Talk to me about this NCSU/Wake game


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I can't believe the line has now hit the magic number of -3. I know we got a Wolfpack local around here. Can someone give me some good reasons not to hit NCSU, and fade the steam? Don't insult my intelligence by telling me it's a letdown spot, that I already know that, lol. But the Pack has had 9 days to rest here, and IMO they are better on both sides of the ball than a Wake team that might still be reeling from the Clemson debacle. Plus, NCSU has revenge. Someone talk me outta this one.
I was thinking the same thing Killa. NC State has steadily improved as the season has progressed.

Where you at redbearde?...
Yo BDK, the best description for NCSU is Jeckyll & Hyde. It is like they have split personalities. Although I pull for the Hokies & Heels, I live in Raleigh & follow the Pack. They always step up in BC & FSU games. They tend to play down to there Akron. While in my analysis they are 7pts better than Wake, will their heads & hearts be in the game. This is a typical State let down spot. But I don't believe they will this time. I think Amato has them focussed & they will win & cover. I like 3 or less!

Honestly, I think NCSU wins this game. I really like the confidence that Evans gives the defense and the receivers. I watched the Wake/Clemson game and they have some small corners meaning Wake and NCSU has some WRs that could go over the top like they have been in past 2 wks. I also think Wake's strength is there defense, mainly run stopping and NCSU has two, well three great backs (Brown, Baker, and Eugene. I look for them to force those small LB's llike Abbate to take some punishment and make some plays. I think blackmon will be back as well which provides that offense with more explosion. I think around friday or early saturday the line will be at -1.5 or pk.
I can't talk you out of it. I'll very likely play it myself. Historically, the wolfpack has been Really Really Bad home faves...but if the pack keeps the fumbles and INTs to their defensive side of the ball, I see a very strong likelihood of at least a 3 or 4 point win. I much prefer playing the wolfpack as a dog. It's kinda like when Army is think to yourself...WTF?!?!?!
I think the speed of Willie Young at the end will give that Wake line problems as well. That's what I felt they were missing as skinner had a lot of time back there and was still mediocre.
Yes I agree with all that is said here. NC State as a fav I usually run and hide because we never cover at home as a fav. This is a hard game to cap here. Will Wake have a letdown after blowing it against Clemson?
What will State do with 9 days to prepare and coming off two huge wins? Will they do like they usually do when they win big games and come out and lose or has Chuck finally turned the corner?

I think with the emergence of Tank, Demario and the rotation of the OL and DL we have throughout the game we will be well rested and able to pound the ball in the 4th quarter with Brown and Baker. Hopefully, Evans will keep playing like he has since he began to start for nc state. look for the return of Blackman to be key if the wolfpack wins this game.
Not sure why the public is on Wake. I guess maybe the records? Wake has played cupcakes, most of em at home. NC st is 2 - 0 since the qb change and are in the lead in the acc, im already on the pack.
I am no expert here by any means.

First we knowthis number is coming down because the BETTING PUBLIC remembers yesterday better then say Monday...probably would guess the public backed Clemson very strongly and WF suprised people. That means to me on Saturday we gave BIRTH to a whole slew of Wake bakcers.

NCST beat who....werent those games last much has happened since then it seems lost that NCST came back vs FSU....this was different IMO then hanging around vs BC..FSU scored mid third Q put some distance bewteen the two butWolfpack rallied..and I think that was a major shock,...they earned that win IMO.

I agree with the posters saying NCST is historically prone to playing up or down to there opponent as well as being horrific favorites ATS.

The major difference is they basiclly just have to win here. Wake went from getting NO RESPECT...17 pt dog at home vs Clemson w/o its star +9 WR...NCST was only about +9 or +10 to FSU...which proved obviously to be a few to Clemson is better then FSU but only slightly.. so reallythis line should be at least -7 IMO...justthink Wake was 6 pt dog at UConn.....

No one believes in NCST now cause of past history...

My feeling is Evans gives them a passing game and the backs have been solid recently. I am not sold on this defense but Wake's offense is very average....thinking 14 points is probably the max here.....

So while Wakes defense is impressive if they dont directly score or setup real short fields how will Wake score enough to win.....

I now have my magic number on thsi game -3 and wil play iy but watching to see how much...

GL .........I think NCST has turned the corner much of there problem was getting ZILCH from there QB's...Evans has impressed me.
I am impressed with Evans, just like everyone else has said. Young kid shows great poise in the pocket, his receivers made great plays on the ball as well. Brown is a hell of a Rb too, 230lbs that can move!

Gave this game a look but wasn't willing to lay 5 because like most, I am not use to playing State as a fav. State cashed for me 2 weeks ago vs. FSU..Now the line is at -3 at most places, chances this gets to -2.5 are looking good.

I do not think Amato can let this team come out flat. They are fortunate to be 2-0 in the ACC, this is a big conference game and they can be in really good shape if they move to 3-0 despite those two terrible early losses.