Starbuck's College Football Week 10


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What's up Capping the Game forum....been a lurker for quite some time and I see a lot of familiar faces around here from other forums. Heard some good things about CTG, so thought I would join and play along with you fellows.

I have been doing quite well this year in college football. I post and track my plays at another forum, but will not post the url out the respect for this forum. So with that I will just post my record and then you guys can follow from there. It would be a pain to start at 0-0 here and then track my plays at the other place as well. Wish everyone the best of luck and hope everyone has a profitable weekend as well.

Season: 35 - 25 - 1 (+46 units)

My plays are always rated from 3 - 10. I generally play 5-8 units on most of them. I've had one 10 unit play this year and that was last weekend on the Minny/Ohio State Over 21 2nd Half.

Cashed on the Boise State game Wednesday night....laid off last nights gams as I thought it was tough to pick an edge on either side. Looks like a lot of winners here at CTG with Louie....congrats. One play so far this weekend..might have a few more tonight and Saturday morning.

Miami Hurricanes +3
(8 units)

Virginia Tech is playing Miami at the wrong time this weekend. The Hookies will be going into a very hostile environment and you can bet the Canes will be looking for a big win. Miami has been in the spotlight the last few weeks, but in a negative way. What better way to redeem some dignity for a college football team than an 8:00pm game on Saturday night that will be televised throughout the country? Virginia Tech not the same team we know the past few years, and neither is Miami. Edge goes to the Canes this weekend playing at home and in search of a win. If and if Miami goes down this is out there by the end of the season if he isn't already.

Again good luck to everyone this weekend..... :cheers:
Starbuck...I looked at that game as well and it made it all the way to the final cut. I like your side and wish you luck!!!
Santacapper....thanks my friend. Hoping to provide some winners for the forum. of luck this weekend....should be a great game.

Fondybadger....thank you as well. Have seen your name around the forums, soild picks. Keep up the great work.

Kansas -1 (5 units)

Two teams heading in different directions. Really like Kanas this weekend coming off a win last weekend. They will want to finish the season out strong.....

Pittsburgh -4 (5 units)

Coach will get the troops rallied back up after the loss to the Rutgers. Should be a nice Saturday for them to get another win. Just hope they are looking ahead for the WVU and Louisville matchups.
Welcome and Good Luck! Like the card, although not sold on Kansas. I've been debating that one all week, but can't pull the trigger. Somehow I think ISU pulls it out, even w/o Hicks.
smo1a said:
Welcome and Good Luck! Like the card, although not sold on Kansas. I've been debating that one all week, but can't pull the trigger. Somehow I think ISU pulls it out, even w/o Hicks.

Thanks for the welcome. I agree Kansas in a tough spot, that's why it's only a 5 unit play for me. Hoping their defense can have a good week. Offense scares me a little at times. Last week they didn't put any points up on the board until the second half. If they can get off to a better start this week then I think they will be ok...or at least I hope
Thanks TroyStacks and good luck to you as well. Indeed never good when your starting center is out, so let's hope the backup is a good one!

I've had some nice success playing 1st Quarter and 1st Half here are a few for tomorrow.


Ohio State -6.5 1st Quarter (6 units)

Buckeyes have been off to a fast start when playing on the road the last few games....hope they can do it tomorrow again tomorrow and keep Illy off the board the 1st Quarter.

Michigan -7 1st Quarter (8 units)

Seems like Michigan is not one to score quick and often, however tomorrow they are playing one of the worst defensive teams in Ball State. Michigan defense good of course and with the week defense of Ball State I can see the Wolves putting up a TD pretty quick tomorrow to start the game off. Laying on the key number at -7 so I am thinking a push at worst, maybe another quick TD before the end of the 1st Quarter or a FG.
Me too Troy...wish I could get the Michigan -7 at a -6.5. Can be tough to cover -7 in a first quarter with a team like Michigan. Just playing it out hoping Michigan can get a quick TD or FG. Just maybe I can get lucky and Ball State turns it over early down low and Michigan gets a score. At worst I think it will be a push......
Are you kidding me? LOL....a safety on a fumble by Hart on the 1 yardline goes out of bounds. Ball State intercepts the ball and scores a TD!! 9 - 7 Ball State leading the way....didn't David Letterman call an upset? LOL!! Will be the last time I play Michigan...that's what I get for playing Michigan when I am a Buckeyes fan.....I never play Michigan!

Bad call there guys....too many unexecpted things happen there that wouldn't in a 100 games.....must still be Halloween!
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