The Aggies broke the OU story...

that's some amazing shit horn...who's the dude that got the car for 1/100 of the sticker price?...
SHSUHorn said:
Not sure. Could've been the one Peterson was driving.

lol, no it wasn't. Peterson didn't buy the Lexus and his momma bought the car he ended up with.

The NCAA has already looked into the Peterson incident and they found that it was not an unusual practice for, and I quote, "all clients of the dealership to be given longterm test driving opportunities." In other words, Peterson wasn't given any privilege that was not allotted to other "non football" clients.
No the NCAA did not look into the Peterson Lexus deal. OU did and found nothing (obviously). Also read the last sentence of this article. LMAO

Updated: April 19, 2006, 1:19 PM ET
Oklahoma finds Peterson's car deal legitimate
Associated Press

NORMAN, Okla. -- Oklahoma's compliance department investigated the circumstances by which tailback Adrian Peterson bought a car and then returned it several weeks later but determined the arrangement did not violate NCAA regulations.

Peterson, the runner-up for the Heisman Trophy in 2004, secured a financing agreement and drove the car for several weeks last winter but then returned it, said Bonita Jackson, Peterson's mother.

"We were gonna purchase the car, but the payments were gonna be too high, so we took the car back," Jackson said.

Oklahoma officials determined that Peterson did not receive an extra benefit that is not available to the general student body of the university.

"We have pursued the matter in exhaustive fashion over a five-month period," Oklahoma associate athletic director Keith Gill said in a statement. "Based on the information we have gathered, we do not believe NCAA rules violations have occurred."

The dealership, Big Red Sports and Imports, regularly allowed customers who signed contracts to drive the cars for a period of time before financing had been secured, said Brad McRae, the dealership's part-owner at the time of Peterson's agreement.

"We didn't do anything wrong," McRae said. "Is it standard operating business practice? Yes, it's standard operating business practice."

Peterson's stepfather said his family is committed to keeping Peterson eligible for football.

"This is our child's future," Frankie Jackson said. "We don't want anything to happen to him because of some silly car deal. We're not going to do anything to jeopardize his future."

Oklahoma also investigated the employment of football players by the dealership but found no violations.

Horn, the Associated Press also came out and said Bomar had received $18,000 in the year he worked there and that turned out to be false.

There has been all kinds of "false rumors and reports" that have got out since this shit broke on Wednesday. It's been humorous to me to see how a bunch of the false info was reported in here Wednesday.

Stoops told an entire room of Sooner Boosters that it had already been investigated by the NCAA and no wrong doing had been found. I know it isn't easy for a Longhorn fan to accept that, but Stoops has been very upfront about his program and his disciplanary measures since he took over the program.

All the above statement means is that it WAS investigated and nothing found. So? How long had Ramonce Taylor been into drugs? Did texas JUST find this out, or had he been doing it for some time and they didn't know? It's just like Stoops said over and over since Wednesday -- you can't monitor them every waking hour their involved with the program. There has to be some acceptance of responsibility on the players part. BUT, if the player or players WANT to hide something, they can usually get away with it for a while. If Stoops had known about it whenever it was happening last Fall (yes, last Fall even though some of the false info said Spring) he would have stopped it then and handed out the same disciplanary decisions.

You Texas fans need to focus on your QB situation instead of trying to dig up "conspiracy theories" on the OU football program. I guess being 1 and 5 against the Sooner program over the last 6 years would tend to cause Longhorn Fans to be paranoid though.
Yes were very paranoid since Texas is the defending champs and OU hasn't won the title in 6 years. Starting to seem like a distant memory.

You tell me which program is in better shape? How's OU's recruiting going in Texas the last two years? The most embarrasing bowl loss in recent memory, losing to a non BCS school at home, and going to OT with freakin Baylor. This years team will be wrose then last years.


Texas will win again this year. OU then loses Thompson and Peterson. Lose again next year.

Mack being 2-5 vs Stoops will close up very soon.

Also Stoops told a room full of boosters that? Well then he lied. The NCAA never investigated Peterson. OU's compliance department did and they gave the report to the NCAA which didn't investigate. Go look it up if you need. That's why many are feeling if the NCAA comes to town and starts snooping around the car fiasco may get investigated.

Basketball, Gymnastics, Football. OU is really celebrating their 50th anniversery of being put on a major probation big time. They are going all out by getting caught in every sport lol.

I do love the fact that Stoops had his team meeting with the players to tell them the news on Bomar at the SWITZER Center of all places.
18,000 is what he claimed on his taxes for working there. So yes he was paid 18,000 for going to work 5 hours a week.
SHSUHorn said:
18,000 is what he claimed on his taxes for working there. So yes he was paid 18,000 for going to work 5 hours a week.

He claimed in an interview with Mark Rogers that that was not the sum. That's the sum that ESPN came out with.

