KJ European and Saudi and Aussie Club Footy Aug '23-May '24


live HT Eredivisie Ajax draw no bet +700 .5*

Saudi Premier

Al-Nassr -1 -110 3*
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Premier League play and it's even on USA. This is likely the match that lets Everton breathe easy after the points scandal this season. Win this they likely finally get removed from relegation talk. Helps that West Ham are off a win, they've been in downward spiral mode.


Everton ML +115 3*
Everton don't play well at Chelsea. As of now they are fighting to not get demoted after they got docked another couple points last week. I expect them to show up today.


Everton +2 -190 4*
Everton +1 +135 2*

Both are 3-way handicaps which is irrelevant to these wagers.
Love Dyche as a manager

But Everton losing 12 points for cheating might well be the death blow

If they get shipped down, enjoy betting on the basically every match next season
Maybe there's still someone awake

Going to play Melbourne City if/when it reaches -210 for 2*

Sitting at -235 right now so not jumping in but will in a bit if they don't score early. Likely 2-0 type match.
Not betting it but anyone still woke at this hour I really believe Melbourne City add another one on. At home, they are the vastly superior team. Likely be a counter type goal, that other club should give MCFC some opportunity to add on

Turk football!

Tis the season where teams are battling to stay up or get demoted. Love this part of soccer season that we simply never deal with in the US. Got one that's at home here in a must situation. Need to get a point at minimum in this one.

10 am Turkey Super Lig

Karagumruk +.25 -145 3*
Karagumruk ML +100