Wed Night Pro Hoops...


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Posted NBA Record
Sides: 0-1 -1.05 units
Totals: 0-0 +/- o units

Just played ORL +3 (-110)....1 unit...and ML +109 1 unit...

NYK +5 (-102)...1 unit...1.02/1.00.....

(writeup below)

big line switch there after the immediate overreaction to the ass beating where MIA doesn't show tonight..
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Its a great play..its one I would have layed a few points in as well.

I was hoping for a strong effort outta Chi tonight to get that line to near PK. I was shocked how much it moved. Hoping some Bulls public money comes in before i hit the trigger. Been loving the play since last week though.
adding NYK +5 (-102)...1 unit...1.02/1.00.....I've been bouncing back and forth on this one since yesterday been I'm playing it...Don't want to do many plays as I'm taking this season slow to begin w/ and it's easy to jump at these huge cards....two things here....If you haven't looked at Memphis front line right now, it's just awful...I mean terrible...Yag and Warrick...wowie...Gasol is out for an extended period of time after injury in Worlds...and Battier is off to Houston and Wright off to ATL...this is a bigtime issue...NYK is athletic up front and despite jeffries being out, Curry and Frye should have success here..Memphis was 30-11 last year at home, so I made note...but this team is in bad shape up front...

2nd is the fact that Isiah has to have a fast start here for two is the fact of the losing mentality...they had the most temulteous year I can remember....these are young kids and a losing mentality in the NBA is hard to shake...Curry, Robinson, Frye fit that mold...they HAVE to start fast or forget it...secondly is he's going to lose his job if he doesn'

The 2nd reason means very little in a one game scenario, but I do see the Knicks winning this game...and alot has to do w/ teh Grizz..

But, the Grizz are going to be a great fade early...cause for NBA standards, the Knicks are small...they are guard I'm watching for even better spots to fade that frontline..

GL tonight boys.
good shit jump..on both as well..+2 for me on magic...I can see it going to the wire.
Good Read here...

Grizzlies: Prepare For Up And Down Season
By Lawrence E. Buirse
Oct 31, 2006, 22:31

If the preseason for the Grizzlies was any indication, this team will undergo a series of changes for at least the first few months of the season. The first hurdle for this team will be deciding on a regular starting lineup. Perhaps only the backcourt is settled in terms of who will be the regular starters. By the backcourt, this of course means returning point guard Damon Stoudamire and co-captain Eddie Jones. As for the frontcourt, well, that could be a toss-up based on who played well the previous game or who practiced well. With Pau being out and Shane Battier & Lorenzen Wright no longer on the roster, there is a void to be filled in the nightly rotation. There is of course the anticipated starting role of lottery pick Rudy Yag, but only a consistent effort on Yag's part will make that happen. The rookie was able to impress the coaching staff during training camp and practice with his pure athletic ability and advanced basketball skills. Then again, there were moments when Yag, like most rookies, appeared to take on the role of a true rookie by making the typical mistakes a first-year player will make in this league. Nevertheless, his overall skill and potential may be enough to warrant him a starting spot for the team.

The Griz will rely heavily on the improved play of second-year player Hakim Warrick. The team gave a vote of confidence in Hakim recently by deciding to exercise the option on his contract that will extend to the 2007-08 season. Having put in the time and work during the offseason on his offensive game, Warrick will expect to give the Griz some scoring relief along the frontline. During preseason, 6-9 forward displayed an improved mid-range shot and improvement in his dribble penetration. Known primarily for his above-the-rim play, expanding his offensive game will help to make Warrick a difficult matchup at either forward position.

Warrick does present a problem for the Griz that the team will face for different stretches during the season. That problem of course is the inconsistency of younger players. If Coach Mike Fratello had to determine which younger player stood out from each practice and each preseason game, he would list a different name in almost every case.

"Each day one guy plays well while another takes a step back", claims Coach Fratello when asked about the progress of the rookies and younger players.

Unfortunately, that might be the story for most of the season for the younger players on this roster. For that reason, coaches and players are careful in their assessment of the team's potential. As a result, the season predictions have been left to the "experts" to determine. What can be predicted with this team is that each player will continue to be held accountable for his play. While there will be a learning curve with more inexperienced players being asked to play bigger roles, execution will still be the name of the game.

In short, hard play and effort will not always equal wins in Memphis. Time will be of the essence, but the Griz will have to work from the bottom up in trying to build a winner with less experience and some glaring weaknesses in critical areas of the game. The road to the postseason for the Grizzlies is guaranteed to be a bumpy one this season. Should the team make it through the highs and lows of the regular season and get back to the playoffs, that road will suddenly become a steep hill.
RJ....hope we both hit and I think there's a good shot...I took the safe route after the Phx hit last night and having two seperate bets on that Magic game...

Huntdog...that's good news bro...

Let's cash this shit.
BOL bro....You see O-State just signed another big name for BBALL next year
Thad Matta and Jim Tressal
Thx bro...Yes I did see that...

another top 10 at position in the country..

And word from insiders is Barksdale is in right now...he's a silent verbal and didn't want to miss the boat.
barksdale doesn't know where the fuck he is going, kid is wishy-washy as hell.

great job jump!
barksdale doesn't know where the fuck he is going, kid is wishy-washy as hell.

great job jump!

He's been all over the map...he was going to UT, pull he wanted to take his visit and they cooled on each other....UM has never been it really, as he cooled on them in the beginning as they wanted him as an OT and he wants to play DT...that left ND and tOSU....word is he told staff and insiders he's in last week, because he doesn't want to miss the boat...we have 6-7 offers out there to 4 and 5 star guys and will only take doubt we're taking Ben Martin (if he's in, another ND/tOSU battle), Josh Brent too..and already have one verbal...

Thx for the wellwishes on the day...good way to start...

GL today boys.