down a small ML parlay on that...

Good luck on you plays Santa. Personally I liked the UNDER 3 for the Avs. They have to score 4 for me to lose that bet, and I have a hard time seeing them do that...


ETA: The ML Parlay would pay +653 (Stars +102, Sens -140, Sabres +118)...
Nick - think they lose alot of punch in the special team areas they thrived in last year. THis is the way I see them right now. GL tonight

Charvik - looks like a nice little parlay to me. GL:cheers:
Ottawa started the season on fire last i think i will tail you on this ...who jumps out to a great start this season ? there is always at least one team that goes 10 - 1 , 12- 2 etc... I need to find that team , any thoughts ?
Steel - couple teams to watch early on with nice October scheds.

Nashville starts off October with 2 games vs Chicago, one vs the Islanders, Phoenix, 2 vs Vancouver. TOugh games are NJ, SJ, and Calgary, I can see them going 2 -1 vs those last 3 games. 9-2 or 8-3 to start the season.

Atlanta plays 14 games in OCtober and has TB twice, Fla 3 times, Carolina twice, Washington twice, Philly, Boston, Toronto and Buffalo. With the exception of BUffalo there isnt a team in there they 'can't beat' on paper and could jump out to a hot start with the team the have. Can see them 10-4

San Jose has a nice schedule to start and if they can start like they fininshed last year they could be your team, night in and night out

Buffalo has a tough October and I will lay off em most likely until November.

Detroit has a real tough October and could give good value to fade.
i Fuckin LOVE You pucks Freaks. i REALLY do.


Atlanta and Nashville I like it . Get atlanta games on TV (FSN) every now and then watched a few games last year..From what i remember they had a pretty decent offense .. Thanx Santa :cheers:
eames - its mutual :really_happy:

Steel - they still have a good offense with Kovalchuk and company but now have a healthy goalie to boot. An injury away from making the playoffs last season IMO. GL