Saturday's CFB...


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Should be a fun day. Don't have much time for writeups again. Lost a little yesterday when Colorado couldn't score one more touchdown in the second half and let Nebraska score one time too many.

As bad as Kentucky is (and they are a real bad seven-win team), they have won seven games and are tied for second in the SEC East. If I can take 21 in Knoxvul, I will likely do so. The Vols have played a rugged schedule, Sanders returns there knowing a little more and should help Brooks prep for this one; UT had a big revenger at Vandy last week and that went well. Perhaps UK can keep this respectable.

The play: Kentucky plus 21 (if it pops up) for a small bet.

Will take the field goal with East Carolina. Revenge spot for the Pirates and they should be able to beat a lame-duck Amato and hand the Pack yet another loss in this 3-win season.

The play: ECU plus 3 for a medium bet. ECU moneyline for a small bet.

Not sure how they're gonna try to give Kansas more than one score this week. The Jayhawks have rapidly improved in the last three weeks (two covers sandwiched around a bye) and should be ready for this one. Mizzou digressing again as the season winds down. Kansas wins this one outright.

The play: Kansas plus 7.5 for a big bet.

Carolina has righted the ship at the end here for outgoing Bunting. Another winless season all but cemented for the Dukies. I'm still pissed at that miserable slip-up late last week.

The play: UNC -7 for a medium bet.

Okie a shot at going to KC to face Nebraska after Texas blew yesterday. But OSU a tough nut for Stoops to crack in Stillwater. Will watch the first half.

You try to start laying points in Tallahassee against FSU - especially in this kind of a revenge spot - and you will get burned. Florida might get out alive but that's all they'll want to do, with Arky waiting in Atlanta next week.

The play: Florida State plus 9 for a big bet.

All BYU does is win and cover. Why should things change now?

The play: BYU -10 for a medium bet.

The two Mississippi schools have really turned things around here late, as both have given game efforts in their most recent outings... Will watch the first half but I lean to taking any points here.

Arizona and ASU two teams going in opposite directions, and I usually pride myself on being able to identify that and bet on the "hot" team. I made Zona higher but something just doesn't feel right here. I'll play it, but not too heavily.

The play: Arizona -3 for a small bet.

I made TCU much much higher today, even though Sonny has always done a great job off the 'bye'. Just looking like the Froggies have figured out most of their early-season problems and have gotten healthy. This should be a steamroll job.

The play: TCU -9 for a medium bet.

Why is everyone so interested in Georgia? This team is three weeks removed from losing in LEXINGTON for Christ's sakes. Auburn isn't one of the best two teams in the West, so let's not make a big deal about Jorja dismembering them two weeks ago, either. GT has quietly won nine games and has a QB who has never beaten the 'Dogs. Today's the day.

The play: Georgia Tech plus 3.5 for a medium bet.

South Carolina has improved throughout the season and has a decided coaching edge in this matchup, but I'm not interested in betting the worse team on the road at this price. I made Clemson much higher despite its struggles on offense as of late. UNDER might be worth a look.

The play: Clemson -5 for a medium bet.

Southern Cal is much better than Notre Dame but I'm not interested in trying to lay more than a touchdown to a well-coached team that has had four warm-ups and has no doubt looked ahead to this one for 5-6 weeks now.

UTEP just a little too high for me with that porous defense. OVER worth a look in this one.

Not sure how they can make Boise try to lay points in Reno with a banged-up running back. They keep trying to beat Reno and I just keep getting paid. I made Nevada the three-point favorite. Yes, if Reno wins, it costs the school a lot of money (BCS revenue) but the pressure is all on the Broncos and Reno is a damn good football team, especially in Reno (10 straight wins at home).

The play: Nevada plus 3 for a medium bet and ML for a medium bet.

Looks like the Boilers are none too excited to be playing in Honolulu. Was going to pass, but this story got me on the GSFW's...

Of course, make sure you get HG's take on this one before plowing in.

The play: Rainbows -18 for a small bet.

I like Troy to stay inside the lofty tariff in Murfreesboro today. Made it 4.

The play: Troy plus 8 for a medium bet.

Nothing else in any of the shit games. GL today!

like a lto of those games excepot nevada. boise waited all year tto play these guys and go undefeated and proves they can win close games on the road beating sjsu. i'm not big on conspiracies but this would be a great spot if ever for a wac team to get bcs money. again thats not swying my opinion on the game but its something to think about. bol today i really like kansas myself
GL Rex - I was interested in SC today but don't like their recent history too much in this series. I think they have to make the QB beat them though and expect them to load up to stop the Clem running game. I would think Superior will have a couple tricks up his sleeve today as well. Like the TCU play today and FSU and will have to go back and look at Kansas. So much action, so little time to get through it all. GL on the baskets today as well.
Rex: A very strong looking card today, after reviewing them all I uncovered 1 stat that worries me and it is in the BYU game, Utah has beat them SU last 4 x's. I know BYU is on a roll but often teams have other teams # and this might be the case here. As always thanks for great insight into the games and gl on them all:cheers:
rex-- win all of these fuckers, please.
i been away from 'my work ' all week and just have SOP leans.
my SOP leans agree with every thing ytou got save DOOOK.
Gonna play the devils myself GL:drink:
Just curious.. What is techs best win this year? Ga tech's SOS is 80th.. They are 0 - 1 vs top 10.. 1 - 2 vs top 30.. :drink: ( THe same as UGA except UGA has played the 40th toughest schedule)..:shake:
love the card rex, with ya big on ecu ml and +3 ,i also got kansas and north carloina,all should cover gl all ecu is the play here:cheers:
don't ya just love how teams give up 14 point leads and lose in the 4th quarter....clemson......unc , dailey should be beaten for throwing that pick 6
Troy - Yeah, that UNC one was a tough way to have one of my few losses on the Heels so far over the last 2 years. The last 2 weeks have been brutal, but luckily my money management early in the season will keep this as another profitable season, but man those types of losses still hurt. Gonna be limping into the bowl season after 2 straight losing weeks, but at least I don't gotta worry about burning money bags over here haha. In kids world it is all about what have you done for me lately, but for me its all about long term consistency and profit. I will take year after year of 57% and greater seasons than one year at 60 or 70% any day.

your right CB something to think about but i like winning alllllll the time too hahaha bowl season i expect to be huge. its more of point spreads than anything i have learned in my 3 years of capping college ball. i intend to hit 66%+ for bowl season.