Summer 2019 Transfer News, Myths and Rumors

No, he was outed as a fraud

Ok thanks, I went to the fighting cocks forum to read the latest Spurs news and someone quoted this guy so I wasn’t sure.

But even for Arsenal news it’s not that clear to know what’s real and what isn’t. For example, 2 weeks ago Watts, Benge and Ornstein all said that we weren’t in for Pepe despite French reports saying we had made an offer to Lille for him. So it’s unclear if we moved on Pepe after this or if these guys were kept in the dark by the club.
Looks like dybala will be decided in next few days and if he leaves, it's down to spurs or united, nedved says 2 english sides are in for him

The united link comes from Pedulla, who is tier 1 with sarri in the past, but tier 3 in general

Hes saying would be a swap with cash and lukaku for dybala

Would be kinda funny for juve to do the inter one, cause it gives them a new striker, and also fucks over conte and inter badly

Not sure how lukaku worki in a sarri system tho, he likes strikers that can really play the ball and lukaku isnt a great technical striker
Di Marzio just said that Dybala's agent is in England now speaking to Man Utd to find an economic agreement and an exchange with Lukaku may take place

Di Marzio has been hit or miss this summer season so don't listen like gospel spurs fans here
Spurs reddit is in a panic that no one else will he signed

Sessegnon + Lo Celso or Dybala would seem good. But I've read Poch would have wanted a little more investment and a few more changes so lets see the next 10 days.

Levy might want to wait a few more days if Betis and Fulham drop their demands to pay a little less next week I'm not sure
Sessegnon + Lo Celso or Dybala would seem good. But I've read Poch would have wanted a little more investment and a few more changes so lets see the next 10 days.

Levy might want to wait a few more days if Betis and Fulham drop their demands to pay a little less next week I'm not sure

They can’t have arsenal outspend them who misses the UCL
They can’t have arsenal outspend them who misses the UCL

Yeah but you do have a better, more solid overall team than us so you don't necessarily have to spend huge and make too many changes I think. As fans we always want signings but a settled team like you have can be good too.

Even with spending bigger than Spurs, we still have a few big holes mainly in defense for the coming season. Although I can't complain so far it's been a very good transfer window considering our limited budget and Europa league. If we get Tierney and a new CB, while getting El Neny, Mustafi out it could be a near perfect window
I thought Man Utd would go for Koulibaly. At close to 100m they should go for him instead of Maguire.. Or perhaps they tried and Napoli wanted 150m.. Maguire is good but that's seriously high and seems like Leicester is not letting him go easily.. Alderweireld at 25m looked great I'm also surprised they didn't go for him
Sky Italia says Man Utd and Juve have agreed the swap in principle. Just need the Dybala contract agreement with Man Utd.

Interesting, swaps for big players don’t happen often
Seems like Malcom on his way to Zenit St Petersburg in the end. Looks like €40-41m

He was on the list at Arsenal man Utd Dortmund but not first choice. Not a bad decision to take a step back out of Barca and the big leagues, he will play CL and should get good stats over there
ESPN plus got Bundelgsia rights starting next season...

but I'm hearing they are going bundle this in with Disney streaming service, who knows how much that will cost
Rumor that Tottenham entered the race for Bruno Fernandes.

It is strange that Man Utd haven't signed him yet with all the talk lately that they were close. But I think I've read from his club that Man Utd haven't tabled a firm offer yet. So it looks like Spurs still have the opportunity to get him
I don’t necessarily disagree with how much top CBs are getting on transfer market , they are extremely important , but 80 million for Harry seems ridiculous
Crazy money yes, but I guess it will be worth it for Man Utd if Maguire makes them better in defense and they manage to get back in the top 4.

Real Madrid might be close to signing van de Beek. Seems they have an agreement with him now they need to agree with Ajax. €60-70m it looks like, let's see.

But apparently Real want van de Beek AND Pogba.

Could be a frantic end of transfer window for Man Utd if they let Pogba go for €150-200m. They could get Bruno Fernandes, Milinkovic-Savic. And Dybala with the Lukaku swap.

Transfer window closes next Thursday for the PL next few days will be busy. I think PL teams can still sell players outside of the PL until end of August
Doesn't look too good for Eriksen going to Real Madrid this summer. Still a possibility if they fail with Pogba I guess.

