Sept 26th - Finland SM-Liiga


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Time to get cracking on the eastern neighbours.

I saw Santa has his thread up already, but I'll make my picks first, and will check in on his picks afterwards.

The first game that really sticks out is

HIFK/Lukko OVER 5.5 -125

Both teams are scoring over 4 per game to start the season, and both tends to let some pucks behind them too. The start of the season has been really fast paced, and I believe HIFK should win this fairly easy at home over a weak Lukko side (defensively). Also adding HIFK -1 +104


Jokerit has been really good to start the season, and are sporting 5 straight wins. They have been winning fairly easily, especially at home, with a more conservative style of hockey. The keeper matchup is interesting in this game too, and I believe it will be hard fought to the wire. With two good keepers and defensive play I believe this game has a good chance going under 5.5, so Blues/Jokerit UNDER 5.5 -120. Not picking a side, but Jokerit could get their first loss here. It feeld like a 2-2 game though...


Assat has struggled to start the season, and their PP is not producing... I'm not ready to back HPK on the road just yet so I am staying away from this game. HPK has traditionally tried to play fast paced hockey, so I will look to play them over in a more favorable matchup.


JYP has been playing really well defensively, only letting in 8 goals in 5 games and tomorrow they are facing TPS that struggled at home against Assat. I am playing JYP -0.5 +139 but will stay away from the total as TPS is up and don on defense.


KalPa has struggled offensively on the road, so their stats are a bit skewed, but they are too much up and down at home to get a read on. Pelicans should win this game, but haven't been playing as well on the road. I'll stay off this game...


Karpat has been scoring in bunches against everybody except Jokerit, which is one of the better teams in the league, and I see no reason why they wouldn't contiue doing so against Ilves. Ilves has actually played every game this year under the total, so I am not choosing the OVER here, but Karpat is worth a play at Karpat -1 -112


Both teams have been up and down and I can't find a reason to back a side or a total... Staying away...
SO, to recap the plays:

HIFK/Lukko OVER 5.5 -125
HIFK -1 +104
Blues/Jokerit UNDER 5.5 -120
JYP -0.5 +139
Karpat -1 -112

Time to break the Status Quo!
I am not going to be able to do a lot of ingame commentary today. My internet connection at work is going up and down, but I'll try to post scores here anyway...
Scores at 1st intermission:

Blues-Jokerit 2-1
HIFK-Lukko 0-1
KalPa-Pelicans 1-1
Karpat-Ilves 1-0
Tappara-SaiPa 1-1
Assat-HPK 1-0

mixed results so far...
Scores at 2nd intermission:

Blues-Jokerit 3-2 :nervous:
HIFK-Lukko 1-1 :down:
JYP-TPS 6-0 :wacka wacka:
KalPa-Pelicans 1-1
Karpat-Ilves 1-0 ????
Tappara-SaiPa 3-1
Assat-HPK 4-0
HIFK 21-14 SOG. Apparently Lukko is playing disciplined defense. They haven't been to the box a lot... :down:
charvik said:
HIFK 21-14 SOG. Apparently Lukko is playing disciplined defense. They haven't been to the box a lot... :down:

Time to go back to what they know and take some penalties for a 4 goal 3rd period :wacka wacka: :bow: money;
HIFK/Lukko OVER 5.5 -125 Loss
HIFK -1 +104
Blues/Jokerit UNDER 5.5 -120 Loss
JYP -0.5 +139 WIN
Karpat -1 -112 WIN

2-2-1, -0.06 for the day...
Which brings me to:

Finnish Sides 2-2-3
Finnish Totals 5-5

Swedish Sides 3-1-1
Swedish Totals 1-2
SWE/FIN YTD 11-10-4, -0.19 unit