SEMCON Saturday Leans and Eventual Plays.....


Semcon Don
Well, Ive looked over the board for this coming Saturday and have formed some leans. Before I make the leans known, I want to reiterate to everyone that I like to back shitty teams because the lines are inflated and to me that means Im getting more value. Remember, Im looking for a cover, not a win. I dont give a fuck how bad a team is as long as they stay within the number. Also, these plays are not locked in until the day of the games as the lines will usually move in my favor.

The Leans:

Cinccy +8(Friday)
Duke +19.5
Miss State +19.5
Colorado +3
Western Mich +11
North Texas +5

GOOD LUCK:smiley_acac: :36_9_2:
I won't play Temple till they get to 60...then I may tease

JK bro.

Keep up the STRONG work this week.
redbearde said:
kent's line keeps going up....what's with the army bettors?

The thing that looks appealing about Kent is that Phil Steele had them contending for the MAC title this year and Phil usually knows his football pretty well -- even though he is dead wrong on Oklahoma.

Let's face it, Minnesota turned out to be too big and powerful an opponent for Kent, but Army giving points? I may be making a play on Kent myself.

Kent will have to eliminate the turnovers though.