Horn, I realize the importance of recruiting, but in years past, Texas has always recruited better than Oklahoma and had more talented players. Still, whenever it comes to the RRR, that never means shit, and you know it. Last year talent won out easily, but usually it's a dog fight.

I can't wait . . . . . . . . . .
lol, I just read the rest of your post a little closer.

Horn, this is the last I'm commenting on this subject because for me to try and convince you of anything that has to do with the University of Oklahoma is like the Pope trying to convince Rabbi Schwartz he ought to be eating pork and greens for the Passover!

You live in Houston and you know where I live. You're going to hear and believe Longhorn biased news and I am going to hear and believe Sooner biased news. You believe what you want to believe.

Stoops has been nothing but honest and shown great integrity since day 1. I believe him because he's never given me a reason not to. Again, you believe what you want to believe.

You can complain about Switzer all you want, but never forget -- Mack Brown is where he is today because of Switzer!

OK, you're welcome to have the last say so now. I won't try and follow you up. I'm done with this topic. I'm too busy trying to figure out how to play the Sooners in their opener, as well as other plays. Keep me posted on the Texas QB situation in practices.

Horn, I found the posting absolutly frickin amazing. Thanks. Have also forwarded it to the local paper, just in case they weren't aware. Props on digging that up.
WOW. Now Horn beat SI to the story. college football writer Stewart Mandel shares his commentary, analysis and random tidbits on the latest developments around the country.
8/07/2006 01:13:00 PM
Oklahoma's 'Deep Throat'
It's safe to say most Oklahoma fans were shocked last week to find out quarterback Rhett Bomar had been part of a payroll scam at a local car dealership. It turns out some Texas A&M fans first heard about Bomar's transgression way back in January -- only at the time, they didn’t believe it.

At 1:30 in the morning on Jan. 30, a fan using the Internet screen name of "aggiegrant06" posted a cryptic message <> on the popular fan site entitled "Is it legal???????" In it, he vaguely described how his girlfriend handled payroll checks at a "large dealership where we live" and "didn't recognize several of the names." He went on to say, "The checks were made out to football players of the local university, and even though they had never actually been to work there, they were receiving HUGE!!!! pay checks."

Unfortunately, aggiegrant's post was met with what can best be described as belligerent skepticism. "Dude, go away," wrote one person. "You and your thread are completely stupid," wrote another. Perturbed by the reaction, he went on to specify that "The School is OU, and the specific player is Bomar." After a few more cynical comments, the post was removed by administrators less than two hours after it originated. "We're pretty conservative when it comes to rumors that show up on the site," said Brandon Jones, owner of Texas, who employs 20 volunteer "moderators" to monitor the site's 10,000 daily message-board posts. "Anytime you see an accusation like that show up on a bulletin board it almost seems too good to be true, so the natural reaction is this guy is making this up."

Apparently, he wasn't. Jones said when news of Bomar's dismissal broke last Wednesday, one of his moderators said it sounded familiar. After searching and locating the deleted post, they re-published it, quickly turning "aggiegrant" into a message-board legend. Fans have written more than 1,000 replies hailing him as a hero and apologizing for the initial harsh treatment. Besides a brief, gloating post the day the news broke, aggiegrant has stayed out of the fray. Jones said he's spoken with the source but that he wishes to remain anonymous, and understandably so, for fear of repercussions in Norman.

The story is just the latest example of just how powerful a role fan message boards play in college football. These sites have literally turned anyone with a screen name into a potential reporter -- albeit anonymously and with no accountability. From Peter Warrick's 1999 Dillard's spree to the 2003 Alabama coaching scandal, countless major stories have first broken on message boards. Unfortunately, they're often buried amongst other more reckless, unsubstantiated rumors. "This was the 1 in 20 that turns out to be true," said Jones.

But I'm also left wondering, as I'm sure many of you are, how it is that some random Texas A&M fan could have known about Bomar's arrangement more than six months ago, yet Oklahoma officials claimed to be unaware until recently. An Oklahoma spokesman said Monday that the school couldn't comment on details of the investigation -- such as when it started and what tipped it off -- due to the NCAA's involvement. Kenny Mossman, OU's sports information director, said he was unaware of the message-board post. "If people have information like that, it'd be a lot more helpful if they came forward with it rather than burying it on a message board."

No one's suggesting that OU's compliance office should have been monitoring a rival school's message board at 1:30 in the morning, but you've got to think in a town like Norman that rumors were probably out there in other forms as far back as January. As for Bomar himself, I said last week that he had to be pretty stupid to think he could get away with such a thing. In college football's Internet fishbowl, you never know who's watching you.
Exactly. That's why I wish the OU fans would stop thinking Stoops is a saint because of his integrity and balls of kicking off the star QB "because he had no idea he was employed there."

Your telling me an Aggie fan knew but Stoops didn't?