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Paster of Muppets
Football 2006/2007 season [posted on CTG] 2 W 1 L + 3.94 units

Community shield cup


Chelsea v Liverpool

Liverpool lost both home matches in previous seasons at this stage of the competition in CL, so it's an improvement to win it finally. Kidding aside, they played a poor match against Maccabi Haifa (won 2:1 thanks to an 88th minute goal by Mark Gonzalez).

(of course they had already secured qualification at this point in previous years, but still lost).

I don't think you can say that at this point of the season any team is showing or is capable of showing their "true face". It's just too early to make such observations. Ok, they didn't bring Joaquin or Trezeguet (I especially hoped that the spaniard will arrive) but Bellamy, Pennant, Agger, Gonzalez are still good signings and once again Rafa puts his system to test, for the 3rd consecutive seasons.

I have full trust in Rafa Benitez. Whilst with Houllier you never knew when he's going to "pull a Biscan", Benitez seems to have a better eye for the players. Right wing has been covered by the arrival of chilean Gonzalez, Hyypia will get his successor in Agger and Bellamy should be able to pose a scoring threat for any Premiership team.

Chelsea are just plain strong. No wonder, considering their financial background, they brought two top class players over the summer, and no doubt it will be a strong team, but at THIS POINT of the season I don't think they have much of an edge over any team. They just lost to MLS All Stars for God's sakes.

And it's no wonder since MLS players are in full form at the moment.
Liverpool, on the other side, embarassed their fans by losing 0:5 to Mainz.

So not the best start for any of these two sides.

I watched the game against Maccabi and I have 3 words to describe it: Lack of motivation.

They covered the field adequately but just failed to show any real incentive to go forward, and that almost cost them. But even if 1:1 score remained they would probably secure it in the 2nd game, Maccabi are a motivated, fired up team, and they're a very good team (which was a bit surprising to be honest) but they can't cope with Gerrard-Xabi backbone and they've shown trouble in watching Reds' pacy attackers.

But let's focus on this game. I think the bookies have done a fair jobe in setting the odds here, Chelsea are rightfully favs, but I don't think it will be a stroll in the park for the London Blues.
Rafa has, more times than not, been able to find the right formula to neutralize the attacks of Mourinho's team (CL semis 2005, FA Cup semis 2006), and that has to be respected if you ask me.

under is also an option of course for 1.70 or more.

I'm a long time Liverpool supporter but this isn't a red coloured post, when it comes to betting I don't have favourite teams. However, we should see a tight game today, and I'm not the biggest fan of pounding the London team, especially knowing that every Joe and Jane out there will be doing the same.

Chelsea: Cudicini, Hilario, Ferreira, Geremi, Carvalho, Terry, Bridge, Mikel, Ballack, Diarra, Essien, Lampard, Wright-Phillips, Shevchenko, Drogba, Robben, Kalou.

Liverpool: Reina, Finnan, Hyypia, Carragher, Riise, Luis Garcia, Gerrard, Alonso, Sissoko, Pennant, Bellamy, Zenden, Crouch, Dudek, Paletta, Gonzalez, Kromkamp, Agger, Warnock, Sinama-Pongolle, Peltier.

Btw, both sides will be allowed seven substitutes each (6 in regular time).

Regular time draw (3.15 @ Gamebookers) 2 units
1:1 Exact score (6.50 @ Gamebookers) 1 unit

Let's get on to other bets for today:

Norway Tippeligaen

Ham Kam -Tromso over 2.5(1.70 @ Pinnacle) 3 units


Trabzonspor - Vestel Manisa
Manisa +1 (1.82 @ Pinnacle) 4 units

That's it for now guys.

Good luck everyone. :cheers:


Mourinho better shut his trap because he talked so much crap about the Reds prior to this match. He better not make excuses cause the way the team played was if they wanted to win this one badly
YESSSSSSSSSSS, first silverware of the season is here, keep it coming red men!

I went out in a pub to watch it Mike, with a couple of my mates.

What a match!

Rafa showed once again he definitely has the edge when it comes to tactical superiority over Mourinho. Rafa starts with Agger, Gonzalez and Zenden, LEAVES Hyypia, Gerrard and Alonso on the bench.

Who dominates the match? Liverpool. All these naysayers can shut their pieholes now, how Rafa doesn't have a clue what he's doing etc...

We don't need no 30 million pound signings to play well, no fancy 29 year old stars, nothing. Rafa will bring on Aurelio, Pennant and Bellamy, and we'll be good.

All you Crouch haters can shut it as well :D. The man scored when it was needed, played well. Momo Sissoko was feckin' brilliant, what a lad. Zenden (once Chelsea's reject) showed class as well, Agger looked like he was playing in the team for years, the team was great.

Liverpool could've made it 2:0 but Cudicini redeemed himself a bit.

All in all, well done red men!


Liverpool draws first blood. Chelsea is in for a rough time, i think this Liverpool win has opened up hopes for the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd and perhaps Tottenham
thanks Mike, I know you're true football fan and dislike these glory hunting scum.

GL to your lads as well. ;)
Lost on Community Shield but won with the other two.

Football 2006/2007 season [posted on CTG] 4 W 3 L + 6.32 units

Good shit bro.....I love soccer but don't follow it as much as I used to. Great info though, got me itching to check out a little futbol!