Spurs interested in Matthias Ginter from Gladbach. Not sure where they are with Lo Celso, Sessegnon, Bruno Fernandes
Paul Pogba didn't show up for a Man U flight today

Man U have offered 50 million pounds for Neres

Atletico and Tottenham interested in Ginter

Bruno Fernandes expected to sign a deal with Man U after the Portuguese Super Cup

Newcastle have signed Saint-Maximin for a fee that could go up to 20 million euros
Man U is out on longer interested after he has shown hesistancy

Man U also out on Fernandes

Junior Firpo goes to Barcelona on 25 million euro trip

Cancelo close to going to City with Danilo and 30 million going the other way
Yeah these swap deals are hard to conclude. Looks like Dybala is not too keen on joining Man Utd, or wage demands too high I'm not sure.

Lukaku might join Inter Milan instead

Duncan Castles says a fee has been agreed for Lo Celso between Betis/Tottenham. Unsure how reliable he is
But now (copy and paste from @ZachLowy twitter):

Real Betis have broken off negotiations with Tottenham for the transfer of Giovani Lo Celso. Betis have rejected all of Spurs’ offers, and they have become annoyed at the club’s low-balling offers.

Lo Celso had reached an agreement with Spurs, who offered to double his salary. But Betis have grown impatient, and are now talking to both Napoli and Atlético Madrid about a possible sale. Betis’ necessity to sell Lo Celso has decreased with the sales of Camarasa and Firpo.

There’s still a chance Lo Celso leaves—this could be a negotiation tactic by Spurs to pay a fee closer to his €100m buyout clause. Also, this information comes from Mateo González, probably the most trustworthy reporter when it comes to Betis news.
A futbol guy on a french tv talk show said Zidane was very interested in Bruno Fernandes too. Seems he will leave and Man Utd, Tottenham or Madrid will be one of his destinations
I understand starting the bidding low but that’s a crazy low offer. Asking price for Pogba by Man Utd looks to be £150m.

Let’s see if Madrid makes an improved offer soon
I would be pretty surprised if he would want to go there... no CL.

For the coming season yes. No guarantee Spurs will be in the CL every season. And Man Utd keep spending more money than Spurs/Arsenal so they should be back sometime soon.

A year ago most Arsenal fans thought renewing Ramsey was still possible. And then when it wasn't anymore we thought oh well he will help us get back in the CL (lol). So basically we kept him for nothing while we could have sold him and bring a solid CB with the money to improve us.

The only positive is he didn't join a rival. But if I was the Spurs I would sell to the highest bidder if money is good and bring a new player with the money. Can't risk losing him for nothing
Yeah reports that Poch phoned him to convince him. And reliable sources now say Spurs are on the verge of signing him. Loan I guess not sure. If the loan cost is not as high as it was said a few days ago that's good to replace Eriksen
I’m not sure not playing CL really hinders a club like United , they still get big signings
Now Telegraph reporting that Poch has not called Coutinho and Spurs deny they have made an official offer to Barca

Juve had an offer for Dybala from PSG last few days as well. Would be fun if Dybala joined the Spurs after rejecting Man Utd
I think Ozil would be for Jan

Not sure when summer xfer window ends for MLS , I believe sometime this week
I think Ozil would be for Jan

Not sure when summer xfer window ends for MLS , I believe sometime this week

Thanks. Özil not likely to be renewed so Arsenal might try to offload him and his £350k salary next January or in a year. I thought he would go to Turkey next but MLS why not
Quite a few big players’ future to be decided in next 2 days

Eriksen: Man Utd? Juventus? Madrid? Signing a new contract with Tottenham?

Lukaku: Inter? Juventus?

Coutinho: Spurs? Arsenal? Man Utd?

Dybala: Spurs? Man Utd? PSG?

Lo Celso: Spurs?

Pogba: Real Madrid?
Italian media is reporting that Tottenham have bid 70 million euros for Dybala which juventus will accept

Just need the agreement with the player it looks like. If he wants to join that could get done. Argentine coach, Argentine player. Depends what kind of salary he is asking too, not sure if that could be a problem as reportedly he asked for a lot to Man Utd and that didn’t work.

I’ve read rumors of a possible swap with Eriksen as well. If Eriksen will definitely not renew, could be good to send him out of the PL and get something in return at the same time