Thurs Pizza Play....


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Posted NCAA Record
Sides: 56-43 +20.51 units
Totals: 3-2 +2.91 units
Teasers: 8-12 +20.80 units
Parlays: 0-1 -3.00 units

Props: 1-0 +1.00 units

Da Ville -1.5 (-104)....2 units...2.08/2.00...

My thoughts are pretty well littered throughout the forum but here's the cliff notes teams strength vs anothers weakness....L'ville have shown they can stop the run and WVU hasn't done that vs the in no way do I think that WVU will be stopped, as WVU scheme is too good to do that...but they're going to have to make big plays in the passing game to win this game....not saying they can't, but question is will they...the Cards are playing the biggest game they've played in that stadium and starting talking about this game after the Miami game...also have the more balanced offense where even if Brohm has issues w/ that thumb they can rely on that run game....WVU is also undisciplined and I have a feeling that the personal fouls they get every week play a role tonight...revenge, on the side of the cards and we've read all week that they don't forget that game last year...White caught em off guard and have payback on their minds...add homefield and I can't see having another side...

GL tonight boys..

:cheers: grubbin on this BOMB ass lasanga!!!! holy christ its good!! like seriously, its really really good. jesus...mmmmm